100+ Funny Bar Trivia Questions for You

100+ Funny Bar Trivia Questions for You

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Looking for the funniest bar trivia questions? You are in the right place.

In this article, we have handpicked and listed some of the best bar trivia questions for you and your friends to ask, learn, and have fun.

The questions cover a wide range of topics from sports to games to music to tourism and partly historical milestones.

So, if you are looking for a perfect well-balanced set of bar trivia questions that will suit everyone, this list is for you.

Let’s dive in.

Fun virtual bar trivia questions with answers

Here are your Bar Trivia Questions:

1. Rugby Conversion

Trivia Question: How many points is a rugby conversion?

Answer: Two points

A rugby touchdown carries five points while a conversion is two points.

2. Soccer Match

Trivia Question: How many points do you get for winning a soccer match?

Answer: A win in soccer is 3 points

A draw is 1 point for each team and when you lose, you get zero points.

3. Football Match Draw

Trivia Question: How many points do teams get for having a draw in a soccer match?

Answer: A draw is a soccer match carries one point for each team.

A draw can be goalless or having the same score and carries one point for each team.

4. Tricky Bar Trivia Questions

Trivia Question: Which sport requires the largest field in terms of surface area?

Answer: Polo

A polo field is 900 feet long by 480 feet wide.

5. Darts Set

Trivia Question: How many darts are there in a standard set?

Answer: Three darts

Both soft tip and hard tip darts are arranged in a set of three darts.

6. Vodka

Trivia Question: Which beverage is Russia best known for?

Answer: Vodka

Most Russians drink Vodka than they do wine and beer.

7. Luxury Cars Collection

Trivia Question: Apart from soccer, what is the other thing Christiano Ronaldo is best known for?

Answer: Christiano Ronaldo has the best followers in Instagram and Facebook

He also owns a luxury cars collection.

8. Instagram Influencers

Trivia Question: Who has the most followers on Instagram as of mid-2020?

Answer: Christiano Ronaldo

He is a professional football player, a luxury cars collector and a public figure.

9. The Kardashians

Trivia Question: Who is the oldest among the Kardashian sisters?

Answer: Kourtney Kardashian

She is the oldest sibling of the Kardashian family.

10. Easy Bar Trivia Questions

Trivia Question: What is Rihanna’s real name?

Answer: Robyn Fenty

She was born Robyn Rihanna Fenty in Barbados.

11. Watcha Gonna Do?

Trivia Question: Complete this: Watcha gonna…?

Answer: Watcha gonna do?

It was a common phrase in the 1980s popularized by “Bad Boys”.

12. MTV Video Music Awards

Trivia Question: Who wore the infamous meat dress in the MTV Video Music Awards back in 2010?

Answer: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was in Meat Dress for Dinner for the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

13. Elon Musk’s Baby

Trivia Question: What is the name f Elon Musk and Grimes baby?

Answer: X Æ A-12

Here is the pronunciation.

14. Irish National Drinks

Trivia Question: What type of beverage is Ireland best known for?

Answer: Whiskey

Who doesn’t recognize Irish Whiskies?

15. American National Drink

Trivia Question: What is the American national drink?

Answer: Bourbon

Bourbon is the national spirit of the United States of America.

16. Munich Beer Festival

Trivia Question: What is the name of the Munich beer festival?

Answer: Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest started in October 1810 in Bavaria, Germany as a celebration of marriage between the crown prince of Bavaria (who later became King Louis I) and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen.

17. National Animal

Trivia Question: Which country has a lion as its national animal?

Answer: England

Brazil has a cat as its national animal while Iraq use a goat!

18. The Royal Couples

Trivia Question: Which couple asked to be relieved of their royal duties in the UK?

Answer: Meghan Merkle and Prince Harry

The duo are the duchess and the duke of Sussex.

19. British Royal Family

Trivia Question: Who was the first American to get married in the British royal family?

Answer: Wallis Warfield Simpson

King Edward VIII abdicated the throne back in 1936 to marry the love of his life, lady Wallis Warfield Simpson of Baltimore.

Trivia Question: What is the most consumed drink in the world?

Answer: Mineral water

Arranged in order, here are the most consumed drinks in the world today: water, tea, coffee, orange juice, beer and soft drinks.

