83 Funny Cat Jokes that are Mewsic to the Ear

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It’s often said, a dog is a man’s best friend. But have you thought of the position of cats in the life of a human being?

Well, if dogs are man’s best friend then cats are his happiness.

And if you are looking for corny cat jokes to share with friends and elevate happiness, you have come to the right place.

This article features the best and the only funny cat jokes list you will ever need.

List of the Best Cat Jokes

1. What did the scared cat say?

Stop freaking meow-t.

2. Dogs can’t operate an MRI machine but cat-scan.

Unless the dog is a lab-rador.

3. Hows does a cat take children’s jokes?


4. Why is the cat so grumpy?

She is in a bad mewd.

5. What do you call a cat under investigation?

A purr-petrator.

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6. I asked my girl what she thinks of the big cats and she said,

“I thought cheetahs only live in jungles. I was wrong.”

7. What do you call a cat without a single blemish?


8. What do we call a policing cat?

Claw enforcement officer.

9. Why don’t cats play poker in the Savannah?

There are so many cheetahs around.

10. What do kittens love to lick on a hot summer day?

M-ice cream.

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11. What do we call a cat living in an Igloo?

An eski-mew.

12. Why are young cats called litter?

Because people keep throwing them away!

13. If cats had cars, which brands will they go for?


14. What do you so many cats piled together?

A mew-ntain.

15. What do you call cats refusing to obey orders?

A mew-tiny.

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16. What do you call it when a cat decides to support another?

A cat-a-pillar.

17. What did the cat say when the mouse outran him?

You gotta be kitten me.

18. Why didn’t the cat leave the computer room?

He saw a mouse in there.

19. What did the cat say after losing everything to the auctioneer?

“I am paw!”

20. Why is it so hard for leopards to hide?

They are always spotted.

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21. What is a cat’s favorite breakfast?

Mice Krispies.

22. Why shouldn’t you trust a big cat?

Chances are, that is a Cheetah!

23. What do you call when a cat runs after a mouse?

A purr-suit.  

24. What is the most dangerous cat?

The cat-astrophic one.

25. Why do cats prefer online shopping?

They love comparing cat-alogs.

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26. Which color are cats colorblind to?

The purr-ple.

27. Why was the big cat not allowed to take the examination?

He was a cheetah.

28. I saw two cats in love.

They were purr-fect for each other.

29. Why are young cats that organized and good to work with?

They have excellent litter-ship skills.

30. Before hunting down the mouse, the cat said to his family, “Let us prey.”

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31. Which job closely relates to cats?

Cat-ering. You will find a cat in every catering facility.

32. How do cats receive their mail?

In the litter box!

33. Where do American cats go for vacation?

The Cat-skills.

34. Why was the cat not talking?

He was furr-ious.

35. What did the cat owner say about his cat’s noise at night?

A mere-cat cannot be the reason we are having sleepless nights.

36. My cat qualified for a priesthood role.

I guess he will be a cat-echist in the future.

37. When is it bad luck when you see a black cat?

When you are a mouse.

38. What did the cat tell its owner?

Stop catcalling! You are freaking meowt!

39. Which type of pizza is a cat’s favorite?

A mice-aroni.

40. What do you call a vegetarian cat?

A cat-erpillar.

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41. Why didn’t the cat go out for her first date?

She feared getting cat-fished.

42. What do you call a cat that loves attending church masses?

A cat-holic!

43. What do you call a specific group of cats in one place?

A cat-egory.

44. How does a cat make his tea?

Using a cat-tle.

45. Who gives well-behaved kitten gifts during Christmas?

Santa Claws.

46. How is coffee for the cats made?

Using a purr-culator.

47. What do you find in a cat’s home library?

Books cat-alogs.

48. Why do cats love to sleep on chairs?

Because they love furr-niture.

49. What do you call cats that always start something they cannot control after?


50. What is the common thing among cat owners?

They are also cat-nappers!

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51. A cat did a pregnancy test. It turned out paw-sitive.

52. Why are cats on the beach so unpopular?

They are fond of cat-fishing!

53. What did the cat say after listening to its owner?

“That is the cattiest remark I have ever heard in my life!”

54. What is the most common female cat names?

Cat-e and Cat-lin.

55. What do you call a cat in the cellar?

A whisker!

56. What is the thing about cats and grammar?

They prefer independent claws over subordinate ones.

57. What do we call the finest cat in the neighborhood?

A purr-ie.

58. What do we call a cat’s mystery that has never been solved?

A purr-ndora.

59. What do we call cats that purr a lot?

A Purr-sian.

60. What do they teach in cats schools across the world?


61. Which cats should you trust the least?

The ones with tall tails.

62. How do you if a cat is fake?

When it is a copy-cat.

63. What do comic cats do?

They leave their audience meow-ling with laughter.

64. What should you use to comb your cat?

A cat-acomb.

65. How do you make your cat relax?

Play cool mew-sic.

66. Why don’t cats like laptops that much?

Laptops don’t come with a mouse.

67. How do you wish a cat a good day?

“Have a mice day.”

68. What do cats say instead of goodbye?

“See you litter!”

69. What is a cat’s favorite sport?

Hair ball.

70. Why don’t cats say “YOLO”?

They have nine lives!

71. What is the favorite day among cats?


72. Which people should cat owners trust the least?

People fond of letting the cat out of the box.

73. Where should you take your cat next time?

To the mew-seum.

74. Where should a cat go if it losses its tail?

The re-tail store.

75. What should you buy for your baby cat?

A dia-purr.

76. What do cats learn in mew-sic schools?


77. What do we call bowling cats?

Alley cats.

78. Mother cat: I want to change you into a dog.

Baby cat: Is that paws-ible?

Mother cat: Of cos no. I was joking!

79. Cats were once worshiped in ancient Egpyt and they have never forgotten it to this day!

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