100 Interesting Space Jokes You Didn’t Know

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Nothing is as fascinating and mysterious to both kids and adults as space and space science.

In this article, we have compiled a complete list of the best space jokes and puns for you to enjoy with friends and family.

They are a great addition to your family games night or accompaniment to your space-themed birthday party for your kids.

If you are looking for funny jokes and space puns for the young martian, we’ve got you covered.

Funny Space Jokes

1. Where are baby planets raised?

The milky way.

2. Which star is also a celebrity?

A movie star.

3. Which star is not welcome in public spaces?

The shooting star.

4. Why is the morning star believed to have the highest IQ?

It is the brightest star.

5. When do you consider space jokes, not jokes?

When it is Sirius.

6. Why are stars poor at focusing?

They keep spacing out.

7. Why did the two stars end their relationship?

They needed space.

8. What smartphone do astronauts use in space?

A Samsung galaxy.

9. How do you travel to Mars using the shortest distance possible?

You planet in advance.

10. Why do little stars go to school?

So that they could be brighter.

11. Which movies do astronauts love to watch in the international space station?

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

12. What do young stars read as part of their bedtime stories?

Comet books.

13. What do you call unlabelled fried food in the international space station?

Unidentified frying objects.

14. What do space travelers use for their daily transactions?

Star bucks.

15. Which books do young aliens read?

Books with romantic love star-ries.

16. Why can’t planets and stars move on?

The sun is the center of their universe.

17. Why do most babies want to be an astronaut when they grow up?

So that they could see the milky way.

18. How does a spaceship clean itself off the space dust?

It takes a meteorite shower.

19. What is the best day for you to travel to space?


20. What did the angry martian say to the alien?

“If you comet me, I will defend myself.”

21. What do you call when aliens from the moon come to earth for their vacation after a wedding?


22. Why can’t we comprehend the concept of UFOs?

Because they are out of this world.

23. What is a martian’s favorite candy?

A Mars bar.

24. Why did the rocket lose its trajectory?

Solar winds blew it away.

25. Where do aliens place their teacups while traveling in space?

On the flying saucers.

26. Why was Mickey Mouse in space?

He went out to find Pluto.

27. What do you call music recorded in space?


28. I am throwing a space-themed party next week. Can’t, you help me planet?

29. Why is the sun the brightest genius in space?

It has a million degrees

30. Cant cant you tell young kids about space?

They might never understand because it is out of this world.

31. Why do aliens love their spaceships that much?

Because the ships are out of this world.

32. How do you get an alien’s hair in shape?

Eclipse it and it’s done.

33. How do you learn the best strategies to help you land on the moon?

By playing moon-opoly.

34. Why is the moon sad?

It is going through a phase in its life.

35. What is the best food to send to astronauts in the international space station?

A satellite dish.

36. How do you get an alien baby to sleep?

Rocket for a while.

37. When did the moon and the sun break up?

When the sun asked her to go out at night.

38. What do space travelers drink during their journey?


39. Where do astronauts park their spaceships?

Near the parking meteor.

40. What do you call a moon that has eaten enough?

A full moon.

41. How does our solar system hold on from breaking apart?

Using the asteroid belt.

42. Why were the cows out of the barn late in the night?

They wanted to see the moooooon.

43. Why does everyone love Venus?

It has a brighter side.

44. What is the favorite fast food in space?

Rocket chips.

45. What is the best time for astronauts to eat?

During launch time.

46. How does an astronaut say “I am sorry”?

They Apollo-gise.

47. When the solar system began, the sun was very harsh. All other planets ganged up and started a revolution.

48. Which part of space has deep secrets?

The deep space.

49. Why should everyone be afraid of the moon?

It has a dark side.

50. Why did the Dog Star refuse to laugh at space jokes?

It was too Sirius.

51. What did Jupiter say to Saturn?

“Give me a ring sometime.”

52. I was reading a book about the concepts of antigravity.

I find it impossible to put it down.

53. Why do years in space move faster?

They are light years.

54. Why did Mars dump Mercury?

She preferred a Pluto-nic relationship.

55. What is the easiest way to travel to space?

Jump over the moon.

56. What do astronauts call their exes from space?

Space X.

57. Why don’t astronauts eat for days after leaving earth?

They always have a big launch.

58. Where do cows come from?

The milky way.

59. Why don’t aliens eat clowns?

It is because clowns taste funny.

60. What do you call a tick on the moon?

A lunar tick.

61. What did the earth say to Neptune?

“If you like Saturn that much, why don’t you put a ring on it?”

62. You cannot rush with space jokes and have fun at the same time.

You need to planet.

63. What do you call a sun that is large and more powerful?

A Super Star!

64. Why are stars sacred when it comes to astrology?

Because they are heavenly.

65. What do you call the funniest joke about space?

A Mars-terpiece.

66. How do dentists describe an astronaut’s cavity?

A black hole.

67. Which astronaut has the biggest helmet?

The one with the biggest head.

68. How do you organize a successful space launch party?

Planet early enough.

69. What do you call witch from space?

A flying sorcerer!

70. What did the teacher say about the dumb jokes?

“Did you pull those jokes outta Uranus?”

71. Where do computers go for their drinks?

The space bar.

72. What is the paradox of space?

There is no air in space.

73. What happens to Martians when the sun refused to go down?

They stop everything and call it a day.

74. In the Big Bang theory, why did the singularity expand?

It needed more space.

75. Albert Einstein came up with the theory of space.

It was about time.

76. What do you call someone who is not a vegetarian?

A meteor.

77. What do you call light from a lunar rover?


Space jokes.

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