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Funny Cheese Jokes

1. What do you say to someone wanting to steal your cheese?

This is Nacho cheese.

2. What do you call a monster cheese?


3. What do you call Gorgonzilla’s girlfriend?


4. When do you watch your cheese?

When the cheese is up to no gouda.

5. What do you get when the cheese explodes?

A lot of de-brie.

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6. What is the best channel to put out your cheese advert?

The Brie Brie C!

7. How do you get cheese drunk?

Ask for morbier!

8. What did the angry cheese say to his master?

Leave me provolone!

9. How do you compliment a beautiful young cheese?

You are looking gouda!

10. How do you make toddler cheese smile?

Ask them to say cheese.

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11. What music does a cheese maker listen to?


12. What did the cheese say to his girlfriend?

We lookin gouda to-feta babe.

13. What do we call the smartest cheese in the room?

Cheese whiz!

14. Why did the chef refuse to slice the cheese?

He had grater plans.

15. How do you get someone to smile?

Ask them to say cheese.

16. When should you not believe a cheesemaker?

When what he says is too gouda to brie true.

17. Why was the cheese sent away?

They wanted him to mature first.

18. What do the elf do with the cheese handkerchief?

He blue his nose.

19. Why was the cheese so emotional?

It was having a meltdown.

20. What did the sad cheese say?

I am feta up.

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21. Where does the cheese prefer to hang out at?

At the Stilton.

22. Why doesn’t anyone hang out with a cracker?

He cuts the cheese.

23. What did the cheese say in front of the mirror?

I am looking gouda.

24. What is a basketballer’s favorite cheese?

The Swish cheese.

25. What did the cheddar say to her boyfriend on the dinner date?

You are looking sharp!

26. When do we say the weather is cheesy?

When it is partly cloudy with a light bries.

27. Why do teenagers love Formula One races that much?

Because of the Grand Brie.

28. What do we call cheese without a cracker?


29. What did the driver do with his cheese handkerchief?

He bleu his nose!

30. When do we call a diet a cheese diet?

When you eat curds and weights.

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31. How much cheese did you buy today?

A lot of it, a Tunworth!

32. What is the best place to hide your cheese?

Brie-hind you.

33. What type of music do cheese dance to?


34. How does one cheese cheer up another?

It’s gonna brie okay.

35. What did the cheese say when she broke up with her boyfriend?

I am leaving this house; I am feta up!

36. What did the cheese say when served with pasta?

No-odles for me!

37. How did the cheese brag to his best friend?

“I am feta than you.”

38. What did the police chief say to the cheese factory break-in suspect?

“Something tells me you are up to no gouda.”

39. What did the cheese order at the local pub?


40. What is the cheesiest news channel in the world?

The Brie Brie C.

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41. Why was the cheese skeptical about the deal?

It sounded too gouda to brie true.

42. What did the cheese say to her main competitor?

You are gouda my friend but unfortunately, I am feta!

43. What is Tom’s favorite cheese in Tom and Jerry?


44. What cheese is made backward?


45. Which people made cheese grater again?

Some say Italians, others think it is the Germans. It all depends on who you ask.

46. What did the cheese say when raising a toast?

“Cheese to the love of my life.”

47. What type of cheese is used to clean teeth?

Dental Schloss.

48. When did the cheese know his boyfriend is not spoilt?

When he started to curdle.

49. What did the girl say when asked to come with dough, sauce and cheese?

“You wanna pizza me?”

50. How does a cheese dress during Halloween?

He dresses like a muenster.

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51. Why was the cheese locked out of the meeting?

He needs to mature first.

52. When does cheese taste better?

On a sunny day with light bries.

53. What is a lion’s cheese?

A Roarquefort.

54. What did the cheese tell her lover during Valentine’s Day?

“I am grate-ful for your presence here today.”

55. What did the cheesemaker say to the priest?

“I pray to cheese-us every day.”

56. What did the cheese say when asked who she belongs to?

“I brie-long to them.”

57. How does a Swiss say goodbye after eating cheese?

“I swiss you well.”

58. What did the cheese seller say after selling his cheese?

“Life’s so gouda.”

59. What do we call a child born of Godzilla and cheese?

A Muenster cheese.

60. What covers the old cheese factory?


61. Which cheese is served at the Vatican?

The Swiss cheese because it is holy.

62. What cheese is a rat’s favorite?

The mouse-rella.

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