99+ Funny Trivia Questions for You

99+ Funny Trivia Questions for You

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Trivia night? And, you are looking for questions to make the night memorable?

Well, we have a list of funny trivia questions for you, your family and friends.

It features questions from a wide range of topics and different levels – from easy to fairly challenging ones. And, are ideal for all age groups.

If you are looking forward to making your trivia night all giggly, lets dive into our list of funny trivia questions (updated).

The funniest trivia questions with answers

1. Toilet Paper Color

Trivia Question: What is the most common toilet paper color in France?

Answer: Pink

Pink is the most preferred toilet paper color in France. The city of love prefers toilet papers that match with lavatory’s decor.

2. Art Painting

Trivia Question: Which building has the most nudity painting on its walls?

Answer: The Sistine Chapel ceiling

The Sistine Chapel ceiling has the most nudity painting more than any other building in the world. The paint is the work of the renaissance artist Michelangelo. The paradox in this is that it is a church!

3. Iconic Cities

Trivia Question: Which country has clones cities of the most iconic cities around the world?

Answer: China

In China, you will find Paris, London, New York, Dubai, Venice and the Vatican City look alike. Do you know of a city with unique look and feel? There is probably a clone of it in China.

4. Geothermal Power

Trivia Question: Which country has the most geothermal (hot water coming naturally from the ground) in the world?

Answer: Iceland

One of the coldest country on earth produces the most geothermal power than any other country in the world.

Iceland has the highest share of geothermal power globally.

5. Natural Resources Rich

Trivia Question: What is the richest country in terms of natural resources in the world?

Answer: The DRC

The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the richest countries in terms of natural resources in the world. The country has the widest variety but is also one of the poorest due to policies of the rich and powerful nations.

6. Natural Resources

Trivia Question: What is the richest continent in the world in terms of natural resources?

Answer: Africa

The Africa continent produces over 90% of the world’s most rare and crucial natural resources that power major industries. It is however relatively poor due to policies of the developed nations that want it poor for them to get these resources almost free.

7. Western Schism

Trivia Question: What is the highest number of Popes to have ever been in the papacy at the same time?

Answer: Three

During the period known as Western Schism, there were three rival popes at the same time. They include Pope Urban VI of Avignon, Alexander V of Geneva and Pope Clement VII or Rome.

8. Research Labs

Trivia Question: How was penicillin invented?

Answer: Penicillin was invented by accident.

A scientist left his laboratory dirty only to come back and find the mould on the specimen having killed the bacteria. Penicillin was derived from the mould.

9. Luxury Sports Car

Trivia Question: How was the luxury sports car brand Lamborghini founded?

Answer: Luxury sports car brand Lamborghini was founded with an aim to rival Ferrari.

10. Urban Lifestyle

Trivia Question: How many times does an average person open a fridge in a day?

Answer: Between 15 to 20 times

An average indoors person opens their fridge 15 to 20 times per day.

11. Coca-Cola Rebrand

Trivia Question: What was Santa’s clothes color before Coca-Cola rebranded them red and white?

Answer: Color tan

Santa’s clothing were tan in color. Tan is a darker shade of the color beige.

12. Religious Ceremonies

Trivia Question: Which religious ceremony was adopted from Celtic pagan rituals?

Answer: All Saints Day

The All Saints Day which happens during Halloween was derived from Samhain. Samhain was an ancient Celts day to remember the dead.

13. History of the Pizza

Trivia Question: Which group of people was Pizza initially made for?

Answer: The poorest in the society

Pizza was initially used to feed the poor cheaply. One serving had a full balanced diet and was seen as the cost-effective way to feed the poor in the street cheaply and using just one meal.

14. Music Record Label

Trivia Question: Which musician sold the most records after their death?

Answer: Michael Jackson

According to this report, Michael Jackson sold more records in his death than when he was alive.

15. Animals Reproduction Cycles

Trivia Question: Which animal gives birth through its mouth?

Answer: Gastric-brooding frog

The frog hatches its eggs then swallows them. The tadpoles hatch and grow in their mother’s alimentary canary until when they leap out through the mouth.

16. Largest Male Reproductive Organ

Trivia Question: Which animal has the largest male reproductive organ?

Answer: The Blue Whale, 10 feet long.

