100 Best Harry Potter Trivia Questions for You

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How much do you trust your knowledge of the Harry Potter series of books?

If you feel like a pro, then these Harry Potter trivia questions are for you.

They contain all things Harry and a few facts about its author, J.K Rowling.

Do you want to know the exact real location of J.K Rowling’s Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the US??? You are in the right place.

Let’s get started!

Harry Potter Trivia Questions

Here are the Harry Potter trivia questions for you.

1. Who wrote the Harry Potter series of books?

2. What is the first Harry Potter book to be published?

3. What is the last book in the Harry Potter series?

4. When was the first Harry Potter Book written?

5. How many books are there in the Harry Potter series?

6. What is the correct order when reading the Harry Potter series?

7. Which of these books is the longest?

8. Name the four Hogwarts Houses?

9. In which of these four Hogwarts houses does Harry Potter belong to?

10. How are students grouped into their respective houses?

11. In which house did Harry Potter almost get sorted into?

12. How did Harry get a scar on his forehead?

13. What role does Harry play in the Quidditch team?

14. Who is Fluffy?

15. What keeps Fluffy asleep all along?

16. What curse allows wizards to control the actions of another person?

17. Who are the dementors?

18. Who is an Auror?

19. How many points do you get when you catch a snitch?

20. How does Harry Potter catch his first snitch?

21. What does the sorcerer’s stone do?

22. According to Professor Dumbledore, what does the Mirror of Erised do?

23. Who killed Professor Dumbledore?

24. What are the three forbidden curses?

25. Which banned curse did Snape use to kill the professor?

26. What was Professor Dumbledore buried with?

27. What happened to the Elders Wand Professor Dumbledore was buried with?

28. How does Moaning Myrtle die?

29. Who saves Harry after the Basilisk bite?

30. How many children did Weasley have?

31. On which day were Weasley’s twins born?

32. Why is Snape called the half-blood prince?

33. What is the use of the Marauder’s map?

34. How do you open and close the Marauder’s map?

35. What are the Thestrals?

36. Why is Harry Potter a parselmouth?

37. Why does Peter Pettigrew turn into a mouse?

38. Who can turn into a werewolf as a student in Hogwarts School?

39. What name did Lavender Brown call Ron while they were dating?

40. Who had a giant spider called Aragog as his pet?

41. Which hut did the Sorting Hat place Harry Potter initially?

42. How did Harry Potter end up in Gryffindor?

43. How many gifts did Dudley receive on his birthday?

44. Where does Arthur Weasley work?

45. What did the students at Hogwarts School use to look into other people’s saved memories?

46. What is Harry Potter’s wand made of?

47. Where do most students go for their wands?

48. What is the name of Harry Potter’s owl?

49. Who informed Harry Potter that he is a wizard?

50. Who is the Slytherin House ghost?

51. What is the name of the spell that disarms your opponent?

52. What are the names of the four Marauders?

53. What is Voldemort’s birth name?

54. What teaching position is cursed in Hogwarts?

55. Who dies during the third Tri-Wizard Tournament?

56. What was Harry’s first Tri-Wizard Tournament task?

57. What is the main purpose of Felix Felicis?

58. What does Slughorn plan to collect from Aragog – the spider, when he is dead?

59. What is a Horcrux?

60. Why did Snape decide to protect Harry Potter?

61. Whose daughter is Hermione?

62. What happened to Hermione after she died?

63. Where is the real Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry located in America?

64. Name any other book written by J.K Rowling apart from the Harry Potter series?

There you have the Harry Potter trivia questions.

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