Kids love fun and good jokes for kids go a long way in making you more charming and likable in their eyes as a parent, brother, teacher, or friend.

In this article, we have compiled a list of fun and cool jokes for kids that you can use at any time.

They are safe and easy to understand for kids as young as 10 years olds.

Preparing for a fun-filled evening with them kiddo? Here are kids’ jokes for you.

Funny Jokes for Kids

1. Why do seagulls fly along the beach?

Because it is faster than walking.

2. What type of keys do kids love the most?


3. Who doesn’t eat snails?

People who love fast food.

4. What do we call a line of people outside a barbershop?

A barber-queue.

5. Why did the computers in school get sick?

They have a virus.

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6. What is the smartest insect on earth?

The spelling bee.

7. What do we call cheese that doesn’t belong to you?

Nacho cheese.

8. What is your favorite cat’s color?


9. How does the Pacific ocean say “hi”?

It waves.

10. At what point do jokes for kids turn into dad jokes?

When it becomes apparent.

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11. How do you cool down a football stadium?

By inviting more fans.

12. Which music tunes do planets play in space?

The Nep-tunes.

13. Do birds make jokes for kids?

No, but a Toucan.

14. How do celebrities manage to stay cool despite the fame?

They have lots of fans.

15. What is the smartest insect in the world?

Spiders. They have their web.

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16. What are barbers best known for?

Taking shortcuts.

17. Why are teddy bears never hungry?

They are stuffed, always.

18. What math branch do birds love the most?

The owl-gebra.

19. Which games do bored kids play?

The board games.

20. Which tree are you holding in your hand?

The palm tree.

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21. What do we call a fake noodle?

An impasta.

22. Why did pumpkin blush?

He saw the turkey dressing.

23. Why did the kid throw away his butter?

He wanted to see butter-fly.

24. What is the best gift for a sick lemon?

A lemon-aid.

25. What shoes do ninjas prefer?


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26. What did one plate say to the other?

Dinner is on me.

27. Why don’t scientists trust atoms?

Atoms make up everything.

28. What do you call a mother with a small body?

A mini-mum.

29. How do you make a NASA scientist baby stop crying?

You rocket.

30. When do you use peanut butter on the road?

When there is no jam.

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31. Which hand do you prefer to write with?

None. I’d prefer to write with a pen instead.

32. Why did they throw math books out of the library?

They didn’t want more problems.

33. Which flowers have lips?


34. What are math teachers infamous for?

They are always looking for X.

35. When do are you supposed to go to the dentist?

At tooth hurt-y.

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36. Why can’t bicycles stand on their own?

They are always two tired.

37. Where did the computer go for the concert?

At the disc-o.

38. Why should you stand at the corner when it is cold?

The corner has 90 degrees.

39. Why is Saturday and Sunday the strongest days of the week?

Because the rest of the days are weekdays.

40. How many lips does a normal flower have?


41. What music is mummies favorite?

The wrap music.

42. Where do we find ghosts?

In dead ends.

43. What lessons are snakes’ favorite?

Hiss-tory lessons.

44. What lessons are witches’ favorite?


45. Why was the scarecrow awarded a prize?

He was outstanding in his field.

46. What did the duck say to the cashier?

Put it on my bill.

47. What did the big flower say to the young one?

Hi, bud.

48. Why did the students throw their clocks off the window?

They wanted to see time flying.

49. Why are fish the smartest animals?

They live in schools.

50. Why was the picture in prison?

It was framed.

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51. What is so unique about Ireland?

Its population is Dublin.

52. What is so unique about Switzerland?

Nothing really but its flag is a big plus.

53. What do we call an elf with lots of money?


54. Who did the ghost take to the party?

His ghoul-friend.

55. How do you talk to giants in a way they will understand?

Use big words.

56. Why was the skeleton afraid?

Because it had no guts.

57. What is the easiest way to make holy waters?

Boil the hell out of it.

58. Why do people fall asleep in the bathroom?

Because it is also called a restroom.

59. What did the poop say to the fart?

You blow me away!

60. Why did the two tectonic plates apologize to each other?

It was their fault.

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61. What contracts do geniuses get?

Smart contracts.

62. What is Albert Einstein’s favorite phone?

A smart-phone.

63. What do we call the back end of a cafeteria?

A back-teria.

64. What do you call a bear with no ears?


65. Where do penguins put their money?

In snowbank.

66. Why do shrimps find it hard to share their spoils?

They are shellfish.

67. Why do cows go on weekend nights?

To the moo-vies.

68. Why is Cinderral poor at soccer?

She always runs away from the ball.

69. Why was the pony not able to speak?

Because it was a little horse.

70. Why did the cookie go to the hospital?

It felt crummy.

71. What did the buffalo say to its son when he left for school?


72. What did the sink murmur to the toilet?

You look very flushed.

73. What kind of keys open all bananas with ease?


74. What do we call jokes for kids?

75. What do you get when you remove B from a bear?


Funny jokes for kids.