It is no secret that banana jokes are more appealing to children as they are to adults.

And if you are looking for an amazing list of the best banana jokes, this article has your back.

The jokes here are short and funny for children to understand.

And they are an amazing addition to your games night with family and friends in person or via zoom.

Best Banana Jokes – the List

1. Human beings eat more bananas than monkeys.

I don’t remember eating a monkey though.

2. Last Friday I slipped on a banana and my mother thinks it was appealing!

3. What do we call it when a banana eats the other?

It is canabananalism.

4. Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.

5. What do we call footwear made of banana peels?


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6. What did the monkey say to the banana?

Nothing. Monkeys don’t talk.

7. What is the easiest way to open a ripe banana?

Use a mon-key.

8. Why did the young man lose his job at the banana processing factory?

He kept throwing away the bent bananas.

9. Why was the banana arrested?

He is a suspect of banana stuff of some sort.

10. What is the easiest way to make a banana split?

By cutting it with a knife.

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11. A girl noticed some hair growing between her legs. She approached her mother who explained to her it was her monkey growing hair at last. She later approach her sister about the same and her sister was like, “That’s nothing, mine is already eating bananas.”

12. Where do bananas go to learn?

At the Sundae school.

13. Why don’t bananas shout?

They yell-”low!”

14. Why are monkeys attracted to bananas?

Bananas are a-peel-ing to monkeys.

15. A banana decided to go to the hairdresser to fix its split end.

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16. It is an open truth that monkeys eat more bananas than human beings.

But wait, I have never heard of monkeys eating people.

17. Why did the monkey take his only banana to the doctor?

It wasn’t peel-ing very well.

18. What did the banana say when he met a new friend?

Yellow, nice to meet you.

19. Why did the banana use sunscreen at the beach?

To avoid sunburn and peel.

20. Why was the banana loved by everyone in the city?

Because it was really sweet to everyone.

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21. What did 50 do to the banana during breakfast?

58 the banana.

22. A mushroom said, “I look like an umbrella.”

A walnut said, “I look like a brain.”

The cashew nut said, “I look like a kidney.”

A banana said, “can we please talk about something else?”

23. Why did the peach go out with the banana?

He didn’t find a date.

24. How do you describe a banana that peels itself?


25. How do bananas say “hi”?


26. The two bananas are no longer together like before because bananas split a few days ago.

27. What fruit do sheep like the most?


28. Which fruit is known to tease others?

The baa-na-naa-na-naa-naa.

29. He left after he caught me eating a banana, not with my mouth.

30. Which dance move are monkeys best known for?

The banana split.

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31. I like bananas.

I find them more appeeling.

32. What is the real name of the chemical, Ba + 2Na?

A banana!

33. Which country do bananas call homes?

The Banana Republic.

34. What do you do to a blue banana?

Cheer it up.

35. Someone accused me of acting the monkey.

I almost choked on my banana that day.

36. Why are bananas believed to be more social among fruits?

They hang out in bunches.

37. How do unripe bananas feel about the ripe ones?

They feel green with envy.

38. What does a baby banana call its mother?

Nana instead of mama.

39. Why did the banana get so many valentines?

Because it is so appeeling and sweet.

40. What did the banana say to the orange on Christmas eve?

Berry Christmas.

41. What jokes do bananas love to tell?

The side-splitting jokes.

42. What is the best thing to put in a banana cream pie?

Your teeth of cos.

43. Why do bananas have to wear sunscreen in the sun?

Because they peel.

44. I almost slide on a banana peel but fortunately, my Slipknot t-shirt saved me.

45. Why don’t bananas yell high?

They only can yellow.

46. Why did the monkeys like bananas?

Because of its appeal.

47. How did the young banana become so spoilt?

His mother left him in the sun for way too long.

48. Why was the banana so angry?

Someone called him a plantain.

49. What did the banana farmer say before leaving his farm?

“I am going bananas!:”

50. What did Beethoven eat before going to perform?


51. What do ripe bananas suffer from?

Yellow fever.

52. How did the banana fail the driving test?

He kept peeling out.

53. Which day do bananas taste sweeter?

On a Sundae.

54. Why are bananas not allowed to snow?

They might wake up the rest of the bunch.

55. Why did the banana cross the road?

Because he was green.

56. What did bananas do when they saw monkeys coming?

They split.

57. How did one ripe banana greet the other?

“Yellow there.”

58. How do bananas answer a phone call?


59. What can be worse than a monkey eating a banana?

It is the monkey going bananas.

60. Where do bananas get their fashion from?

The Banana Republic.

61. They are not interested in growing bananas any longer because the bananas are already long enough.

62. Why can’t they buy gifts for her?

They don’t have enough money unless banana chips in.

63. Why did the student fail their exams after eating unripe bananas?

They were so green.

64. What fruit teases people a lot?

The ba-na-na-na-na-na.

65. How do you catch King Kong?

Put on yellow outfits and hang upside down pretending to be a giant banana.

66. What did the banana mother tell her daughter on seeing her boyfriend?

“I think he is the ripe one for you.”

67. A teacher asked, “how do you spell banana?”

Cloe, “Ba-nana. It is B-A-N-A-N-A.”

68. What is the chemical formula for bananas?


69. What did the banana say to the banana plantation farmer?

Nothing. Bananas cant speak!

70. What do you call a banana dancing?

Banana shake.

71. What did the heartbroken banana say?

“I peel it in my heart.”

This is a banana eating monkey. But wait! Since when did bananas start eating monkeys?

What do we call a tiny banana beside a larger banana? A banana company.

Funny banana Jokes