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Most of the jokes are simple, short, and straightforward and are ideal for kids fun, as young as 12 years old.

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Funny Science Jokes and Puns

1. What do you call an accountant in the Biology department?

A buy-ologist.

2. Why are lab technicians so good at solving problems?

They have lots of solutions.

3. What is the scientific symbol for the fish called tuna?

2 Na.

4. What do you call a funny chemist?

A comical.

5. What do we call when all students are given fewer marks during a test?

A mean score.

6. How do we know a sex chromosome?

Pull down its genes!

7. Should we trust atoms?

No, they make up everything!

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8. Why is the pistil hidden inside petals?

Because of the stigma.

9. What do volcanoes say to their families before erupting?

I lava you all.

10. What did the filament say to the pistil? Is that your style?

I love it.

11. What do flowers study in the university?


12. How much do batteries without power cost?

They are free of charge!

13. What do we call a tiny part of our body that sometimes fights us?


14. What do most chemists in the world want to become?


15. Why do we find it very hard to wake up early in the morning?

Because a body at rest will remain that way unless acted upon.

16. What did the scientist say about the vacuum?

It does not matter.

17. What did the lab owner say to his staff?

Let’s work hard and keep ion on the prize.

18. What did the science book say to the math book?

You have more problems, my friend.

19. Why don’t chemists date politicians?

There is no chemistry between them.

20. What did the thermometer say to the graduated beaker?

You are a graduate but I have more degrees.

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21. How did the chemist express her disbelief?


22. Which piece of furniture do laboratories love the most?


23. What did the continental shelf say to the other when it crashed into it?

Oops! It’s my fault. I am sorry.

24. Where is blood thicker than water?

All in vein.

25. I was reading a book on helium.

It was light that I couldn’t put it down.

26. Hard years are always followed by light years where we can move faster and accomplish more in a short time.

27. What did the ice cube say to the water in the glass?

I was water before it got cool.

28. What did the dung beetle ask his friend?

Is this stool taken?

29. What do we call the mass of pants?


30. What did the chemist say to his heartbroken friend?

It seems to me you wreck her.

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31. Why was the sea always salty?

The shores never wave back.

32. Which state in the US do we find most salts?

The solid-state.

33. What is the most beautiful alloy?

Copper tellurium because it is (CuTe).

34. What did she study at the university?

Che-mystery. She is always trying to find solutions to every problem.

35. What did the germs say when sodium bicarbonate was added to the meat?

This is a salt!

36. Some people may appear bright until they speak.

I guess light travels faster than sound.

37. What do scientists take to sleep better?

Sodium phosphide, (NaP).

38. The lady has a bad attitude towards life.

B positive blood transfusion may help.

39. What did the pestle say to the motor?

You are my crush.

40. Why are most geologists single?

They love carbon dating instead.

41. What do we use to separate salts from pure seawater?

A sea-saw.

42. What did he study back in school?


43. Is it bad if Oxygen dated potassium?

No, it’s OK.

44. Do you guys like science jokes about sodium?


45. Are scientists working in sulfur-producing factories happy?

No, they are sulfering.

46. What did the science teacher say?

If you are not part of the solution, you are a precipitate.

47. What problems do organic chemistry scientists face?

Alkyne of problems.

48. What did one planet say to the other?

I need space.

49. What is the journey of a star across galaxies called?

A star trek.

50. What did ion say to her boyfriend?

I’ve got my ion you.

51. How do NASA scientists organize successful moon landings?

They planet.

52. How do cells replicate in our bodies?

They take cell-fies.

53. What do fungi need to grow?

Mushroom for them to expand and grow.

54. Who discovered electricity?

Sherlock Ohms.

55. What music do planets dance to?


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