The blue whale is the largest animal in the world and has the largest penis as well. On average, a blue whale male sex organ is 10 feet long.

17. Female Reproductive Organ

Trivia Question: How many vaginas does a Tasmanian Devil have?

Answer: Three

Most marsupials have more than one female sex organ. As for the female Tasmanian Devils, they have three vaginas.

18. Animals Mating Behaviour

Trivia Question: Which animal eats its partner right after mating?

Answer: The praying mantis

Praying mantis and some spider species eat their mates right after mating.

19. White Tea

Trivia Question: What do you get when you order white tea in most Asian countries?

Answer: Hot water

White tea in most Asian countries means hot water with either green or a variety of aromatic colorless tea bags.

20. Looking in the Mirror

Trivia Question: What will happen when you look in the mirror on Halloween at midnight?

Answer: Future spouse

According to the superstition, if you stare at the mirror long enough on a Halloween night, you are likely to see your future spouse.

21. Halloween Traditions

Trivia Question: What is the significance of seeing a spider at night during Halloween?

Answer: Spirits are watching over you.

A spider during Halloween is believed to be the spirit of your loved one watching over you.

22. The Council of Nicea

Trivia Question: The person who oversaw the assembly of the modern-day bible wasn’t a Christian at all. True or false?

Answer: True

The modern-day bible books were put together at the council of Nicea under the patronage of Emperor Constantine. He was not a Christian all his life until on his death bed when he accepted to be baptized.

23. School of Fish

Trivia Question: What do we call a large group of fish swimming together?

Answer: A school of fish

It seems schools are not limited to humans only!

24. Loudest Animal

Trivia Question: What is the loudest animal in the world today?

Answer: The blue whale

It is funny that the loudest animal in the world lives under water. Their whistle can be heard 1000 kilometers away in water.

25. The Ladybird

Trivia Question: What type of bird is a ladybird?

Answer: A ladybird is not a bird. It is an insect!

26. Fireflies

Trivia Question: What type of insect is a firefly?

Answer: A beetle

A firefly is a type of beetle. The only difference with other beetles is that they produce their own light at night.

27. Ancient Egypt

Trivia Question: Which type of beetle was worshiped in ancient Egypt during Cleopatra’s time?

Answer: The dung beetle

Ancient Egyptians worshiped the dung beetle despite the level of sophistication, technology and spiritual advancements they made.

They believed it to be the incarnation of the sun god Khepri.

28. The US Laws

Trivia Question: What happens when you tease a skunk in Minnesota?

Answer: You can get arrested

29. Funny Trivia Questions

Trivia Question: How do we say driveway in Swedish?

Answer: Uppfart

30. Funny Trivia Questions for Kids

Trivia Question: What is the difference between a rat and a mouse?

Answer: Is there any?

Perhaps a mouse is a wild rat? While rats are mostly within people’s homes?

31. Bangkok Thailand

Trivia Question: What is the full name of the capital of Thailand? Listen to the audio name here

Answer: Krung Thep Maha Nakhon

The British found it hard to read Krung Thep Maha Nakhon and decided to call the city Bangkok.

However, its full name is Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Yuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratcha-thani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Phiman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit.

32. UK Cities

Trivia Question: Which town had the longest name in the UK?

Answer: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

The locals call the town Taumata hill.

33. Largest Landowner

Trivia Question: Who is the largest landowner in the world today?

Answer: Queen Elizabeth II

She is the land owner of all commonwealth countries. However, the ownership is ceremonial.

34. Monarchies of the World

Trivia Question: Which monarch has a global influence but has no official land area kingdom to control?

Answer: Prince Shah Karim al-Husayni

He is popularly known as Aga Khan IV. He is a direct descendant of prophet Mohammad.

35. The state of Georgia Laws

Trivia Question: Which American state banned eating chicken with a fork?

Answer: The state of Georgia

This was a law in the state of Georgia in the 1960s.

36. The State of Illinois Laws

Trivia Question: In Illinois, what are men and women not permitted to do in public by the law?

Answer: Spitting on the sidewalk

This law extends to all other public places in the state of Illinois.

37. The State of Alabama Laws

Trivia Question: Which US state banned dressing like nuns and fathers when you are not one of either especially during Halloween?

Answer: The State of Alabama

The law barns anyone dressing like a leader of any religion – be it nuns, Imams, rabbi – during Halloween and any other time.

