200 Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text About Love

Questions to ask a girl over text
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Are you looking forward to knowing a girl better and are tired of the repetitive old pickup lines that make the whole conversation feel like small talk?

Or, you are meeting a lady for the very first time and you don’t know what topics she like from where your conversations will be based at?

Well, these interesting questions to ask a girl over text can be a good starting point from where you will build the profile of the person you are talking to before branching off to topics that are of interest to both of you.

Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text

1. Can I kiss you the next time we meet?

2. How much do you like flirty text messages?

3. How often do you flirt over text with other guys?

4. Do you sometimes play hard to get with guys?

5. When is the last time you felt alive?

6. Can there be a relationship without getting intimate?

7. Can there be love without money in our modern world?

8. What is the furthest a guy has ever gone wanting to have you in his bed?

9. What is your weak spot when it comes to bedroom matters?

10. Is love unconditional?

11. What is the farthest you have ever gone just to prevent the relationship from collapsing?

12. What is the best place to find good men?

13. Is loyalty the foundation of every relationship?

14. Have you ever played flirty truth or dare game?

15. What is the fastest way to kill a lady’s feelings for a guy?

16. Who do you call when lonely?

17. What is the sweetest name a guy should call you?

18. Should women date guys older than them?

19. How do you ask a guy for it without saying?

20. Did your favorite love story happen in high school or college?

21. Should couples kiss before making out?

22. Do you like cuddling in bed?

23. What is your favorite pet name?

24. Have you ever experienced love at first sight?

25. What is your crush story?

26. Do girls lust?

27. Is it normal to ask for a lady’s body count?

28. What is the longest you have stayed without a man in your life?

29. What is the longest you have ever stayed without making out?

30. How well do you ride?

31. What type of guys are you attracted to?

32. Do you guys look more attractive in shorts or sweat pants?

33. Do you find guys with a visible d#ckprint attractive?

34. What physical features do you find attractive in men?

35. Would you like to see my member?

36. Should I send a nude?

37. Will your opinion of me change if I asked for a nude?

38. Can we be soulmates someday?

39. What is your memorable romantic date story?

40. What are your rules for the first date?

41. What qualities do you find attractive in a man?

42. Do you send dirty text messages to your boyfriend?

43. Are you willing to try out new things with me?

44. Will you be surprised if I asked you to be my girlfriend?

45. What do you think of French kissing?

46. What comes into your mind when a guy asks you to drop by for Netflix, KFC n’ Chill?

47. How many dates does it take to visit a guy’s house?

48. What turns you on like crazy?

49. What do you think of my fashion?

50. Dinner dates or coffee dates?

51. Does size really matter to you?

52. Do you prefer being scooped by a big spoon or an average one?

53. And on earth is a beautiful girl like you not taken?

54. How do you tell if a guy likes you?

55. Why am I this drawn to you?

56. Does finger work come as part of the foreplay?

57. What is the best thing a man has ever done to you?

58. What is the best thing a stranger has ever done to you?

59. What is your favorite Valentine’s Day gift?

60. How about your next birthday on a beach far away from the country?

61. How does a tight hug make you feel?

62. Do you like it when your boyfriend posts you on his social media page?

63. Are you into no strings attached or a full commitment?

64. Have you ever been accused of being a boyfriend snatcher?

65. How about a fun weekend road trip with me?

66. What do you put on while going to bed?

67. Should we sample new cuisines in town this weekend?

68. Should I make your weekend bliss and fun?

69. Can I have your phone number?

70. Is it fine if I text you late into the night?

71. A massage or cuddle?

72. A deep kiss or a tight hug?

73. Can I call you later today?

74. Which song gets you in the mood?

75. What is your earliest memory of falling in love?

Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text

1. Would you relocate to a different town for love?

2. What are your views on online dating?

3. What is on your bucket list for this year?

4. What do you often think about when alone?

5. What hobbies do you find most interesting?

6. What are your hobbies?

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7. When last did you give or volunteer for a charitable action?

8. Do you believe men and women are equal?

9. Is advocating for men-women rights the same as men and women being equal in all aspects of life?

10. What lessons have you learned about life?

11. What are some of the things you have learned the hard way?

12. What does happy life mean to you?

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13. Does financial freedom equate to having billions in your bank account?

14. How much is enough money for you?

15. What did you use to think of men all along but changed recently?

16. What qualities do you admire the most from your father that you wished all men had?

17. Can you define a gentleman in your view?

18. What are some of your favorite hobbies to do alone?

19. Do you have someone you consider a best friend?

20. How can you describe your best friend?

21. What gives you sleepless nights lately?

22. Do you have secrets you’d rather die than let someone know?

23. What are some of the crazy things you see people do for love?

24. What are your thoughts on the saying: Love is blind?

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25. Are you seeing someone at the moment?

