Are you having a Thanksgiving dinner party and are looking for ways to entertain your visitors?


We have a list of the best and most unique thanksgiving jokes, one-liners, and puns just for you.

The entries in this article are short and are ideal for fun with kids in the play.

Looking forward to making thanksgiving party lit? Let’s get started.

Corny Thanksgiving Jokes

1. What scares the cranberry?

The boo-berry.

2. What do we call a running turkey?

A fast food.

3. What did the first pilgrims wear to a Thanksgiving dinner?

A har-vest

4. When is the delicious turkey soup bad for you?

When you are the turkey.

5. How did the pepper welcome her guests?

By saying, seasoning greetings.

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6. Who does a turkey gobble?

Because it has poor table manners.

7. What did the turkey say to the farmer on Thanksgiving Day?

Quack quack.

8. Why did the famous farmer sort the turkeys and other birds on Thanksgiving Day?

He suspected a fowl play.

9. If the big turkey is a gobbler, what do we call a smaller one?

A goblet.

10. Why did the turkey form their band for Thanksgiving Day?

They already had drumsticks.

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11. What keys are delicious when prepared but cannot open a door?

A tur-key.

12. My friends asked me to stop telling Thanksgiving jokes.

I will let them know I am not quitting “cold turkey” any soon.

13. If your great-grandma saw you make boxed mashed potatoes, she will turn over in her gravy.

14. What did the male turkey say to his laptop?

Google google.

15. How come the turkey never touched his food during Thanksgiving dinner?

He was already stuffed.

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16. What is blue and is covered in feathers?

A male turkey holding its breath.

17. How did the visitors go home after a Thanksgiving party?

They used a gravy train.

18. Why did the Thanksgiving band go silent?

Someone ate all the drumsticks.

19. What is a turkey’s go-to dessert?

The apple gobbler.

20. Why were the potatoes embarrassed?

They saw the turkey dressing.

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21. Why was the turkey penalized during the basketball match?

He was penalized for a fowl play.

22. Which food tells dumb Thanksgiving jokes?

The corn-y bread.

23. What is the best thing to put in a pumpkin pie?

Your teeth.

24. What side of the turkey has the most feathers?

Only the outside.

25. What flour makes the best Thanksgiving bread?

The may flour.

26. April showers bring May flowers.

May flowers brought the pilgrims.

27. What comes at the beginning of the Thanksgiving party?

The letter T

28. What do we find inside a genie turkey?


29. When is tofu turkey served?

At the pranks-giving party.

30. What did the turkey say before it was roasted?

I am stuffed, oh boy!

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31. How did the pilgrim’s students travel from Europe?

Using scholar ships.

32. What do you call pilgrims vocabulary?


33. Why did the turkey cross the road?

The chicken were on leave.

34. What face do pilgrims make when narrating about the first Thanksgiving Day?


35. What do you call the age of the rise of pilgrims?

The pilgrim-age.

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36. Which hip-hop beats were invented by the first pilgrims from the UK?


37. What smells better at a Thanksgiving dinner table?

Your nose.

38. What is the conversation on the Thanksgiving dinner table all about?

Turkey turkey.

39. What do you call a high school dinner party without parents?

A Friendsgiving.

40. What is child do we get from a marriage between a turkey and a ghost?

A poultry-geist!

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41. Which glass does a turkey prefer to drink from?

A goblet.

42. I was mean to the cranberry sauce.

It turned into a blueberry sauce.

43. Why did the turkey star in the R-rated movie?

Because of its use of fowl language.

44. Can a turkey fly higher than the Burj Khalifa?

Of cos, buildings don’t fly.

45. What did the grandmother say to the pumpkin pie?

You are the pick of the patch.

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46. What dessert does a turkey like the most?

Peach gobbler.

47. What was the turkey jailed on Thanksgiving Day?

He was suspected of some fowl play.

48. What did grandma say while picking out the turkey?

Go big or gourd home.

49. Why didn’t the chef season the Thanksgiving turkey the right way?

He had no thyme.

50. Which music did the pilgrims dance to?

Plymouth Rock.

51. What is the best dance for Thanksgiving Day?

A turkey trot.

52. What ringtone does a turkey have in their smartphone?

Wing wing!

53. What type of snacks do high school kids like for their Thanksgiving Day?

A pumpkin pi.

54. What is the easiest way to stuff a turkey?

Serve him lots of chocolates.

55. What is the pumpkin’s favorite sport?


56. Why shouldn’t you look at the turkey dressing?

It will make you blush.

57. What do vampires call their Thanksgiving party?

A Fangs-giving party.

58. Why are Thanksgiving dinner parties that expensive?

They have 24 carrots.

59. Why did the turkey cross the road?

To prove that he wasn’t a chicken.

60. What did the baby corn say to the mama corn?

Where is my pop corn mammy?

61. What comes at the end of a Thanksgiving?

The letter G.

Thanksgiving puns and jokes.