21. Most Consumed Beverage

Trivia Question: After tea, what is the most consumed drink in the world today?

Answer: Beer

People consume more beer than they do coffee around the world.

22. White Tea

Trivia Question: What will you get when you order white tea in Asian countries?

Answer: Plain tea

In China and most Asian countries, white tea is one derived from a young tea plant and tends to be colorless in water with a strong aroma.

23. Heavy Beer Consumers

Trivia Question: Which country is known to consume the highest amount of beer per person on average?

Answer: The Czech Republic

People from the Czech Republic drink more beer than an average German.

24. US National Animal

Trivia Question: What is the national animal for the US?

Answer: Bald Eagle and Bison

The bald is the US’s national bird and the national animal. The bison is the national mammal and comes second to the eagle.

25. Russia’s National Animal

Trivia Question: What is Russia’s national animal?

Answer: The Eurasian brown bear

Initially, Russia used a mythical double-headed eagle as their national animal before the brown bear.

26. China’s National Animal

Trivia Question: What is the national animal for China?

Answer: A giant panda

The national animal of China is a black and white panda.

27. The Chinese Flag

Trivia Question: How many stars are in the Chinese flag?

Answer: Five stars

The one big star represents the communist party under which the five smaller stars are united. The smaller stars represent the people of China.

28. Northern Lights

Trivia Question: What is the name of the striking violet color seen on the North Pole once a year?

Answer: Aurora borealis

It is also called the Northern lights.

29. Rainbow Colors

Trivia Question: How many colors are there in a rainbow?

Answer: Seven colors

The seven colors of the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

30. Colors in the Rainbow

Trivia Question: What is the last color in a rainbow?

Answer: Violet

the color at the top in the rainbow is red while the bottom color is violet.

31. The El-Clasico

Trivia Question: Which teams match is commonly known by the name El-Clasico?

Answer: Barcelona FC vs Real Madrid FC

Barcelona FC and FC Real Madrid are the most popular football clubs in Spain.

32. Most Famous Sport

Trivia Question: What is the most famous sport globally?

Answer: Soccer / football

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world.

33. European Union Flag

Trivia Question: How many stars are in the EU flag?

Answer: Twelve stars

The twelve stars on a blue background carry the meaning of the standard unity, solidarity and harmony among the European people. It has nothing to do with the number of member countries.

34. United States of America Flag

Trivia Question: How many stars are in the US flag?

Answer: Fifty stars

The United States of America has fifty stars. Each star represents a member state.

35. The Vatican City

Trivia Question: Which is the only city to sit at the UN table as an independent jurisdiction?

Answer: The Vatican City

It is represented in the United Nation as the Holy See.

36. Movie Series

Trivia Question: How many seasons are there in the movie series Game of Thrones?

Answer: Eight Seasons

The GoT premiered for 8 seasons.

37. The Oktoberfest

Trivia Question: In which month is Oktoberfest held?

Answer: October

The annual beer fest, the Oktoberfest, starts in September and ends in October.

38. French Wines

Trivia Question: What is the French tradition of opening champagne using a sword?

Answer: Sabrage

To saber is the art of opening a champagne bottle using a sword. It was a common practise among the aristocrats at the time of its invention.

39. Funny Bar Trivia Questions

Trivia Question: What is the origin of the word alcohol?

Answer: Arabic

The origin of the word alcohol in Arabic. It stems from the word al-kuhl.

40. I Kissed a Girl

Trivia Question: Complete: I kissed a girl and I…?

Answer: I kissed a girl and I liked it

This is a line in Katy Perry’s song “I Kissed a Girl”.

41. Jerusalema TikTok Challenge

Trivia Question: From which country does the song accompanying the Jerusalema challenge come from?

Answer: South Africa

The famous song “Jerusalema” vocals were done by the South African, Nomcebo Zikode.

42. Meghan Merkle’s Blog

Trivia Question: What was the name of Meghan Merkle’s blog before she got married to Prince Harry?

Answer: The Tig

Meghan Merkle run a lifestyle blog called the Tig before getting married to Prince Harry. It was discontinued.

43. Hit Songs and Albums

Trivia Question: What is the title of Mariah Carey’s famous 1990s Christmas song?

