Kids are naturally curious and fun-seekers. As a parent or guardian, you need to find ways to keep them engaged in a funnier way without risking boredom.

And that is why we came up with the list of the best back-to-school jokes for you to enjoy with them.

The jokes are unique, well-crafted, and have a variety – school jokes, school puns, knock-knock jokes for kids, and one-liners.

Looking forward to more fun before the school calendar kicks in? Let’s get started with these school jokes.

Crazy Back-To-School Jokes

1. What happens when a teacher rolls her eyes on you?

Pick and roll them back.

2. How many seconds do we have in one year?

Twelve. We have one every month.

3. Which month has 28 days on the calendar?

Every month.

4. Why are bees said to be sharp students?

All of them score Bs and above.

5. How do bees kids get to school?

They board a school buzz.

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6. Which teachers have the most problems in school?

Math teachers.

7. Did you hear about the cross-eyed teacher?

He couldn’t control his pupils.

8. How do you make the number seven even?

Remove the letter S and you get even.

9. What is a snake’s favorite subject in school?


10. Why do fish love to study?

They have a school of fish.

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11. Teacher: At the end of this pen is a fool.

Student: It depends on which end you are referring to.

12. At the cafeteria, all apples had a label “take only one. God is watching.”

A young student labeled the cookies, “take all you want, God is watching the apples.”

13. What did the glue say to the class teacher?

I am stuck on you.

14. What is your school’s favorite dessert?

A pi.

15. What do you get when you cross a principal from a girls-only school with one from a boys-only school?

School principals don’t like to be crossed!

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16. Why do we find thermometers in a chemistry lab?

They are studying to get, more degrees.

17. Why doesn’t the sun go to the university?

It already has millions of degrees.

18. Who leads a classroom?

A ruler!

19. Which teacher is still in love with her Ex?

The math teacher. They always ask students to find their ex.

20. Why was the music teacher not able to open her class?

The keys were on the piano at home.

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21. What did Dracula study in school?

The alpha-bat.

22. What happens when your teacher is a vampire?

You get blood tests.

23. What is the most important tool in a math class?


24. How did the calculator assure the young student?

Count on me.

25. What o you need to get to a high school?

A ladder.

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26. What part of the mathematical test is the hardest to accept?

The after-math.

27. Why do basketball teachers have better voices than music teachers?

They have a perfect pitch!

28. Which number gets bigger when upside down?

The number 6.

29. At what angle do beautiful girls sit in class?

A cute angle.

30. What do you call a broken square?

A wrecked-angle.

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Funniest School Jokes

31. Why is 1+1=3 the same as a left hand?

Because it is not right!

32. Why did the teachers go to the beach?

To test the waters!

33. Why do angles work out?

They want to stay in shape.

34. Why did the students think their teacher is a ghost?

He went through the board again and again until they understood!

35. Why did everyone in school avoid looking at Melissa?

She was the brightest student.

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36. Why are science teachers always cheerful?

They have lots of solutions.

37. How many letters are there in the alphabet?

11 letters.

38. Why was the math teacher moody?

She had lots of problems she couldn’t solve.

39. Why does every student want to buy a drone?

To get higher grades.

40. Why is arithmetic considered hard work?

You have to carry numbers all the time.

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41. How do you know the sharpest students in a class?

Look for the brightest ones.

42. What is the joke about the geography teacher?

He got lost and was found by the police 100 miles from his home.

43. What was the chemistry teacher’s comment on the properties of a vacuum?

It does not matter.

44. What did the physics teacher say when asked about the relevance of his lessons?

I need space to think about it.

45. What did the accounting teacher say when he was approached about students failing his classes?

Leave me a loan.

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46. Where do spiders find their dates?

On the web.

47. What did the witch study back in school?


48. Why is the geology teacher seen with a new person every day?

He likes dating.

49. What do witches specialize in college?

Art and craft.

50. Why did the students eat their homework?

The teacher said it was a piece of cake!

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51. I got 100 in school today.

Thirty in maths, 40 in music and 30 in science.

52. Did you see the sine on the road?

It says tan left!

53. Where do we find an ice cream man easily?

Near a sundae school.

54. Math teachers hardly get loans.

They have no one to cosine with.

55. Would you punish us for something we never did?

Of cos not. We have not done our homework!

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56. What is the true meaning of class?

Come late and start sleeping!

57. How do you get a straight-A easily?

Use a ruler.

58. Do students enjoy experiments involving sulfur?

No, they sulfer all through.

59. Why do music students need a ladder?

To reach a high pitch.

60. Why didn’t the skull go to the prom?

He had noBody to go with.

61. Why didn’t the pencil get anything?

It was pointless.

62. What do computers take for breakfast?


63. Why do schools in coastal areas do better?

They perform above the C level.

64. What did the buffalo say to the son leaving for school?


65. Why is the thermometer the brightest thing in school?

It has many degrees.

66. What is the smartest insect in the world?

The spelling bee.

67. Why are beakers in a better place than most students?

Some of them are graduated beakers.

68. Why don’t we find clocks in libraries?

They tock too much.

69. What gets boiled in school kitchens?

Human beans.

70. What is the one thing you cannot do as a mathematician?

Drink and derive.

71. What do we call Santa’s servants?

Subordinate Clauses.

72. Which nation do all teachers belong to?


73. Why did the teacher wear sheds?

The students were so bright.

74. Why does 6 fear 7?

Because seven ate nine (7,8,9).

75. Why are students afraid of decimals?

They couldn’t get a point.

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