There is no better way to have fun with friends and family than cracking jokes over a snack.

And we have compiled a list of the best corn jokes that pop with laughter and fun, just for you.

They are a great addition to yo mama jokes, dad jokes, knock-knock jokes, etc., for your coming games night.

Crazy corn jokes? Let’s get started.

Corn Jokes List

1. What do you say to maize after winning a contest?


2. What do you say to a-corn-man who performs beyond your expectation?

“I am a-maize-d!”

3. Who leads corn armies?


4. What happens when you tell corny jokes?

You become a laughing stalk.

5. What were the sweet-talking men in black suites accused of?


6. Why didn’t anyone laugh at the farmer’s jokes?

They were a little corny.

7. The teenager was carrying a single stalk of corn.

He believed that was the uni-corn people were talking about.

8. What do baby corn call their fathers?

Pop corn.

9. What did the baby corn say to her mother?

“Where is my pop corn?”

10. Why did the corn cross the road?

She was being stalked.

11. Why didn’t the corn farmer hear what I told him?

He was corn-cetrating on something else.

12. What do we call a champion maize farmer?

An i-corn.

13. Plain popcorn?

You can do butter than that for my sake.

14. How did the young farmer get so rich so quickly?

He found a way to corn-er the market.

15. What happens when you eat a lot of popcorn?

You will suffer from corn-stipation.

16. What are the corniest pickup lines men use on women?

“You look a-maize-ing.”

17. What do you call a party in a cornfield?

A cornball.

18. How do you prepare sweet corn?

Start by whispering sweet nothings into its ear.

19. Why can’t maize farmers make good comedians?

Their jokes are corny.

20. What did the lady feel while in the cornfield?

She felt like she is being stalked by something or someone.

21. How do you know if you are being stalked in the maizefield?

When you start feeling earie.

22. What is sweeter than sweet corn?

Candy corn.

23. What do you call crazy young corn?

A corn-nut!

24. How much do 2 large packets of corn flakes weigh?

2 Kellograms.

25. The comedian said he’s got a field of jokes.

I guess they all are corn jokes.

26. What do you call a man who eats corn flakes only for breakfast?

A corn-iverous man.

27. What do you call the top religious leader among corns?

Pope Corn.

28. What do we call the best student from Corn University?

The A-corn.

29. What is a buccaneer?

A fair price for corn.

30. What has many ears but can hear nothing?

A maize field.

31. What do you get when you feed cows lots of corn?

Lots of corned beef.

32. Which type of sweet corn is consumed but cannot be grown?

Candy corn.

33. Why did the corn stalk stop moving?

The stalk run out of corn oil.

34. What is the paradox of a farm?

Potatoes have eyes, corn have ears, and maize stalks!

35. What is the hottest corn joke in the city?

One that involves corn puns.

36. Why is corn believed to be a good listener?

He is all ears.

37. What do you get when maize is crossed with werewolves?

A corn dog.

38. Why was the maize farmer’s son sent to jail?

He was a corn and a stalk-er.

39. When is corn a little quiz?

Every time it is popped!

40. If corn oil is made from corn, vegetable oil from vegetables, and sunflower oil made from sunflower, what is the raw material for baby oil?

I guess babies!

41. What is the famous mythical vegetable called?

A uni-corn.

42. One corn whispered into another’s ear,

“Don’t look back. I think we are being stalked!”

43. What do we do to the best corn farmer?

We corn-gratulate him.

44. What do we call a festival held in a corn-growing belt?

A corn-ival.

45. How much do pirates pay for corn?

A Buccaneer.

46. What is the main use of corn oil?

To stop corn from squeaking.

47. What is the best use for corn oil?

To fuel corn vehicle.

48. What do you get when a harvester runs over corn in the field.

Cream corn.

49. Which type of corn is beautiful but not a-maize-ing?


50. What do you know about the company that introduced the first corn use tracking app?

Its offices are in Silli-corn Valley.

51. What did the toddler say when forced to eat corn flakes?

“It shucks.”

52. Why is it difficult to keep track of corn cobbs?

They are normally stored in a large maze (maize).

53. How do maize farmers decide to price corn?

Through a corn-census.

54. Why did the police lock up the corn?

He was also under investigation for stalk-ing claims.

55. Why shouldn’t anyone tell secrets in a cornfield?

There are too many ears in there.

56. Why are corncobs always worried about their weight?

They are a little husky.

57. Why did the boy tie all the corn on a sledge?

His class teacher all corns are husky.

58. Who is the corniest basketballer of all time?

Ty Cobb!

59. What do Jack the Ripper and corn flakes mold have in common?

They both are cereal killers.

60. What is the old saying about corn?

“A vegetable can also double up as a nut if it’s a corn.”

61. What do you call a meeting of maize farmers?

A corn-ference.

62. How is the corn cob’s performance?


63. Wanna hear crazy jokes about corn?

Never mind. It is too corny.

64. Why wasn’t the thief able to get out of maize maze?

He was corn-ered.

65. Why wouldn’t the cereal farmer reveal his secrets?

They were corn-fidential.

Corn jokes.