155 Interesting Bee Jokes that are Worth Your Time

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Experts believe that bee jokes are good for your health.

In the right proposition, the laughter from bee jokes is a great source of vitamin Bee which is good for your health overall well-being.

And if you are looking for the best source for your vitamins, these jokes and puns are what you should be binging.

Crazy jokes about bees? Let’s get started.

Best Bee Jokes

1. What do you call a bee living in the USA?


2. Where do bees go after their wedding?


3. How does a bee groom its hair?

Using a honeycomb.

4. What does a bee call his sweetheart?


5. What is a bee’s favorite sports tournament?

Ultimate Fris-bee Tournament.

6 What do you call it when a bee has bee wax on its wings?

A sticky situation.

9. What did the bee say to the beehive?

“Honey, I am home.”

10. What type of greetings do young bees prefer?

Hive five.

11. What is a queen bee’s favorite jewelry?

One made from ru-bees gemstone. d

12. What novel do bee prefer reading?

The Great Gats-bee.

13. What is more surprising that a holly cow?

A spelling bee.

14. Where do bees get sugar for their honey from?

The bee-troot.

15. What do you call an undecided bee?

A maybee.

16. How does a bee greet a flower?

“Hello, honey.”

17. Do bees learn about bee jokes in school?

No. They learn these jokes at the buzztop.

18. How do bees save their hard-earned cash?

They hide in the honey box.

19. What do you call a bear without ears?


20. What did the angry bee say to his master?

“I am tired of this. Let me bee.”

21. Why does the bee hum?

He cannot remember a word.

22. What do you call a dead bee walking?

A zom-bee.

23. What happened when queen bee discovered one homey comb is missing?

She launched a sting operation to recover it.

24. What do you call a bee that never spends its money?

Sting-y bee.

25. Bees used to live a healthy life free from suffering and death.

But that was in the bee-gining when forests were intact.

26. What are bees’ favorite sports?


27. Why haven’t I found a sticky bee in my life?

Bees have honeycombs.

28. What do you call an inaudible bee?

A humble-bee.

29. What nutrients does your body get from consuming honey?

Vitamin Bee.

30. What did the successful bee do to his comrades?

“This is nothing but the bee-gining.”

31. What is the matter with wasps?

He is a wanna-bee.

32. What did the excited bee say?

“Hive never felt like this bee-fore!”

33. What did the bee say to a giant flower?

“Hey bud, I have come to see you.”

34. What does the bee do when he missed the first round?

He draws a plan Bee.

35. What is the bee’s favorite band?

The bee-tle.

36. Who is the bee’s favorite musician?


37. What do young bees chew?

The bumble gum.

38. What do you call a good-looking bee?


39. What do you call a bee under a witch’s spell?


40. What snacks do baby bees prefer?


41. What did the bee say in her testimony?

“I was in my hive when it all bee-gun.”

42. What do bees call a scented flower?


43. What do you get when you crossbreed a bee and a dog?

A bee-gle.

44. What do you call a large group of bees in the ocean?


45. What do young bees use to get to school?

School buzz.

46. What did the bee say to her best friend?

“I will bee there.”

47. What does a defeated bee do?

They let it bee.

48. A bee had to choose between his honey and his life.

He chose his life because he loved her very much.

49. What do you get when you cross a mare and a bee?


50. How are bees related to flowers?

They are bud-ies.

51. Where do bees for diagnosis and treatment?

To the was-pital.

52. What do you call a bee inside water?


53. What is a clumsy bee called?

A mumble bee.

54. What is unique with the queen bee?

She is a force to bee reckoned with.

55. Why do bees hum?

They know no words.

56. What do bees use for their energy?

Flower power.

57. Where do bees go to have fun during their holidays?

To the bee-ch.

58. What do bees use to tarmac their roads?


59. What do you see looking at the bee?


60. Do bite with their mouth?

No, they sting with their bee-hind.

61. What do you say to a noisy bee?

“Stop it! Mind your buzz-ines.”

62. What do you call a bear without a bee?


63. Where do bees for their holiday?


64. Where do bees import their pollen from?


65. What is the most common blood type among bees?

Bee positive.

66. Where do bees get their news from?

From the Bee Bee C.

67. Why was the bee scolded?

He was mis-bee-having.

68. What do bees use on their roads?


69. What grade do most bees get in their high school exams?

Bee plus.

70. Why are bees believed to be industrious?

They are always buzz-y.

71. The teacher said bees are always buzz-y.

They mean buzz-ness.

72. At what point do bees marry and have children?

When they find their honey.

73. Why was the bee so hard to understand?

He was a mumble bee.

74. Where do bees trade their extra pollen?

At the buzz-er.

75. What is wrong with the bee’s phone?

It is buzz-ing.

76. What is more impressive than a talking cat?

A spelling bee.

77. What do you call a petty bee?

A cry ba-bee!

78. What do you call honey coupons?

Free bees.

79. How do you communicate with a bee far away?

Give him a buzz.

80. What do bees learn in school?

A Bee C.

81. Why do bees like watching Bee Bee C news?

To keep up with the buzz.

82. Why are bees good at spelling bees?

They know all the buzzwords.

83. Why are bees the most caring insects?

They take each other under their wings.

84. What do bees do after moving into a new hive?

They throw in a house s-warming party.

85. What is the best advice you have ever heard?

Work hard and bee yourself.

86. How do bees eat their sushi?

With wasabee.

87. Who is bee’s favorite writer?

The Bee-trix Potter.

Bee Jokes.

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