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List of Funny Car Jokes

1. “Can I get a side mirror for my Ford?”

“Sure. That’ll be a fair trade-in.”

2. Why are tampons more efficient than KIA?

At least tampons come with their tow rope.

3. Ford Motors unveiled their new heated tailgate at the motor show yesterday.

It seems our hands will stay warm as we push them back home during winter.

4. What happens when you run behind a car?

You will get exhausted!

5. What car brand does baby Yoda drive?


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6. When is an Audi not an Audi?

When it turns into a driveway.

7. What do you call a Colombian whose car was stolen?


8. A man in New York drove his Benz into a wall.

He wanted to see how the Mercedes Bends.

9. What car brand do chefs in Manhattan drive?


10. Why can’t motorcycles stand on their own?

They are mostly two-tired!

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11. What do you call a Ford Fiesta without fuel?

Ford Siesta.

12. What do big boys with expensive sports cars do to girls?

They drive them crazy!

13. What do you get after breeding a car and your pet dog?

A car-pet.

14. Where do Arabic-speaking dogs park their cars?

At the barking lot!

15. When do car batteries recharge their energy?

When you breakfast!

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16. Which part of a car is the laziest?

The wheels. They are always tired!

17. What do you say to the frog uncomfortable with your ride?

“Jump out.”

18. What happens when a frog’s car breaks down?

It gets toad away!

19. What do you say to a frog looking to enjoy your new ride?

“Hop in.”

20. What happens when you run in front of cars?

You will get tired!

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21. What travels far distances without moving a single step?

A road.

22. What did the Tornado whisper to the car?

“Let’s go for a spin!”

23. What is the favorite car brand for sheep farmers in Texas?


24. What type of driver always destroys the road trip plans?

The screwdriver.

25. What car brands did the Sushi restaurant chef buy?

Rolls Rice.

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26. What is a dairy farmer’s favorite car?

A Cattle-lack.

27. A frog’s car broke down in the middle of the road.

He had to jump-start it again!

28. What is the matter with cars having wooden tires?

They wooden go.

29. “I saw my neighbor washing his car with his son.”

“I pity the poor boy. Why doesn’t he use a sponge instead?”

30. “My car stopped working after changing wheels.”

“Is it retired?”

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31. How do you get people to move away faster on the road?

Change your car horn to gunshots sound.

32. Which bike did Santa use to deliver gifts this year?

Holly Davidson.

33. My 8 years old daughter asked if I can make a car out of spaghetti.

I wish you saw the look on her face when I drive pasta.

34. Why did spiderman buy a new car?

He wanted to go for a spin.

35. Which snake species are found on cars?

Windscreen vipers.

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36. Which Johnny doesn’t need a car?

A Johnny Walker.

37. What cars do chickens drive these days?

The Coop.

38. What cars do cats drive?


39. What is a car battery’s favorite meal?

Brake fast!

40. My Subaru accidentally skidded over the bridge.

I guess it’s now a Scuba-ru.

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41. Ms. Piggy is such a bad driver.

All she does is hog the road.

42. What if oda owned a business?

It would be a Toyoda dealership.

43. I was trying to fasten my seatbelt then it clicked!

44. Snakes used to drive cars in the past.

Ana-Honda is was their favorite car brand.

45. What do you do to an old German car?

Drive it to an old Volk’s Home.

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46. Which part of a car is the laziest?

The wheels. They are always tired!

47. Why did the taxi driver make losses?

He kept driving his customers away!

48. If you think raining cats and dogs is worse, please try hailing a taxi!

49. What type of car is favorite among the chicks?

The Yolkswagen!

50. Which car did cattle farmers prefer in the ’70s?

The dung BEETLE!

51. My car broke down in the middle of nowhere.

I was stranded with nothing but my phone no KIA.

52. I drove my new convertible yesterday and my neighbor believes that is the outback because it has no roof.

53. I wrecked my German machine yesterday.

I wanted to confirm if Mercedes Bends.

54. What is the true meaning of FIAT?

Fix it Again Toni.

55. What did the guy from Finland say when asked to choose between a KIA and a Tesla?

“No Kia.”

56. “We need to launch our new car brand early next month and we don’t have a name yet.” “That soon?”

“Brilliant! Datsun will be the name?”

57. There is this thing with people driving FIAT cars.

They always have a misjudged, ‘Finally, I’m Almost There’ attitude towards life.

58. I dated a Porche guy.

His lifestyle was a true definition of Proof Of Rich Spoiled Children Having Everything (PORCHE).

59. Why do old Italians love IROC cars that much?

It’s because IROC stands for ‘Italian Retirees Out Cruising’ spirit.

60. Yo mama is so dumb that she sold her car for gas money.

61. I had a BMW back in the days.

It was Big Money Wasted!

62. What is the thing with Ford cars?

They were made For Only Retarded Drivers.

63. Dad: What is the true meaning of FORD?

Daughter: Found On Road Dead, FORD.

64. “What do you intend to do with your new car.”

“I intend to drive it into the ground someday. ”

65. “Have you ever driven a Pontiac?”

“Hell no! I don’t drive Poor Old Digger Thinks It’s A Cadillac crap.”

66. What is a Nissan Patrol?

It is a Nissan’s Poor Attempt To Rip Off Landcruiser, PATROL.

67. Two friends were out on a date and the guy said,

“I am an astronaut with NASA and my car of choice is Saturn. What about you?”

“I am a pimp and the only car I can afford right now is a cheap Escort.”

68. Why are Jeeps so expensive to maintain?

The answer is in the name itself: Just Empty Every Pocket, Jeep.

69. What do we call a Lada car without wheels?

A Skip.

70. “My car has broken down again.”

“I guess it is a Ford. I told you Ford stands for Fix it Again Tonny.”

“I guess you are talking about Fiat.”

“Oh, sorry, I guess we all have something about Ford cars.”

71. What is the only good things about Ford Cars?

They come with the problemed circled for you to see.

72. What has four wheels and it flies?

A Garbage truck.

73. What do you call a car destroyed by a dinosaur?

A Trynnossaurus wreck!

74. I was dating a taxi guy before and I always felt like I am being driven away.

I had to end the relationship.

75. What fuel does Vin use?


Car Jokes