100 Cool Trivia Questions for Teens

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Even the sharpest of the teenagers have room to learn a thing or two about life.

And that is what trivia questions is all about.

In this edition, we have come up with cool and exciting trivia questions for teens; covering crucial and sensitive topics like dating as well as exciting areas like space and planetary science, technology, geography, and emerging issues.

If you are looking for an avenue to learn, unlearn, demystify some facts and conspiracy theories, this list of amazing trivia questions for teens is for you.

Trivia Questions for Teens

1. What color is water in the ocean?

2. What is the right age to start a dating?

3. What is the best gift to buy your crush?

4. What is the most common gift during Valentine’s day?

5. Who is Cupid – a common figure associated with love?

6. Who is the highest-paid football player of all time?

7. What is the most famous sport around the world?

8. What is a Grand Slam as used in a tennis competition?

9. Who is the number one formula one driver right now?

10. Who is the fastest man on earth?

11. What is Cardi B’s real name?

12. What is the name of the UK’s 2020 famous hip hop style?

13. What is Ariana Grande’s net worth as of 2020?

14. Who has the highest number of followers on Instagram as of 2020?

15. Who is the most followed individual on Facebook?

16. Who is the fastest rapper in the world today?

17. How many days did Apollo 11 take to land on the moon?

18. Which days are the safest to have sex and not get pregnant?

19. Name any play that was written by William Shakespeare?

20. What was the global reserve currency before the dollar?

21. Who founded the popular video app Tik Tok?

22. What is Elon Musk best known for?

23. Who are the founders of Apple?

24. What was the most popular search engine before Google?

25. What is the highest-grossing video game of all time?

26. What happens if we were to land on Jupiter?

27. How many moons are there on Jupiter?

28. Once upon a time, the earth was one giant landmass that supported animals as large as dinosaurs. What was the name of the landmass?

29. What causes the big bang in the Big Bang theory?

30. Name any other human sub-specie that co-existed with us at one time in the past?

31. What causes ocean currents?

32. What is the likelihood of a Tsunami occurring in cold waters?

33. Which animals are only found in the Arctic and never in Antarctica?

34. What happens if we brought penguins to the Arctic ecosystem?

35. Why do elephants have such large ears?

36. What makes it possible for birds to fly?

37. Why do we sometimes see water like patches on the road on a mid-day sun?

38. What if lose our moon today?

39. How is money generated by banks today?

40. Are there other money types apart from the coins and notes we hold?

41. What happens after we die?

42. What was the sole reason for mummification in ancient Egypt?

43. Who is the richest man in the modern history of the world?

44. Who is the richest man in the ancient history of the world?

45. Who built the first modern and working kingdom-like form of government?

46. Which country is considered the cradle of knowledge?

47. Who were the two forces or groups fighting in World War II?

48. Which country confirmed the death of Adolf Hitler ending World War II?

49. Which luxury car brand was founded by a farmer as a form of revenge after Ferrari’s founder ridiculed?

50. Which country has the highest number of the smartest cities in the world?

51. What is the most popular fashion house in the world today?

52. What makes one a Super Model?

53. Which city is considered the city of love?

54. In which country do we find Transylvania?

55. What was Count Dracula’s name before it was changed to what it is now?

56. What is the highest-grossing movie of all time?

57. What is the highest-grossing song of all time?

58. What is the highest-earning music album of all time?

59. How many members make up the music group CNCO?

60. Who said these words first in the GOT: Winter is Coming?

61. What does the phrase: Winter is coming, mean?

62. What is the latest movie in the Star Wars series?

63. Who acts as Dr. Furry in the Marvel series?

64. Complete this popular girls phrase: On Wednesdays we wear?

65. Name any movie studios you know of?

66. Mention any three games studio in three different countries you know of?

67. What is the total number of players an NFL team can have at a time?

68. What is the only Capital city to have a game park with lions and elephants in it?

69. How long is a Marathon?

70. Who is the best swimmer of all time?

71. What is the Indian equivalent of Hollywood?

72. What is the Chinese equivalent of Silicon Valley?

73. What is the longest train route in the world today?

74. What is the name of the center a dartboard?

75. What is the name of the derby between Barcelona and Real Madrid?

76. What is the oldest NFL stadium still in use today?

77. What is the highest paying sport in the world today?

78. What is US national sport?

79. Which sport does the US dominate on a global stage?

80. From which language does the word alcohol originate?

81. What is the US’s national drink?

82. What is Russia’s signature alcoholic drink?

83. Which US state drinks alcohol the most?

84. What is Cleopatra best known for?

85. Which Greek king lead the 300 Sparta on an onslaught against the Persian King-god Xerxes?

86. What happens when you look in the mirror in the middle of the night during Halloween?

87. What does it mean when you see a spider in the night during Halloween?

88. Who united the five kingdoms of Chin and built the first United Kingdom of China?

89. Complete this statement: Whether a cat is black or white…?

90. In what order should we read the Harry Potter series?

91. What is the real name of Dr. Suess?

92. Who acts as Princess Diana in the movie Wonder Woman?

93. What is the largest city in the US by land surface area?

94. What is the smallest US state?

95. Who ruled the UK before Queen Elizabeth II?

96. How many countries make Great Britain?

97. What is the only country in the world that has never been colonized in its history?

98. Which country does the boxer Joshua Anthony come from?

99. What are the best places to tour as a teen?

There you have our trivia questions for teens. I hope you enjoyed.

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