190 Best Mom Jokes to Make Your Mama Smile

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Are you searching for the crazy Mother’s Day mom jokes to make the M-Day fun?

Well, you have come to the right place.

This article covers the freshest and unique mom jokes, puns, one-liners and captions you can send to that special mother in your life and put a smile on her face.

You can also use mom jokes in this article as captions for your mom-themed social media channel, on branded gifts with special messages, or send it as a gift card on Mother’s Day.

Hilarious Mom Jokes

1. Why do moms love their computers?

Because of the motherboard.

2. Why did the baby pilot cry?

His mama jammed!

3. Only moms with toddlers in the house will understand why some animals eat their young ones.

4. Who is the biggest of all mothers in the world?

The grand mother!

5. What did the baby corn say to mom corn?

Where is my pop corn?

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6. Why do kids love chemo that much?

Because of the che-mother-apist!

7. Finally, my winter fat is gone!

Can I have my spring rolls?

8. What do we call a house where one was raised in?

A housemother.

9. What do we call a mother with a tiny body?

A minimum.

10. What is the best flower gift to a mother on Mother’s Day?

A mum.

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11. What did the young panda give her mother?

A bear hug.

12. What did the mother broom say to its children?

It’s late, go sweep.

13. How do you spread a rumor in your neighborhood faster?

Use either the internet, social media channels or simply tell a mom.

14. When do Mother’s Day gifts arrive a day late?

When they are choco-late-s!

15. Why did the cookie cry?

Its mother was a wafer too long!

16. Why did the analog clock doubt if the digital clock was her baby?

It had no hands!

17. What did the Egyptian child say when her mother went missing?

Where is my mummy?

18. Why was the strawberry sad?

Its mom was in a jam.

19. What do you a mom who never helps her kids draw?


20. What did the mother shoelace say to her child?

Stop being knotty!

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21. Why don’t we have Mother’s Day sales?

Mothers are priceless.

22. What did the spider mom say to her teenage boy?

Stop spending too much time on the web.

23. Whoever came up with “sleep like a baby” probably never had one.

24. What was queen Cleopatra’s favorite day in a year?

The Mummy’s Day.

25. Why are moms so different from Nike?

Nike says Just Do It, Moms say Don’t Do It.

26. What is a mom’s favorite drink for stress relief?

Calm-omile tea.

27. What do you call a place with so many mothers?


28. What do you call a mom who enforces tradition and family values?

A mother-in-law.

29. What do you call heaven-sent mother?

A godmother.

30. What do we call a mom on a maxi dress?

A maxi-mom.

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31. What do you call a country with so many women than men?

A motherland.

32. What do you call a mom who doesn’t know how to draw?


33. Why did the mom cross the road?

To get some quiet and peaceful time alone.

34. What is a three-word statement from dads that solve every problem?

Ask your mother.

35. I will be selling my baby on Etsy.

I made him myself.

36. What are the best moments for mothers?

When their kids threaten not to speak to them ever again.

37. Mom I need personal space and peace of mind.

Nonsense! You came out of my personal space.

38. What did the mother tomato say to its baby?


39. Whoever said “sleep like a baby” should have said “sleep like a husband” instead.

40. John: Mom, can I get some 50 dollars?

Mom: Does it look like I am made of money?

John: I thought that’s what MOM stands for?

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41. What did the baker say to his mother?

You did a wonderful job raisin me.

42. What did the kid say to her mom?

You are a mom like no m-other!

43. What do most mothers like beating?

Eggs of cos.

44. How did he appreciate his mother’s food?

I donut know how I’d have survived without your food.

45. Why don’t moms wear watches?

There is already a clock on the stove.

46. What did the young girl say to her mother?

I love being y-orchid.

47. What did the cocktail master say to his mother?

You tot me well.

48. What did the young boy say to her mother?

If mums were flowers, I would still pick you.

49. What candies do mothers prefer for their Mother’s Day present?

The Her-she’s Kisses.

50. How did the boy tease her mother?

I love your males, mom.

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Mother Jokes One Liners

51. You are the beast mom I can ever ask for.

52. I love your males, mother.

53. You raised me bitter and I will do the same to my kids.

54. You did an amazing job raisin us.

55. You are one in a melon, mom.

56. You did a grape job bringing us up.

57. You are a supper mom!

58. You are such a tea-riffic mother.

59. You did your berry best to make sure we had all we needed growing up.

60. You are a door-able.

61. Your bread is a dough-rable, mom.

62. What a souper mother I have!

63. For all you have tart me, thank you.

64. You are the only one I can re-lie on, mother.

65. You mean a waffle lot to me.

66. I laugh you mother.

67. You are so caring. More like Marry Our Mother (MOM).

68. I love every mom-ent you pay us a visit, mom.

69. I wish I had known you butter growing up.

70. You are my chrysanthe-mom.

71. Your murdering skills are unmatched and I wish I could my kids the way you raised us.

72. Can I visit on Fry days, mom?

73. You still look sharp and beautiful at 84, more like a mum-aid in the sea.

74. Every day is a Mother’s Day.

75. Happy Mother’s Day. Here are some flours for you.

Funny mom jokes.

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