90 Interesting Dog Jokes that are Funnier than You Think

dog jokes
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Are you looking for more funny jokes to add to your list?

Well, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we feature only the best and most cute dog jokes you can enjoy with family and friends.

They are short for texting and ideal for sharing with kids and guarantee maximum fun.

List of the Funniest Dog Jokes

1. What happened when the dog went to the cinema?

He stole the show.

2. What would be more amazing than a talking dog?

A spelling bee.

3. Which dog breed loves taking a shower every day?

The shampoo-dle.

4. What do you call a sleeping dog?

A hush-puppy.

5. Which dog has the worst dog jokes?

The terrier-ble breed.

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6. Where do you find a dog with no legs?

Where you left him.

7. How is a dog similar to a phone?

They both have collar IDs.

8. What do you call a cool young dog?

A pup-sicle.

9. What do you call a dog from Dracula’s Transylvania?

A bloodhound.

10. How do you call a dog with no legs?

It doesn’t matter. The dog won’t come.

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11. Why did the dog chase his tail?

He was trying to make both ends meet.

12. What do you call a magical dog breed?

A labracadabrador.

13. What happens when you scare a dog away?

He gets terrie-fied.

14. What name would you give a dog during winter?

A chilli dog.

15. What is the least favorite shopping place for dogs?

The flea market.

16. Why did the cute dog cross the road?

To get to the barking lot!

17. What is the Transylvanian Count Dracula’s favorite dog breed?

The bloodhound.

18. Why are dogs so good at passing information?

They know when to paws and when to continue.

19. Why did it take long for the dogs to watch the movie?

They kept hitting the paws button.

20. Which city has the most dogs?

New Yorkie.

21. Why are dogs terrible at dancing?

They have two left feet.

22. When are you likely to step on a poodle?

When it rains cats and dogs.

23. What does a dog earn after completing a dog training session?

Their masters.

24. Which dog keeps time the best?

The watchdog.

25. Why did an Eskimo name his dog frost?

Frost bites!

26. Why was the grey dog reluctant at joining a football club?

He was a Boxer.

27. What is a dog’s favorite pizza?


28. What do you call a hot dog in Mexico?

A chili dog.

29. Why is a dog like a tree?

They both have a lot of barks.

30. Why do dogs in English grammar school love conjunctions?

Because dogs love buts.

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31. What do you call a very old dog?

A greyhound.

32. Which war dog dogs fight better than human beings?

The war on Terrier.

33. What do you call a dog breed that never barks?

A hushpuppy.

34. What are dogs that give birth every year accused of?


35. Which dogs are poor at the hide and seek games?

The Dalmatians. They are always spotted.

36. What is the smartest dog breed in the world?

The lab dog.

37. What did the vet say?

Your dog looks ruff!

38. Why are corgi jokes more interesting?

They are short jokes.

39. Which dog breed is easily spotted?

The Dalmatian!

40. Which dog can you buy at an electronic store?

The sub-woofer!

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41. Which dog breed accompanies the corps in a raid?

The paw-lice dogs.

42. What did the dog say to the tree in the backyard?


43. Why do chihuahua prefer sitting under a shade?

They are hot dogs.

44. What is the most stylish dog breed?

The coolie.

45. What did the puppy say after dinner?

“Bone Appetite!”

46. Why is a dog’s bark louder than a cat’s purr?

Dogs have natural woofers!

47. What do you call a new dog living in New York City?

A new Yorkie.

48. What is a dog’s favorite snack?


49. What do you call a beautiful dog?

A collie flower.

50. Where in the world do we find the prettiest dog breed?

At the Barkingham Palace.

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51. What did the young pup want to become when he grows up?

A hot dog.

52. What do you call a dull dog on another planet?

A dull martian.

53. What is the matter with the Chihuahua breed of dogs?

They look fur-miliar.

54. How do dogs laugh at dog jokes?


55. What does a mathematician think of his dog?

A dog he can count on.

56. Why are German shepherds so poor at Q/A sessions?

They give the wurst answers!

57. Why was the watchdog taken to the watchmaker?

His owner heard that he had ticks!

58. What do you call a principled dog?

A dogma.

59. What do you get when you breed a dog and a shark?

A dogfish.

60. Why did the dog cross the road?

To prove that he wasn’t a chicken.

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61. What do you call a dog that doesn’t get enough attention?

The underdog.

62. What do you get when you breed a dog and a cow?

A bulldog.

63. What do you call a dog in Rolex headquarters?

A watchdog.

64. What do you call it when a cat wins a dog fight?

A cat-has-trophy.

65. What did the dog say to his lover?

“I will collie you later.”

66. What do you call a less aggressive Chihuahua?

A paw-lite dog.

67. Why was the Dalmatian stopped by the police?

He was on the spot for reckless driving.

68. What did the math genius say to his dog?

I can count on you.

69. What do you call a dog born on Christmas day?

Santa Paws.

70. What did the dog say to his best friend?

Nothing. A dog cant speak.

71. What can be worse than raining cats and dogs?

How about hailing a taxi?

72. How do you talk to depressed dogs?

Give them a pup talk.

73. There is one market where all dogs run away from.

It is the flea market.

74. What do you call someone whose job involves chasing a dog?

A pup-arazzi.

75. What did the dog say to the dentist?

Dog-tar, please save my canine.

76. What did the wedding dog say?

“I take your hand in marriage.”

77. What did the dog say when her puppies run out of their cages?

“My canines are loose.”

78. What did the corgi say to her lover?

“Don’t talk to me. I am mutt at you.”

79. Which dogs are excellent at parking their cars?

The dalmatian. They park at the right spot always.

80. What is a dog’s favorite line?

“Let me take a bite.”

81. What did the dog ask for a birthday?

A pup-cake.

82. What did the dog give his lover on Valentine’s Day?

The collie flower.

84. What is a dog’s favorite breakfast?

Bite snacks.

85. What is the thing with Dalmatian dog jokes?

They hit the right spot.

There you have our list of good dog jokes.

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