The weekend is here and what better way to get your weekend started than throw Friday jokes here and there in your conversation?

The best part of the Friday jokes in our list is that they are well thought out, funny and balanced.

They can be enjoyed with colleagues in an office setting, sent to your special someone via text in a way of flirting or enjoyed alone and with friends.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with the funniest Friday jokes you can get on the internet.

Funny Friday Jokes

1. Why do you like Fridays that much?

Friday is my second best F-word ever.

2. What is the best Friday of the year for the faithful?

The Good Friday.

3. What guarantees to ruin your Friday?

Learning that it was only a Thursday.

4. Which day do potatoes fear the most?


5. Why did Friday work out? It was a weak day for him.

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6. My bank manager called asking if my card is missing.

It had not been swiped at the liquor store last Friday, for the first time!

7. Which type of meat do catholic priests eat on Fridays?


8. I finally got laid…off from work last Friday.

9. What comes after Friday the 13th?

Saturday the 14th!

10. Why does Friday stand (out)?

The next day is sat day.

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Black Friday Jokes

11. Why do American families crave Black Friday deals?

They spent everything on the Thanksgiving Thursday dinner.

12. I got a new vacuum cleaner on a Black Friday deal.

It sucks!

13. Which day comes after a Black Friday?

A broke Saturday.

14. When do rich people celebrate Black Friday?

Every day of the year.

15. Our generous tutor is giving Black Friday deals: 50 percent off late assignments.

Corny Friday Jokes

16. What comes after a good Friday?

A Saturday.

17. When do nuns laugh at Friday jokes?

When the Friday joke is about Good Friday.

Lame Jokes About Friday

18. Why did Friday seek a doctor’s advice?

He felt like a week.

19. Which country has a Fry-day every day?


20. Which day of the week goes faster than a lightning bolt?


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21. Why don’t people lift heavy weights on Fridays?

It is a weak day.

22. What would an exhausted employee do to Friday if Friday was a person?

Grab it and never let go.

23. Why do strong-willed people disregard Fridays?

Friday is a weak day.

24. What did the lazy guy do the day after Friday?

He sat.

25. What do biologists wear to work on Friday?


26. What do work at home peeps wear on a Casual Friday?


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Friday One-Liners

27. Life begins on Friday, work begins on Monday.

28. It is Friday, time to be a productive member of society and not the corporate world.

29. Nice people don’t go to work on Fridays.

They make an appearance.

30. Friday is my 3rd best F-word after food and f…!

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Funny Jokes About Friday

31. They asked me to follow my dreams.

I went back to sleep right away.

32. I was wondering why the ball was getting bigger each second; then it hit me!

33. I finally found a book on how to solve half my problems.

I bought two copies.

34. I am reading a book about anti-gravity and I can’t put it down.

35. Why is the hospital empty today?

It is a feel-good Friday!

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Friday Puns

36. What is the saddest day for a sad person?


37. Which day does a piloting student long for?


38. What is the best day for people with dimples?


39. What is the most favorite day for a window shopper?


40. What is the fast-food restaurant’s best day of the week?


Funny friday jokes for work and home.