151 Best Friend Tag Questions: The BFF Challenge

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In the ups and downs of life, there is one thing that does remain unshaken — a true best friend.

Whether you have been together since childhood or you found your ride or die much later in life, the bond shared by true friends is often indestructible.

And there is no better way to celebrate your enduring ties than by diving into the world of best friend tag questions game.

So, grab your bestie, prepare for a journey down memory lane, and get ready to uncover the secrets, stories, and smiles that define your unique friendship.

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Part I: Background and Family

1. What is my middle name?

2. When is my birthday?

3. How old am I?

4. Where was I born?

5. Where did my ancestors come from?

6. What is the weirdest thing that I like?

7. Which word am I fond of?

8. How many siblings do I have?

9. Who do I love the most?

10. Who is my favorite celebrity/popular person?

11. Who am I in love with?

12. What is my middle name?

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13. What are my parents two names?

14. Who is my hero?

15. What is my talent?

16. What do I talk about all the time?

17. What do I do when I am pissed off?

18. What am I best at?

19. What is my dream career?

20. How am I making money?

21. How many languages do I speak?

22. What is the furthest country I have been to?

23. What am I likely to get to jail for?

24. What was my first job?

25. What am I working on these days?

26. What is my dream?

27. What challenges am I facing/going through?

28. What secret don’t I think you already know about me?

29. What is the one thing I don’t know about myself?

30. How do I spend my free time?

31. Which high school did I go to?

32. What did I study post-high school?

33. What are the two names of my ex?

34. Who is my favorite ex-boyfriend/girlfriend?

35. What am I struggling with at the moment?

36. What is my nickname?

37. Who broke my heart the most?

38. Who do I have beef with?

39. Who is the first person I kissed?

40. In what ways am I a weirdo?

41. What am I allergic to?

42. What food don’t I eat?

43. What is the most interesting story I have ever told?

44. What mobile application do I use the most?

45. What am I most optimistic about?

46. What is the most interesting thing about my childhood?

47. What did I struggle with in the past?

48. Have I ever had a brush with the law?

49. How do you know I am starting to get drunk?

50. Which part of my past am I most proud of?

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Part II: Likes and Dislikes

51. What type of people do I like dating?

52. What is my favorite movie of all time?

53. Whose songs can’t I get enough of?

54. What are my favorite toppings?

55. Who am I crushing on right now?

56. What is my favorite flavor?

57. What type of people don’t I like?

58. What do I like doing in my free time?

59. Which application takes the most of my time online?

60. Who do I look up to for guidance and motivation?

61. What is my favorite drink?

62. If I were to move out of the country, which country would move into?

63. What is my dream job?

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64. What is my favorite color?

65. What topics do I like to talk about?

66. Which type of food do I enjoy the least?

67. What are my pet peeves?

68. Which period/part of my life do I like to talk about?

69. What do I struggle with in life?

70. Which part of my past do I want to forget?

71. What is the most unpleasant thing to ever happen to me?

72. What is the biggest tragedy of my life that I keep talking about?

73. What are some of the strengths that I possess but don’t see it?

74. Which group of people don’t I like?

75. What is my guilty pleasure?

76. What is your favorite memory of us?

77. What is my dream car?

78. What is the most challenging thing we have ever solved together?

79. In what ways do I put a smile on your face?

80. What goal/dream am I working on?

Part III: Best Questions

81. How and when did we first meet?

82. What was your first impression of me at the time?

83. What do you admire the most about our friendship?

84. What is our favorite inside joke?

86. Which words describe me best?

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87. Which word do I pronounce differently?

88. Mention the three items you can’t miss in my house.

89. Which song can’t I resist dancing to?

90. Who is my celebrity crush?

91. What is my go-to drink every time we go out?

92. What is the most embarrassing moment in our life together?

93. What is our happiest moment?

94. What do I like but you don’t?

95. What are we equally passionate about?

96. What binds our friendship?

97. What is my favorite smartphone game?

98. What is my favorite sports team?

99. Who is my favorite celebrity?

100. On a free lazy day, what would I be doing?

101. What are some of the strengths you admire the most from me?

102. What are some of my weaknesses that might result in my downfall?

103. What will you remember me for if I was to die today?

104. What do we fight often about?

105. How long do I take to get ready when going out?

106. What is my middle and last name?

107. What words do I find hard to pronounce?

108. What is my favorite TV show?

109. If my house was on fire, what is the only thing I would save?

110. What character or behavior do I detest the most?

111. What is my dream childhood career?

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112. Say one word that best describes the photos of the younger me.

113. Who is my favorite musician or music band at the moment?

114. Have I ever been in love?

115. What food do I prefer for dinner?

116. How would you describe my dream girl/husband?

117. In what ways do I put a smile on people’s faces?

118. If there was a crime that would take us to prison, what would it be?

119. What do I normally do when you are mad at me?

120. What do I do when I am mad at someone/something?

121. Do I snore?

122. How good am I at posing for a photo?

123. What did I ever do that made you feel we shouldn’t be friends anymore?

124. What do I do when heartbroken?

125. What are some of my phobias?

126. Do I fall in love easily?

127. How easy is it for me to let go?

 128. What is my greatest achievement in life?

129. What am I poor/bad at?

130. Who am I likely to vote for president?

131. Who was my high school crush?

132. Without checking, what is the last text message I sent to you?

133. What movie genre do I like?

134. In what ways am I an ick?

135. If were to be a billionaire today, in what ways am I likely to change?

136. What is the craziest thing I have ever done for money?

137. What is the craziest thing I have ever done for love?

138. What is unique about me that only you know?

139. What is the funniest story about me growing up?

140. What is my secret weapon for attracting mates?

141. Who is more optimistic/pessimistic about the future?

142. How good am I at making new friends?

143. Who is more stubborn and annoying between us?

144. In what ways am I a reliable friend?

145. What is the craziest thing I have ever done to make money?

146. What child-like behavior do I still possess?

What is “Best Friend Tag” Questions?

Best friend tag is a popular social game where close friends ask each other questions to determine how much they know about each other.

The goal is to showcase an understanding and knowledge of each other’s preferences, habits, and personalities.

How to Play the Best Friend Tag Questions Game

The game is played by two close friends who take turns asking and answering questions.

A light discussion after a response is fine given the nature of the game.

The game can be played online where friends ask and respond to each other questions to see who knows the other best.

Best Friend Tag Questions Rules

There are no rules when playing the best friend tag questions game.

You are free to set general guidelines that ensure the game is enjoyable and entertaining.

Honesty and respectful boundaries must be observed for the best outcome and experience.

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