100 Flirty Questions to Ask Your Partner on a Date

100 Flirty Questions to Ask Your Partner on a Date

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A list of good questions to ask your partner at any time.

How well do you know your partner beyond the “how are you?”

As time moves on so do people change to fit in the prevailing circumstances. It is therefore a good thing to take your time and ask your partner good questions to get to know them better.

Unlike the normal “how are you” questions, good questions allow you to know your partner deeper in a more meaningful way.

If purposefully asked, you will not only get to know how they but also who they truly are which is a plus for your relationship.

This, by all means, is very beneficial for the growth of the relationship and the bond between you and your partner.

100 Good Questions to Ask Your Partner

Here are your good questions to ask your partner to get to know them better. They are simple enough and straight forward.

Unlike the “how” questions, these questions will allow you to know your partner beyond the superficial day to day well-being.

1. What is your favorite thing that I do for you?

2. Do I make you feel loved?

3. What is your all-time best memory of us together?

4. Do you feel loved enough?

5. What can we do to better our relationship?

6. How comfortable are you in our love life?

7. How satisfied are you with me?

8. What should I improve on in the days and months to come?

9. Am I a good person? If yes, what makes me a good person?

10. Do I treat you the way you love to e treated? If not, what can I do better?

11. What question have you wanted to ask me but haven’t found enough courage?

12. What secret do you feel I have to know about you?

13. What do I do in bed that you love the most?

14. What are our relationship pillars?

15. What have you come to learn about me over the time we have been together?

16. What do you know about me that you feel no one else does?

17. Where would you like us to go to next before this year ends?

18. What is the one good thing about me?

19. Do you have any regrets about us so far?

20. Have you ever at one time thought maybe we are not meant for each other?

21. At what moment did you feel we are separating for good?

22. Are we happy?

23. Are you happy being with me?

24. What can I do this month to make you happy?

25. What do your friends think about me?

26. Has anyone ever told you we are right for each other? How did you take it at the time?

27. What mistakes do you think we’ve made so far?

28. What day won’t you forget in your life as far as we are concerned?

29. If I am no more, would you date someone like me or would love to try a different personality?

30. What part of my body do you love the most?

31. How much do you trust me?

32. With whom have you ever suspected I cheated you with?

33. Are there moments when you felt I have somebody else other than you?

34. What is sexual fantasy? Do you mind if I fulfill it for you?

35. Do you sometimes check on me when I walk away?

36. Am I still as attractive as when we first met?

37. What do you feel we need to work on in our relationship?

38. What are our accomplishments so far?

39. Do you feel cared for?

40. How confident are you that I will be there for you no matter what?

41. Have I ever done something that dropped your trust in me to zero? What was it?

42. What can I do to make you trust me more than you do now?

43. When do you feel more protected and cared for?

44. At what moments do you feel like a baby in my hands?

45. What are you most afraid of as far as our relationship is concerned?

46. What song reminds you of us in the past?

47. How long do you think should couples wait before having kids?

48. How many kids would you prefer if at all you want kids?

49. Which life was the best for you? College or high school life?

50. Should we be a lot more religious as we progress in life?

51. Do you have phobias I do not know yet?

52. What three things are you grateful for in life?

53. Which aging signs are you starting to notice on yourself?

54. What traditions do you feel we should start observing?

55. Have you ever stolen anything this year?

56. Have I ever made you cry?

57. What moments have I ever made you very proud of me?

58. What is the worst job you have ever done in your life?

59. Do you think we should start training together?

60. Have you ever won anything in the past three years?

61. What is the one risk you took and failed miserably?

62. Do you have that person you never want to meet in life? One that you form anytime they are around.

63. What is your best childhood memories?

64. What are your best early adult memories?

65. What are some of your aha moments in life?

66. When is the last time you cried?

67. When is the last time you felt very tensed about something?

68. Using our experience and by observing other people around you, what do you think are the pillars of a good healthy relationship?

69. When young, what did you want to be when you grow up?

70. What are your simple pleasures in life?

71. What are some of the things you have noticed we have in common?

72. What are some of the things we do not have in common?

73. When is the last time you were truly happy?

74. When is the last time you laughed until you cried?

75. What extreme sport or activity would you like us to try one day?

76. What were you like when young? Can I have a look at your photos back then?

77. What do you think makes me smile?

78. What do you feel makes me happy?

79. Who was your first love? Where are they right now?

80. What in life do you strongly feel you should not have done?

81. Do you sometimes think of me sexually when alone?

82. Have you ever masturbated thinking of me?

83. What is your favorite time of the day to get intimate?

84. What would you prefer: more kisses or more hugs?

85. What s#x style or position should we give a try today?

86. What is your most favorite style in bed?

87. How do you like it: me on top or you on top?

88. Do you sometimes give in to make me happy?

89. How much do you enjoy s#x when drunk or high?

90. How does it feel like me going down on you?

91. Would you like it if we try a new toy in our bedroom?

92. Do you mind giving a lap dance and striptease a try right now?

93. How old are you when you had your first bedroom experience? How did it feel back then?

94. What should I be doing to make you org#sm every time we get intimate?

95. What would you like if I am to spend $10,000 on you?

96. Where would you like to live in the next ten years?

97. How much do you like these questions to ask your partner?

98. How likely will you suggest these questions to ask your partner to one of your friends?

99. How will you rate these questions to ask your partner?

100. Do you feel your partner is right for you? (Yes/No/Not sure)

There you have a list of good questions to ask your partner at any time. You can do it in person to get to interact in a more intimate way or over text if they are far away from you. Have fun.

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