Thursdays, like Wednesdays, are often considered the forgotten days of the week.

They are often overshadowed by the excitement of the upcoming weekend and the fact that it is a day away from the midweek hump.

This makes it a perfect day to inject some humor and laughter to help you cruise through to the weekend and Thursday jokes are a good place to start.

In this article, we have featured the best Thursday jokes for you to share with your friends, co-workers, and family.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the jokes as you count the hours to the weekend of bliss and fun.

Thursdays are the new Fridays:

A collection of hilarious jokes to get you through the day!

Why did Thursday cross the road? To get to Friday!

What do you call a superheros Thursday? Thors Day!

Why doesnt the hen like Thursdays? They are afraid that Fri-day is coming soon after.

Why is the week always sad on Thursdays? On Thursdays, the week realizes it only has two days to live.

What did Thursday whisper to Friday? I am so happy that you are almost here. I cant wait for you.

What should we rename Thursdays to make it bearable? Friday Eve.

How do you survive a Thursday? Keep calm and carry on. Friday is on the way.

How do you get over Hump Day blues? Look forward to Thursdays!

Why were the employees worried that their Friday is being delayed? Because it was still a Thursday!

My supervisor asked why I have been late to work 4 times this week. I replied, because it is only Thursday!

What do you call it when classical music is played on Thursdays? Throw Back-Thursday!

If you think Thursdays are lonely and sad, wait two more days and it will be sadder day!

Nothing ruins a fun-filled Friday more than coming to terms that it is still Thursday!

I rarely drink except for the days that start with the letter T: Tuesday, Thursday, Today and Tomorrow.

The teacher was asked if tomorrow is a Thursday and he replied, yeah, all day!

I am on a diet. No ice cream on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday but only Sundae!

I asked a friend how their ear operation was and he replied, Thursday.

Why is Thursday such a useless day? Its only role is to usher us into Friday.

Which animal doesnt eat on Thursdays? A dead one.

Where do we get Friday before Thursday? Only in the dictionary.

what comes into your mind when you wake up on a Thursday morning? You have made it through another hump day successfully.

A friend asked if it is windy and I replied, No, it is Thursday!

What did the teacher say to the wildebeest conservation studies student when he came in? Why the long face?

Why did Thursday go to the gym? He didnt want to be seen as a weak day.

What did one Thursday mumble to the other? Hey, we are hours away from Friday.

What do you call a Thursday full of surprises? A Thrilling Thursday.

What did the milk say to the cookie? Please, save me until Thirsty Thursday.

Why do party animals oversleep on Thursdays? They sleep off the stress of the week before the weekend starts!

What did the clock say to Thursday? Tik Tok, its almost time. Its almost Friday!

Why is Thursday similar to an overused joke? It is always tiring by the time Friday comes around.

What do you call a Thursday that behaves like any other day? A boring Thursday.

The best day to take a deep nap is a Thursday. You sleep off all the stress of the week before the weekend starts.

What do you call a Thursday that behaves like a Friday? Mr. Fake it until you make it.

What do you call a Thursday without sunlight? Thursday night.

What is the only time when a Thursday doesnt start with the letter T? When it is a yesterday! If yesterday was a Thursday, it starts with the letter Y.

Why do strict budgeters do their shopping on Thursdays and alone? It is because the prices are solo!

I was asked if I wanted a Sundae and I replied, But its only a Thursday! I am still waiting for my Sundae.

What is the shortened name for Thanksgiving in the United Kingdom? Thasday!

What do we call a very long Thursday? Thrisday, because it feels like three days merged into one.

Which day does Loki love the most? Thors Day.