26. What makes you feel you are still single?

27. What would you like to do before the end of the year?

28. Who is a true friend?

29. Are you struggling to overcome something a the moment?

30. What are you most proud of?

31. What will you be remembered for if you are to die today?

32. What is the most exciting thing to have ever happened to you this year?

33. Who are the three closest people to you?

34. Who are you confident enough to tell your secrets and problems at any time?

35. What are some of the weirdest things about you?

36. What do you feel I should know about you?

37. Who are you sometimes mistaken for?

38. What do people think of you that you are not?

39. What don’t people believe when you tell them about yourself?

40. Do you like pets?

41. What is your favorite pet animal?

42. What is your shortest relationship?

43. Guilty of a one-night stand?

44. What is your longest relationship?

45. Have you ever felt loved and valued very much?

46. What made you choose the major you are studying?

47. Where do you often go to cool off?

48. When last did you read a book to completion? Which book was it?

49. Who is your favorite writer?

50. Which movie type do you like the most?

Funny Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text

51. Who is your favorite actor?

52. What is the biggest risk you have ever taken in life?

53. Do you believe in fate controlling human life?

54. Do you believe in the law of karma?

55. Whose life is an example of a good happy life?

56. What are some of your regrets in life?

57. What is your take on same-sex relationships?

58. What makes a relationship last?

59. How do you define a good relationship?

60. Can you tell a lie if it is for the greater good?

61. What do you think kills most relationships?

62. Have you ever been friend-zoned?

63. How often do you feel uneasy in front of a guy?

64. At what point did you feel very low in your life?

65. What do you feel you are failing at the moment? Can I help?

66. What is your biggest failure in life so far?

67. What is the worst lie you have ever told?

68. Have you ever had a lie backfire right in front of your face?

69. When is the last time you cried?

70. When is the last time you cried tears of joy?

71. Have you ever done something that hurt someone you love the most?

72. What would you advise ladies to never try in their lives?

73. What do you think are your weaknesses?

74. What are some of the strengths that you are proud of?

75. What are some of the characteristics that make your ideal type of guy?

76. What type of guys are you most attracted to?

77. Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

78. Is it okay for people to keep tabs on their exes?

79. What do you when a guy admits they still have some feelings for their ex?

80. What will you do with $10 million right now?

81. Complete this: I will never ….?

82. Which type of men would you never date?

83. Do you keep a journal?

84. What are your nicknames?

85. Which nickname do you hate the most?

86. Which gift do you wish to receive right now?

87. If I was to buy you something right now, what would you wish for?

88. How much do you like adventures?

89. How many countries have you traveled to so far?

90. Which country do you wish to go to this year?

91. How do you define a perfect life?

92. How long did your best relationship last?

93. What are some of the things ladies love but are scared of asking from a man?

94. Who in the world knows you best?

95. Have you ever been in love?

96. Do you like these interesting questions to ask a girl over text?

97. How likely are you to play interesting questions to ask a girl over the text again in the future?

98. Do you mind suggesting these interesting questions to ask a girl over text to one of your best friends?

99. What makes you easily fall in love with a guy?

100. How do you know you are falling in love with someone?

Deep Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text

101. Can men and women be just friends?

102. Have you eaten yet? How about we grab something later today?

103. What do you do on Sundays?

104. Where do you want us to go right now?

105. Can I see you later today?

106. When do I see you again?

107. Are you having fun right now?

108. What is your schedule like for the day?

109. What is something funny you came across today?

110. Will you be going out this weekend?

111. Are you in for coffee or a drink?

112. Working on something exciting at the moment?

113. Did you know you are my favorite distraction?

114. Have you watched the latest episode of (favorite TV show)?

115. What sort of things make you laugh?

116. How do you spend your Saturdays?

117. What are your passive income streams?

118. Do you have an account on Tik Tok?

119. Are you into NFTs and crypto trends?

120. What are some of the funniest ways you have made money?

121. Can I follow your page on Instagram?

122. Can we start a Youtube channel together someday?

123. What are some of the craziest ways girls make money?

124. Have you ever fallen for a character in a soap opera?

125. Have you tried hitting on a guy? How did it go?

126. What are the dumbest questions to ask a girl over text?

127. What are some of your happiest moments in life?

128. What are some of the scariest thoughts among girls?

129. Do you have a bucket list?

130. What would you like to do before 30?

131. Does every girl want to get married someday?

132. Do you love music?

133. What are your favorite songs right now?

134. Should I text you late in the night?

135. What do you find girlish among some men these days?

136. What is the flirtiest text you have ever received?

137. What is the best way to ask a girl out?

138. How do you often say no without saying no?

139. How much do you like memes?

140. Do guys sometimes send mixed signals to you?

141. What is your favorite dating app?

142. Which pickup lines blow you away?

143. What makes you shy?

144. What is the best day to ask a girl out?

145. What makes you smile?

146. What are your favorite flowers?

147. How will you live without the internet?

148. Have you ever made the first move?

149. How do you feel every time I send an ‘I love you” text?

150. Do you prefer calls or texting?

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