Christmas Trivia: 60 Easy Questions for You

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Oh happy day and merry Christmas!

Looking for the best Christmas trivia questions for your friends and family get-together this festive season?

Or just normal Christmas trivia questions to learn and know more about this lovely day of the year?

We have featured some top quality questions for you, your family and friends to learn from and be happy.

They range from simple short questions about Christmas for kids to complex and hard ones for adults.

Whatever your age is, we’ve got you covered in this edition of Christmas Trivia Questions.

Let’s get started!

Christmas Trivia Questions

Here are your Christmas trivia questions list. Have fun!

1. Why do we celebrate Christmas?

2. How did the 25th of December acquire its Christmas name?

3. Which year was Christmas first celebrated?

4. How many years passed by, after Christ died for the first Christmas to be celebrated?

5. When was Xmas first used in place of the full word, Christmas?

6. Name the Christian denominations that recognize the birth of Christ but don’t celebrate Christmas?

7. In which city was baby Jesus born?

8. Who was the King in Judea at the time when Jesus was born?

9. Who is the King that tried to kill the baby Jesus?

10. How many reindeers does Santa have?

11. What is Santa’s full name?

12. What are the names of three of Santa’s reindeer?

13. What color was Santa’s clothing before they became red?

14. Who is Santa’s red-nosed reindeer?

15. Who tried to steal Christmas in the movie Whoville?

16. How many wise men came to see baby Jesus?

17. The day Jesus was born, the Magi visited him to witness the birth of the savior. What does the word Magi mean?

18. The Wise-men who came to witness the birth of Christ were guided by a bright star that they only could see. True or False?

19. Where was Jesus born?

20. What is the #1 Christmas song of all time?

21. Name five Christmas songs you know right now?

22. Name five Christmas movies you love the most?

23. Jingle Bells was not a Christmas song. True or False?

24. The day after Christmas is the Boxing day. What is Boxing day?

25. What are the names of the three wise men who witnessed the birth of Christ?

26. Where did the three Wisemen come from?

27. What is the name of the guardian angel in George Bailey’s movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”?

28. Which US superstar gave us the song, “All I Want for Christmas is You” back in 1994?

29. What are some of the best gifts to give out during Christmas?

30. Who is the father of Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer?

31. Which English leader banned the singing of Christmas songs for three years?

32. Christmas was once illegal in the US. True or False?

33. How many Americans do not celebrate Christmas?

34. Apart from red and green, name two other colors that are popular during Christmas?

35. Name any two Christmas poems you know?

36. Jimmy Boyd sang, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” at the age of twelve. True or False?

37. In the song, “Twelve Days of Christmas”, what did my love send me on the 12th day of Christmas?

38. Whose eyes were made of coal in the movie, “Frosty Snowman”?

39. In which year was the Christmas Tree first used?

40. Name the gifts that the three wise men brought to baby Jesus?

41. Who made the Christmas tree decoration tradition famous in modern-day history?

42. What gifts does Santa accept from us, as he gives gifts to children who have been good?

43. Where did mommy kiss Santa?

44. Which soft drinks company has been using Santa as a flagship for its products and commercials?

45. Which figure in the English Folklore became synonymous with Santa Clauss?

46. In the Austrian and other European folklore, there is a figure, opposite of Santa who punishes children who have been behaving badly during Christmas as Santa rewards the well behaved one. What is his name?

47. St. Nicholas, popularly known as Father Christmas was born in which country?

48. What does the Dutch version of Santa Claus use to transport gifts to children?

49. Where did the Grinch live?

50. What is the longest Christmas Carol ever recorded?

51. All the songs sang during Christmas are best known by which name?

52. Which Christmas carol has zero words in it?

There you have your Christmas trivia questions. I hope you’ve enjoyed.

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