100 Best Disney Trivia Questions for You

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Holding a trivia night with your family and friends? And, you are looking for the best Disney trivia questions for everyone?

This article has some of the best questions for you to answer and learn from while having fun.

So, if you are looking forward to prove who among you has the best knowledge of the Disney world, the questions below is a good place to get started.

Let’s dive in.

Disney Trivia Questions

Here are the Disney trivia questions for you, your friends and family.

1. In which year was Disneyland opened?

2. What was Mickey Mouse’s first name?

3. Who founded Disney?

4. What is the very first Pixar movie to have ever been produced?

5. When Disneyland opened back in the days, the admission fee was only $1. True or False?

6. Who is the first Disney animated character?

7. What was the title of the first Disney movie?

8. Who is the first black Disney princess?

9. Who is the first Native American Disney princess?

10. Who is the first Disney princess of Southeast Asian descent?

11. Name the first Disney princess of Arabian descent?

12. Name the seven dwarfs in the movie, “Snow White”?

13. What is the name of the horse in the movie, “Tangled”?

14. Which language does the Hakuna Matata phrase come from?

15. What does Hakuna Matata mean?

16. What is the name of The Lion King?

17. Who is Simba’s father?

18. What is the name of Bambi’s rabbit friend?

19. Who was Snow White’s enemy in the movie Snow White?

20. In which country was Aladin movie shot in?

21. How many Toy stories are there?

22. What is the name of the accident-prone ant in the movie, “A Bug’s Life”?

23. What is the name of the old man in the movie, “Up”?

24. What is the title of the very first “Star Wars” film made by Disney?

25. Name one movie that features a family of highly talented superheroes who ended up saving the world?  

26. Which Disney character has a fairy godmother and talks to animals?

27. Who is Elsa’s best friend in, “Frozen”?

28. What was The Incredibles about?

29. Cruella de Vil is the villain featured in which Disney film?

30. What song does Elsa sing in Frozen as she builds her castle?

31. The crocodile swallows a clock in the movie Peter Pan. True or False?

32. In which movie is Hooper its Villain?

33. What is Jasmin’s pet in the movie Aladin?

34. What is the name of the wizard in the movie, “The Sword in the Stone”? Merlin

35. What type of an animal is Shere Khan in the movie Jungle Book?

36. What is the name of the evil fairy that cursed princess Aurora?

37. What name do other animals call Mowgli in “The Jungle Book”?

38. Which animals raised Tarzan as a baby?

39. Elsa in the movie “Frozen” is a Princess of which kingdom?

40. What is the name of the old lady who had the information of the magic in Rapunzel’s golden hair?

41. Which song did Cinderella and the Prince dance to at the Ball?

42. Which character is best known as, “the magic symbol of Disney”? Tinkerbell

43. What is the name of the fictional city in the movie Monsters, Inc.?

44. Who are Merida’s parents in the movie “Brave”?

45. In which country are most of the Disney movies shot in?

46. Which country was The Lion King filmed in?

47. The Disney movie Lillo and Stitch was filmed in which US state?

48. What material were Cinderella’s slippers made of?

49. What is the name of “The Prince” in the movie Snow White? Prince Florian

50. Who are Hade’s henchmen in the legend Hercules?

51. Who are Cruella henchmen in 101 Dalmatians?

52. We all know of Simba’s father Mufasa and uncle Scar. What is the name of Simba’s mother? Sarabi

53. How many years did the Genie stay in the lamp before Alladin eventually released him?

54. What were the three wishes that Alladin made to the Genie?

55. From which Disney movie do we get this famous pop-culture phrase: Magic Mirror, on the wall, who, now, is the fairest one of all?

56. Moana is an official Disney princess. True or False?

57. What are the three best Disney movies of all time?

58. What is Wendy’s last name in Peter Pan?

There you have our best Disney trivia questions.

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