Saturday is friends and family day and kicking off your weekend with fun and laughter is a good place to get started.

Saturday jokes come in handy, adding humor and much-needed unwinding as you cool off from the week’s hustle and bustle.

Whether you are spending time alone, with friends or with family, we have the funniest Saturday joke for everyone.

And therefore, sit back, grab your favorite drink and let’s dive in.

Laugh Your Way into the Weekend with These Saturday Jokes

Why was Saturday lonely at the dinner party? All other days had a date.

Why did the football player go to training on a Saturday morning? He wanted to tackle his to-do list.

Why didn’t the gardener come to work on Saturday? He wanted to take a leaf of absence.

Why are Saturday and Sunday considered string? It is because others are weak days.

Why do chicken and lovebirds prefer their dates on Saturdays? It is more than a peck-nick for them.

If you have ever thought of Saturdays as depressing days, wait two days later!

John tested negative for malaria last weekend. It turns out it was a case of Saturday Night Fever.

The young man said to her, “Come to my apartment on Saturday afternoon. There will be nobody home.” She went and rang the bell several times and there was no response! Nobody around.

I switch off all the lights on the weekend until Sunday afternoon. I want my neighbors to think I have an active social life!

My supervisor asked me to come to work on Saturday for a morning shift. I told him I will be late due to the crazy Saturday traffic. When he asked, “When do you think you will report to work?” I answered, “Perhaps Monday morning.”

My body doesn’t know how to fight illnesses on Saturday and Sunday. I think I am suffering from a weekend immune system on these two days.

The couple wanted to plant their Saturday flower garden but they hadn’t botany flower seeds yet. I guess the planting should be postponed to Sunday.

How do you make a blond laugh at your Saturday jokes? Tell her these jokes on Monday and allow her time to internalize the jokes.  

What is the cringiest Yo Mama joke? Yo mama is so dumb that she believes Saturday is a Sadder day in ancient Roman times!

What are ghosts most afraid of? The Saturday Night Fever.

What ruins a good Saturday? Knowing that two days later will be a Monday!

Why should everyone use sunscreen on Saturday? Because SUNday is around the corner.

Why shouldn’t you eat your ice cream on Saturdays? It is because sundae is coming.

Why don’t strong men prefer to sleep on Saturdays and Sundays? They have a belief that sleep is for the week (weak)!

Which day of the week do babies cry the most? Sadder days.

What is the significance of waking up on a Saturday morning? It means you have made it through another Friday night!

What did the party animal say when Saturday came? “At last, Saturday is here. I have been waiting for six long days.”

Why does everyone love Saturdays that much? Saturdays clear all the rust from the whole week.

What did the alcoholic say? “Sometimes on Saturdays, you know, I drink water to surprise my liver.”

What do snowmen do on Saturday nights? They chill out.

I tell myself, “Jeff you must stop drinking every Saturday.” Thank God my name is not Jeff.

The people who never get tipsy on Saturdays and Sundays must be having a weekend immune system.

Mondays do make me sad. But knowing that 48 hours ago was a sadder day gives me hope.

The start of the week is so fucked up that after Monday and Tuesday, the calendar goes WTF!

I love Saturdays and I always wonder why they only come once a week. We should have more Saturdays every week.

What is the biggest lie you keep telling yourself every week? “I will be productive this Saturday!”

I think Saturdays are made in China. Why don’t they last longer?

I was invited to a wedding last Saturday. The couple’s story was very emotional that the wedding cake was in tiers!

I had an amazing time bobsleighing last Saturday after a birthday party. I slayed 25 bobs!

I am throwing a Covid party this Saturday. No one is invited!

I have been screwing the whole day on Saturday and my wrist hurts. Mounting a TV bracket on the wall is not an easy task.

Mondays do come to punish us for the things we did on Saturday!

My gardener is participating in a gardening competition this Saturday. I am rooting for him!

I am attending the women’s amputees’ party this Saturday. I guess the whole place is gonna be crawling with beautiful chicks.

Do you know why I stay awake over the weekends and especially Saturdays? It is because sleep is for the week!

I met my fiancé’s parents last Saturday and I was like, “I am a big fan of your work!”

I find myself depressed all day of the week. On a sadder day, it gets worse!

What is the worst sound for a Saturday morning? An alarm clock.

How did the cat respond when asked how the Saturday night game went? “Feline fine.”

I am worried that a storm is predicted to make landfall in my hometown on Friday afternoon. Saturday’s landfall would have been less destructive because no one is supposed to be worried about the weekend storm!

What was the most exciting thing to happen to anyone in the medieval period? Becoming a Saturday Knight!

I was to get a vaccine later today but I have been advised to wait until Saturday to get a weakened virus injection.

Why do vampires only hunt their prey six days a week? They always have Saturday fright fever.

Where do dairy farmers go on a Saturday night? To the mooovies.

Why did Samson stay awake the whole weekend? He believed sleep is for the week.

What can ruin a happy Saturday night? Realizing it is Sunday night!

Why do lawyers love working on Saturdays? It is always a sue-per Saturday for their type of work.

Knock Knock

Who’s that?


Gladys who?

Gladys Saturday already!

Why do bees buzz more on Saturdays? It is a busy day for them.

Why were the computers very cold on Saturday? Someone left the windows open on Friday.

What does the clock say every Saturday is around the corner? “Well, it’s about time.”