Tuesday jokes can be a great way to waddle through this day that some people prefer to call “the forgotten day” of the week.

Tucked between the Monday Blues and the Midweek Hump, Tuesdays can be tough to get through and sometimes feels like a drag.

Good jokes about Tuesdays is a good step in the right direction in injecting life and laughter into the rather mundane day.

In this article, we have featured the best Tuesday jokes that are sure to make you giggle as you push through the day. Let’s dive in.

Tickle Your Funny Bone with These Hilarious Tuesday Jokes

What makes Sundays stronger than Tuesdays? Tuesday is a weak day.

Why did the kids go to school barefoot? They were celebrating Toesday.

What day do zombies eat people the most? Chewsday.

What is the best day for every lawyer? Suesday.

When should you wear flipflops? On Toesday.

What is the hardest day to tell a lie? On a Truthsday.

What is the reason for introducing Taco’s Tuesdays? They wanted to give us something good to taco’about throughout the week.

What do Tuesdays do? They always try to pin blames on Mondays.

What is better than a happy Monday for the employed? A happy Tuesday away from the Monday blues.

What is the most fun day for kids? The pancake Tuesdays.

What did the butcher say on a Tuesday morning? It is time to behead to work.

Which day of the week is a golfer’s favorite? Tee-s day.

Why are people looking for Lipton? Because it is Teasday.

How do you make Tuesday interesting? Think of it as the farthest day from Monday!

What do you call a Tuesday when you forget to set your alarm? A snooze-day.

Why did the employees complain of their Friday being ruined? It was still Tuesday.

Which day are most mysteries solved across the world? Cluesdays.

When is Halloween scariest? When it occurs on a Boosday!

How do you mark the day a baby first chews its food on your calendar? Chewsday!

When did Sherlock Holmes solve the mystery? On Cluesday.

Why did the new employee go home early on Tuesday? He misinterpreted his boss when he said, “Have a good day ahead.”

How do you make Tuesday more interesting? By thinking of it as the day after Monday.

What does it mean when you wake up on Tuesday morning? “Congratulations! You have made it through another Monday.”

What is the best motivation for every Tuesday? Sit back and remember there is a Taco somewhere thinking about you.

What happens if a baby chews its food for the first time on a Friday? It is still Chewsday for the baby!

What happens if you are invited to a party on a Tuesday? You must go in your person because it is a Two’sday invitation.

How do you make your Tuesdays better? You can Choose(Tues)day until a more convenient day of the day comes.

How many days did it take Saturday to reach Tuesday? Twosday.

What did the workers say to their boss when he didn’t find them on the site on Tuesday? “Good workers are hard to find especially on Tuesdays.”

Why didn’t Tuesday have fun with friends at home? Because he could never see the weekend from there.

What do you call a Tuesday on 22nd February 2022? A Tuesday full of 2’s.

What is the similarity between Tuesday and eggs? One can scramble your week and the other can be scrambled for breakfast.

Why didn’t ‘Get Up and Go’ get to the function as invited on Tuesday? He ‘Got Up and Went’ to a different function.

Why are there fewer airplanes in the sky on Tuesdays? It is because they are grounded after a very long weekend.

Why shouldn’t you drink a baby’s milk formula on Tuesday? You don’t drink a baby’s milk any other day because you will have a case to answer with its mother.

What did the calendar say to the girl who was worried about a slow Tuesday? “Don’t worry, Friday is on the way.”

Why didn’t the eggs go to school after Tuesday? They were eggshausted and afraid of the next day.

What did Taco Tuesday say to Dunkin Donuts? I have fillings too.

What is the best day to decide between two things? Choosedays.

What did Dunkin Donuts say on Taco’s Tuesday? Don’t forget about us. We have fillings too.

Is Tuesday the saddest day of the week? No! Four days after we have Sadderday.

Why did the children wear ballet outfits to school? They thought it was tutus-day. (def: Tutu – a ballet skirt)

Why is Taco’s Tuesday the best family day in a week? Everyone gets a chance to taco’about themselves and how their lives are doing.

Why can you compare a Saturday and a Tuesday? A Tuesday is a weak day.

Why do Brits say Chooseday instead of Tuesday? They drank the letter, T.

What is next after Tacos Tuesday? A Taco toots day.

Which day comes after Tuesday? Threesday!

Why are ones and threes jealous of twos? Because twos have twosday.

What did the calendar maker say after Monday and Tuesday? WTF!

Why was the always late employee late for only two days? It is because it is only Tuesday. The week is young.

Why was the computer repair guy late for work on Tuesday? He had a hard drive.

How do you keep the dream alive on Tuesday? Keep hitting the snooze button.

How do you keep dreams alive on Tuesday? Hit the snooze button.

What does it mean when you have a clean Tuesday? You are likely to have a cluttered weekend.

Why shouldn’t anyone trust an atom? They make up everything including Tuesdays.