38. The Most Courageous Animal

Trivia Question: What is the bold and most courageous animal in the world?

Answer: The badger

Badgers as tiny as they are can effectively stand against lions.

39. The Most Hot-Tempered Animal

Trivia Question: Which Tasmanian animal is best known for its temper?

Answer: Devils

The Tasmanian devil is one of the most temperamental animal in the world.

40. Human-like Biometrics

Trivia Question: Which animal has a human-like fingerprints pattern?

Answer: Koalas

Koalas fingerprints have the closest resemblance to human fingerprints. They outperform primates like orangutans and chimpanzees who are closely related to human beings.

41. The White House

Trivia Question: Which part of the White House is believed to be haunted?

Answer: The White House Rose Garden

There is a belief that the White House Rose garden is haunted by the First Lady Dolley Madison. She planted it.

42. Organ Transplants

Trivia Question: Which part of the human body is transplanted the most?

Answer: Kidneys

Kidneys are the most transplanted organ in the human body. This is followed closely by the heart and the liver.

43. The Champagne

Trivia Question: What was the occupation of the person who invented Champagne?

Answer: He was a Christian Monk

In the year 1668, a French Monk, Dom Pérignon discovered a formula to make champagne through a fermentation process.

44. Funny Trivia Questions for Adults

Trivia Question: What does the AK stand for in the first generation assault rifle AK-47?

Answer: Avtomat Kalashnikova

This is a combination of the Russian word for automatic and the name of the founder Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov.

45. Germany’s History

Trivia Question: What was Germany’s name prior to the1918 revolution?

Answer: The Weimar Republic, 1918 – 1933

Among countries in Europa continent, Germany has changed its name the most before it became Germany as it is known today.

46. Currencies of the World

Trivia Question: Which countries still use the ancient shilling as the title for their currency?

Answer: Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania in the East Africa

As a legacy of the British Empire, these three East African countries still have shilling as the name fir their currency to this day.

Trivia Question: In which religion do we find the phrase: God helps those who help themselves?

Answer: None

God helps those who help themselves” is a popular phrase that emphasize the need for self reliance. It has no bearing in the Christian religion.

48. Animals Reproductive Organs

Trivia Question: Which male animal has two pennies?

Answer: Snakes and lizards

Most snakes and lizards have two male sex organs. Having two male sex organs is called Hemipenis.

49. The Love Apple

Trivia Question: Which fruit is also known by the name of love apple?

Answer: A tomato

The French call tomatoes pomme d’amour which translates to love apple in English. They believed it has aphrodisiac powers.

50. The Capital of the World

Trivia Question: What is the capital of the world?

Answer: London

London is the de-facto capital of the world.

51. No Capital City

Trivia Question: Which country has no capital city or town?

Answer: Nauru

Nauru is an island in the Pacific. It has no capital or town. The whole island is just one independent settlement.

52. World’s Most Expensive Coffee

Trivia Question: Where does the world’s most expensive coffee on record come from?

Answer: Sumatran civet cat

Kopi luwak is the most aromatic and expensive coffee in the world. It comes from Sumatran civet cat droppings.

53. Food Traditions

Trivia Question: Which common food did the ancient Europeans think it was the devil’s food?

Answer: Potatoes

Medieval Europe never consumed Potatoes. They believed potatoes to be the devil’s handiwork.

54. Most Common Valentine’s Day Gift

Trivia Question: What is the most common gift people get for their loved ones during Valentine’s Day?

Answer: A Valentines card

Valentine cards are the most common gift during Valentine’s Day followed by flowers, wines and chocolates.

55. High Gold Reserves

Trivia Question: Which country has the most gold in the world?

Answer: The United States of America

The US has the highest amount of gold reserves than any other country in the world. It is followed by Germany.

56. Roses and Love

Trivia Question: What does a black rose stand for when sent to the loved ones?

Answer: Death of the past and the beginning of a new phase of the relationship.

It mostly happens in cases where the past encounters have not been pleasant and someone is willing to reset the whole thing.

57. Animation Characters

Trivia Question: Which animation character was banned in China in 2008?

Answer: Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh was banned after people in the Chinese version of Twitter used it to criticize President Xi.

There you have your funny trivia questions. I hope you had fun!

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