130 Best Potato Jokes and Captions that are So Yammy

Potato Jokes Dish
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Potatoes are a popular food and source of carbohydrates for millions of people in the world.

They also make the best jokes in the world; the potato jokes.

If you are looking for unending laughter alone or with friends and family, this article is for you.

It features funny potato jokes, puns, and gags that are so funny you cannot help but laugh all through.

List of the Best Potato Jokes

1. What do you call monkeys making potato chips?


2. Which potatoes don’t go out to work?

The couch potatoes.

3. Why did the sweet potato buy a camera set?

He wanted to become a You-Tuber.

4. How many potatoes does it take to feed 3 Irish men?

Just a few.

5. Why do people love potatoes that much?

They are appeeling.

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6. What do you call potatoes with right angles?

The Square roots.

7. What do you call a potato spinning?

A rotate-o.

8. What do you find inside smart potatoes?

Smart chips.

9. Why are tomatoes similar to potatoes?

They both have toes.

10. Why was the potato in court?

They wanted to appeal.

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11. What day are potatoes afraid of?

The Fry days.

12. Why did the farmers prefer steamrollers for their fields?

They wanted to grow mashed potatoes.

13. What did the potato say?

I yam who I yam.

14. What do you call a potato unwilling to just into the frying pan?

A hesi-tater.

15. What do you call a baby potato?

A small fry.

16. What jokes are the most appealing?

The potato ones.

17. What do you call a lazy potato?

A couch potato.

18. What would we call potato movies?

Starch trek.

19. What did the potato say to his girlfriend?

Ayam happy to see you.

20. What do you call yams that are friendly to everyone?

Sweet potatoes.

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21. What do you call a potato with a broom?

A sweep potato.

22. What is a potatos’ favorite horror movie?

Silence of the Yams.

23. What did the potato say to his girlfriend?

Time fries when I am with you.

24. Why don’t potatoes date?

They have too many peel-ings.

25. “If you were a potato, you would have been a sweet,” said the gentleman.

26. What kind of potato do you take home for your parents?

A sweet potato.

27. Why is it that potatoes get bullied with ease?

They are easy to roast.

28. Why do we love potatoes this much?

They are yummy.

29. What happens when it rains potatoes?

We get spuddles.

30. What did the potato say to his best friend?

We are a perfect mash.

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31. What do you call an emotional potato?

A deep fry.

32. A potato started going to the temple a few days ago.

He now claims not to be a potato but a chip-monk.

33. What did the quarrelsome potato say to his friend?

“If you go on talking, I am going to smash your head buddy.”

34. What does a moneyed potato do?

He chips in for the bills.

35. Why is it easy to bribe a hot potato?

They love to be buttered up!

36. Why were the potatoes embarrassed during dinner?

They had seen a salad dressing.

37. What is the favorite game for young potatoes?

Sack race.

38. What do you call a cheap judgemental potato?

A shallow fry.

39. What do you call a skydiving potato?

Air fried!

40. What is a potato’s philosophy?

I think and therefore I yam.  

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41. What do you call a potato with no legs?

A pot because it has no toes.

42. What do you call a potato that is making videos?


43. What do you call a coughing potato?

A tuber-culosis.

44. What do you call a potato that rules with a heavy hand?

A dic-tater

45. What do we call a potato with spectacles?

A spec-tater.

46. What is the go-to meal in Ireland?

A bottle of whiskey and mashed Irish potatoes.

47. What do you call a potato giving insights during a competition?

A commen-tater.

48. At the hotel, “How did you find your meals yesterday?”

“I searched next to a potato and there it was!”

49. What type of potato is liked the least?

The agitator.

50. Why were the potato chips appear burnt?

It was a black Fry-day.

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51. What was the potato thinking about?

Tater thoughts.

52. Why would Mr. Potato have a smartphone?

Ms. Onion rings sometimes.

53. What do you call a potato that makes it easy for things to happen?

A facili-tater.

54. Why did the spud wear socks?

He wanted to keep his pota-toes warm.

55. What do you a potato hook up?


56. What did the potato say to the love of his life?

My love for you sprouts every time I see you.

57. How do you hurl insults to a potato?

Tell them to go get forked!

58. How does a potato kiss another?

They mash each other.

59. What did the potato say after hearing the sentence?

I will a-peel right away.

60. I am sorry to tell you Mr. Potatohead is dead.

He had a brain-tuber.

61. What do you call Mexican potato chips?

A Chip-otle.

62. What did the potato say to the love of his life?

Nothing, potatoes don’t talk!

63. What did the newspaper report say when a potato sneaked out for the concert?


64. What did the angry potato say to the noisemaking utensils?

“Shut the fork up!”

65. I was impressed by a young potato factory owner’s business acumen but to him, it was just a small potato.

66. What do you call a stolen yam?

A hot potato!

67. I yam comfortable with potatoes for lunch.

68. What is young potatoes’ favorite movie?

The Starch Trek.

69. What do you call a copycat potato?

An imi-tater.

70. “You are so sweet.”

“That is how I yam.”

71. I love sweet potatoes very much because they are yummy.

72. What did the potato supporters say to the player?

We are rooting for you.

73. Why do kitchens across the world love potatoes?

Because potatoes are generally a-peel-ing.

74. How was the potato proposed to?

With an onion ring.

75. Why can’t anyone tell secrets on a farm?

Potatoes have eyes, corn ears, and beanstalk!

76. What do you call a train full of potatoes?

A yamtrain.

77. What do you get when you cross a country music singer with a potato?

Johnny Mash.

78. How do you know if a potato is going bad?

When they start releasing carb-on monoxide.

79. The winning potatoes at the shooting range is the one that knows how to handle their carb-ines.

80. What is a potato go-to pasta?


Potato puns and jokes.

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