75 Best Coffee Puns for Coffee Lovers Like You

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Caffeinated coffee puns and coffee jokes? You are in the right place.

This article features normal coffee words like beans, java, cappuccino and espresso that have been tweaked into hilarious coffee puns and jokes for you.

The puns and coffee jokes in this article have been separated into different themes.

They include clever coffee puns, puns about love and romance, cool Instagramable captions, and conversation-like greetings puns.

List of Best Coffee Puns and Coffee Jokes

1. I have made a pot of coffee esspreso.ly for you. Make yourself warm.

2. Drinking too much coffee can cause a latte of problems to your body.

3. I feel a latte better after that mocha short.

4. My favorite colors are yellow, grey, and brew.

5. Coffee? It is part of my daily grind as I work.

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6. I think I am sick. I been coffee-ing and sneezing a latte.

7. I can smell trouble brewing between those two over there.

8. I am always sulky but after my black coffee, I can espresso my feelings with confidence.

9. Tech guy: I am installing java into my system. It kept slowing down.

10. Is he coffee and sneezy? He must be sick.

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Funny Coffee Puns

11. You are my coffee armor. The milk in my latte and I love you for that.

12. Stop feeling depressed. I have an espresso here for you.

13. Who is your all-time favorite actor?

Al Cappuccino.

14. You said you love coffee?

I love coffee macchiato.

15. Are you Americano or European?

16. Barrister: How do you like your coffee?

Me: Very much.

17. What is the right term for someone stealing coffee?

They are mugging.

18. You look depresso. Can decaffeinated coffee help?

19. Birds order their coffee at the Nestcafe.

20. Is break fluid a cup of coffee during work?

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Love Coffee Puns

21. What a brew-tiful lady you are!

22. Hey there, my hot stuff.

23. You are steaming hot.

24. Words alone cannot espresso how I feel about you.

25. Look at us; we are a perfect blend!

26. Have I told you I love you a latte?

27. I can’t help but think about you a latte.

28. Where have you bean all my life?

I wish I had found you back in kindergarten.

29. You have a way to keep me grounded every time you are around.

30. You warm my heart every time I see you around.

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Coffee Puns One Liners

31. You are mug-nificient!

32. Bottomless thanks!

33. It is better latte than sorry.

34. Bean there and I have done all that.

35. Thank you for bean my great friend.

36. Right now, I have got a latte of problems in my life.

37. Hey there, hands up. You are under a roast!

38. What is going on with you brew?

39. You will find me artcafe enjoying my coffee when you come.

40. It is time to wake up and grind.

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Cute Coffee Puns Instagram Captions

41. Your face shines every time you frappe.

42. I would love to share my deep coffee-lings with you.

43. You are so sweet. You mocha me crazy.

44. Livin’ la vida mocha.

45. A yawn is a silent scream for more coffee.

46. Be wary of 5-cents espresso. It is a cheap shot.

47. Coffee and sneezy. I must be sick.

48. It is time to wake up and grind.

49. My soup of the day, my coffee.

50. Coffee, the most important meal of the day.

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Short Greetings Coffee Puns Conversation

51. Good morning brew-tiful one?

52. How have you bean?

53. I am sorry affogato your name again.

54. You seem sad of-latte, anything troubling you?

55. Java a nice day and remember to smile.

56. I mocha love you, bye.

57. What’s sumatra with you? Did I say anything wrong?

58. Sorry about the latte night text.

59. I have bean busy with work off-latte.

60. Can I see you percolator at the coffee shop?

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Funny Coffee Jokes

61. What is the opposite word for sneezy?


62. What is it called when your colleague steals your coffee at work?

A mugging

63. What name is given to a guy called Barry who suddenly rises to prominence?

Barrister (Barry the star)

64. What is the name of the bear serving coffee at a Java coffee shop?


65. What is the similarity between coffee beans and kids?

They always get grounded.

66. The techy guy, what does he do?

He installs java.

67. What do we call a sad mug of coffee?

A depresso

68. Barrister: How do you take your coffee?

Liam: Very serious.

69. What do we call a cow that has just given birth?

A de-calf-inated cow.

70. Him: How much for a cup of coffee?

Her: $5 a cup and free refills.

Him: Let me have the refills for today.

71. Her: Coffee is not the only hot and wet thing in this house right now.

Him: Wow! What am I waiting for?

72. Can women make good barristers?

Yes. The bible says He-brews and not She-brews.

73. The coffee addict, what was the name of his son again?


74. I am black and I never work. What am I?

Decaffeinated coffee.

75. How do coffee guys hit on a lady?

I have been thinking about you a latte. Can we go for some coffee this Saturday?

Puns on coffee.

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