60 Best Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions for You

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Looking for the best Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions? You’ve come to the right place.

This article features unique and some of the best questions for you on this important day of the year.

You will get to learn a lot about Valentine’s Day and demystify some ages old facts along the way.

Let’s get started.

Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions

Here are Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions for you.

1. What is Valentine’s day?

2. Which ancient Roman festival is Valentine’s Day believed to have evolved from?

3. What kind of flower symbolizes love?

4. Why is St. Valentine’s Day associated with love?

5. According to History, for what reason was St. Valentine put to death?

6. Apart from the roses, name two other popular gifts on Valentine’s Day?

7. Who invented Champagne?

8. When was the first official Valentine’s Day celebration?

9. In the old days, it was considered bad luck to append a signature of a Valentine’s Day card. Trie or False.

10. What sign has come to be associated with Valentine’s Day?

11. Why is Cupid associated with Valentine’s Day?

12. Who are Cupid’s parents?

13. How did the red rose become a symbol of love?

14. Women spending is double men spending during Valentine’s. True or False?

15. Apart from red, what other colors are used to represent love?

16. Why is the heart used to symbolize love and affection?

17. Why does Cupid have a bow and arrow?

18. Experiential gifts like tickets to concerts and vacations build a better love bond between two people than physical gifts like chocolates and Champagne. True or False?

19. What does X in XOXO stand for?

20. In which Shakespear plays does he mention Valentine’s Day?

21. Which fruit is also called love apple?

22. Who did Cupid fall in love with?

23. What do you need to kiss before you find your prince?

24. How many frogs do you need to kiss before you find your prince?

25. Why is cupid sometimes blindfolded?

26. In which city was the play, Romeo and Juliet set?

27. What is the number one Valentine’s Day destination in the world?

28. When did the speed dating concept become mainstream?

29. What is the most popular dating app today?

30. Which month are the babies conceived during Valentine’s Day born?

31. What does it mean to be born on Valentine’s Day?

32. How many proposals on average take place during Valentines’ day according to research?

33. Why is the almond tree considered a symbol of everlasting love?

34. When were sweethearts conversation hearts used for the first time?

35. What are the most common phrases used during Valentine’s Day?

36. Who is Psyche?

37. What is the most expensive Valentine’s Day gift?

38. What does it mean when you receive white roses on a Valentine’s Day?

39. What type of flowers are sent on Valentine’s day to apology “I am sorry”?

40. What flowers mean, “Goodbye” when sent to someone during Valentine’s day?

41. What gift would you send to someone you met for the first time and are excited to know more about them?

42. What does a mix of red and white roses typical of modern weddings mean?

43. Black roses mean death: True or False?

44. What is the meaning behind purple flowers if sent to a loved one?

45. What meaning does it portray when you received blue roses?

46. What rose color carry the meaning of jealousy and infidelity?

47. What receives more love than human beings on Valentine’s Day according to latest reports and studies?

48. Which pet gets the most attention during Valentine’s Day around the world today?

49. Do most people celebrate their Valentine’s Day indoors or outdoors?

50. Which country and city is considered a city of love in the world?

There you have amazing facts and Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions. I hope you learned a thing or two about this day of Love.

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