Most often, Dad and the knock knock jokes get most of the hype out there.

But have you tried teacher jokes yet?

Well, this article has the best of teacher jokes for you to crack your ribs with laughter.

You can pull the joke in class in a way to lighten the mood or build a closer relationship between the teacher and students.

List of Funny Teacher Jokes

1. A teacher rolled her eyes at me and I thought it wise to pick up and roll them back. It was a bad idea!

2. Teacher pointing at a student,

Teacher: At the end of this rod is a fool.

Student: Which end are you referring to?

3. Why was the teacher forced to wear glasses?

Her students were so bright!

4. Why is your grammar teacher like a judge?

They both give sentences.

5. Why were the teacher’s eyes dilated?

She couldn’t control her pupil.

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6. Teacher: Did you miss school yesterday?

Student: Not very much.

7. Why did the teacher write on the window?

She wanted her instructions to be clear.

8. What did the teacher at the ghost school say?

“Everyone look at the board as I go through it again.”

9. What are the 10 things a kindergarten teacher can count on?

Her fingers!

10. Why did the teacher visit the beach?

To test the waters.

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11. Teacher: Hillary, you cannot sleep in my class.

Hillary: Sure, if only it was a little quieter.

12. Why do magicians do so well in QnA sessions in school?

They are good at trick questions.

13. Is the teacher the king of his classroom?

Not really. It is the ruler.

14. “Will you punish me for something I didn’t do?”

“No, how can I do that?”

“Sounds good! I didn’t do my homework.”

15. “Why do you have cotton in one of your ears?”

“You said information goes through one ear and out in the other. I am trying to prevent that.”

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16. What do snake teachers teach in their students?

Hiss-tory lessons.

17. What will be the outcome of crossing a teacher and count Dracula?

Blood tests.

18. Our class teacher loved the Lord of Rings so much. Now and then, she would say, “You shall not pass,” and the students were not taking that.

19. “Tell me the longest sentence you can think of.”

“Life imprisonment?”

20. What do you call English teachers addicted to social media?

The Instagrammers!

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21. Teacher, “We will get rid of global poverty by 2050. What tense is this sentence in?”

Student, “Future impossible tense.

22. I wanted to marry my long-term girlfriend who is an English teacher.

I was surprised that she has been waiting for my proposition.

23. What insect do English teachers love the most?

The spelling bee.

24. What do you get after crossing an excellent software engineer and an English teacher?

A pro-grammer.

25. What do you call two male math teachers who are related by blood?


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26. I asked my English teacher to count on me in the upcoming Spelling Bee and she responded,

“But I only see one of you.”

27. I wanted to marry my grammar teacher while in prison hoping to be released but I was informed one cannot end a sentence with a proposition or marriage.

28. Teacher, “Parallel lines have so much in common.”

Student, “Sadly, they never meet.”

29. What is a math teacher’s favorite sum?


30. What is a maths teacher’s favorite dessert?

The Pi.

31. Teacher, “Does anyone know a joke about Sodium?”

Students, “Na.”

32. What are physics teachers’ jokes?

Never trust an atom. They make up everything.

33. History teacher, “What happened at the Boston Tea Party?”

Student, “I don’t know. I was never invited.”

34. What do we call a math teacher who loves sums?


35. Where do door makers get their lessons?

At the school of hard knocks.

36. What pencil did Ben Carson write with?


37. Teachers around the world deserve a lot of credit.

They are underpaid and perhaps the credit facility would help.

38. The teacher asked a pupil what they learned for that day and the pupil replied,

“Not enough. We have to come back tomorrow too.”

39. What is the main difference between a teacher and a train?

A teacher says spit your gum out and a train says chew chew chew.

40. Why do teachers fart during classes?

They are not private tooters.

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41. Why was the math teacher not in school?

He had lost his angle whom he loved so much.

42. What type of meals do math teachers enjoy the most?

The square meals.

43. What route is a math teacher likely to take?

The square route.

44. What happens to the Algebra teacher?

He went out to find his X.

45. What is the matter with mathematics teachers?

They have a lot of problems.

46. Why did the deputy headteacher jump into the swimming pool?

To test the waters.

47. What ring did the math teacher buy his fiance?

The polynomial ring.

48. What do you call a music teacher with problems in his life?

A trebbled man.

49. A teacher can feed a family of four.

But wait, am I talking about Pizza?

50. How are witches tested?

They do an Hex-amination.

51. Which planet do Geography teachers believe is hell?


52. What music do Geography teachers listen to?

The Nep-tunes.

53. Why did the music teacher go up the ladder?

She wanted to reach higher notes.

54. Where do math teachers take their meals?

At the multiplication table.

55. Why can’t you get employed as a teacher if you have crossed eyes?

You cant control your pupils.

56. Why did the teachers donate ladders to pupils?

They wanted them to get to high school faster.

57. Time is a great teacher but unfortunately, it also kills his students.

58. Why does the music teacher carry so many books?

She has so many notes to teach her students.

59. Why did the headteacher marry the janitor?

He swept her off her feet!

60. What is a teacher’s favorite nation?

The Expla-nation.

61. Our math teacher believes not all puns are bad puns.

Sum are good jokes.

62. What ain’t odd to a math teacher?

Numbers that can be divided by two.

63. What was the farming math teacher a suspect of fraud?

He counted 197 cows in the ranch and when he rounded them up, he had 200 cows on record.

64. What did the math tutor say?

Even decimals have a point.

65. What is a library teacher’s favorite joke?

A book fell on my head and I have myshelf to blame for it.

66. The past, present, and the future walked into a bar where teachers were drinking.

Everyone tensed!

67. Why did the young student eat his homework?

The teacher said it was a piece of cake.

68. What does a bubble teacher do?

He asks pop questions.

69. What does the Drawing teacher love the most?

Looking sharp!

70. Why did the math teacher climb the tree?

She believed it was a Geome-tree.

71. What is the best thing about English grammar teachers?

They never write the students off.

Teacher Jokes