Answer: All I Want for Christmas Is You

“All I Want for Christmas Is You” song by Mariah Carey was released in October 1994

44. The Kidneys

Trivia Question: Which body organ do people sell the most?

Answer: The kidneys

The kidneys is the human body organ that is sold the most by the people still alive.

45. Pokemon Go

Trivia Question: In which year was Pokemon Go launched?

Answer: July 2016

This argumentative reality game was launched by Nintendo and Niantic back in 2016.

46. A Black Cat

Trivia Question: Complete this: Whether a cat is black or white…?

Answer: It doesn’t matter whether a cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.

These are the famous words of Deng Xiaoping, China’s former president.

47. Cities of the World

Trivia Question: Which country has Casablanca as its capital?

Answer: Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco. It is larger than Rabat, its capital.

48. The Island of Hawaii

Trivia Question: Name any three Hawaiian islands you know?

Answer: Hawaii, Maui, O’ahu, Kaua’i

Hawaii is the largest of these islands with its capital at Honolulu.

49. The Best Music Band

Trivia Question: Which country does the Swedish House Mafia band come from?

Answer: Sweden

The Swedish House Mafia is a billion dollar band from Sweden.

50. Olympics Record Breakers

Trivia Question: Who is the fastest person in the world today?

Answer: Hussein Bolt

This Jamaican sprinter broke his onw record three times becoming the fastest man ever. At the top of his speed, he rans at 44.72km/h.

51. Best Fashion House

Trivia Question: Who replaced Karl Lagerfeld in the fashion house Fendi?

Answer: Kim Jones

After the sudden death of Karl Lagerfeld, Kim Jones was appointed to take over. Like Lagerfeld, he was the creative director of ready-to-wear, haute couture and fur collection.

52. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Trivia Question: Who sang the 1990 hit song, “Somewhere over the Rainbow”?

Answer: Israel Kamakawiwoʻole

Israel Kamakawiwoʻole is the musician behind “Somewhere over the Rainbow” hit song. He was from Hawaii.

53. Las Vegas

Trivia Question: Which city holds the unofficial title of the sin city of the world?

Answer: Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the headquarters of gambling, extreme fun and all sorts of things that qualify a city as the Sin City capital of the world.

54. Tallest People in the World

Trivia Question: Which country has the tallest people in the world on average?

Answer: Sweden / South Sudan

In as much as Sweden is known to have very tall people, South Sudan is believed to be way above it.

Data from South Sudan is scanty, but it is not rare to see men taller than 8 feet in the streets of Juba.

55. A Drinking State

Trivia Question: Which American State has the highest average alcohol drinking volume per person?

Answer: New Hampshire

According to data from Vinepair, New Hampshire drinks the most alcohol compared to any other US state.

56. The State of  Georgia

Trivia Question: Which American State passed a law that made it illegal to eat chicken with anything other than your hands back in the days?

Answer: The State of  Georgia

The state of  Georgia passed a law that prohibits people from eating chicken with anything else other than their hands. This was back in 1961.

57. Most Consumed Meat

Trivia Question: Which animal do we humans eat the most in the world today?

Answer: Chicken

A few years back,people ate more pigs than they did chicken. But with the rise of KFC and food Dial-A-Delivery culture, more chicken is consumed every day than before.

58. Men’s Beard

Trivia Question: Which English King introduced beard tax back in the days?

Answer: King Henry VIII of England

Paradoxically, the tax increased the status of men with beards in society. They were seen to be more affluent and influential.

59. Luxury Railway Line

Trivia Question: What is the most luxurious railways line in the world?

Answer: Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is the most luxurious train ride in the world. A ticket starts at $2,500 for a single ride.

60. Dartboards

Trivia Question: What is the name of the center of a dartboard?

Answer: The eye

61. The Chess Game

Trivia Question: What happens when you lose a king in a Chess game?

Answer: The game is lost

62. Chess Game Strategy

Trivia Question: Can a king capture another king in a chess game?

Answer: No

The king commands his army and there is no way he can capture another king.

63. Easy General Knowledge Bar Trivia Questions

Trivia Question: What does the acronym AKA stand for?

Answer: Also Known As

64. Meaning of LOL

Trivia Question: What does the LOL stand for?

Answer: Laughing Out Loud

There you have a complete list of the best Bar Trivia Questions. I hope you had fun.

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