Have you ever tried playing good dares over text?

This text game can be as intimate and lively for relationships or two people trying to get to know each other.

If you have been looking for ways to express yourself in a more meaningful way than you can in a one-on-one conversation, putting them in the form of appropriate dares can score you more points and reduce the gap between you and the person you are crushing on.

We have put together an amazing list of short and sweet dares for over text conversation for you.

You can download this beautiful list, print it and mark the most appropriate dares for your level of relation or opt to just copy, paste and send to your special someone.

The best part of good dares over text games, like many conversation games, is that they don’t have rules for you to follow. Just be nice, get the right sets of questions and you are good to go. Have fun!

Good Dares Over Text

1. “Accidentally” sext your ex.

2. Describe what my kiss feels like.

3. Try singing Galilei in an opera like voice.

4. Tell me a lie I think is true.

5. Wink without twisting your nose.

6. Laugh like Santa.

7. Tell me the truth I think is a lie.

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8. Describe your best make out session ever.

9. Tell me how you feel right now.

10. Describe your love life in 3 words.

11. Text your ex, “I LOVE YOU”.

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12. Fake a smile.

13. Tell me one thing you rather die than let me know.

14. Text your ex, “I REALLY MISS YOU”

15. Tell me how you feel around me.

16. Compose a short poem expressing your love to me.

17. Sing a short unique song about our love.

18. Describe your love life in one word.

19. Describe your ideal future life.

20. Tell me the one thing that scares you the most about us.

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21. Text me the word that will make me smile.

22. Convince me to make out with you tonight.

23. Describe what is going on in my mind right now.

24. Call my ex seeking advice on how to deal with me.

25. Send a wrong text to your parents.

26. Tell me how you feel when I am inside you.

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27. Describe your ideal future family.

28. Describe your ideal future family life.

29. Tell me what my touch feels like.

30. Tell me the part of my body you love the most.

31. Screenshot the dirtiest thing you have ever Googled.

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32. Lick your lips in a sexually seductive way.

33. Forward one text that makes you feel you might break up.

34. Screenshot your recent flirtiest conversation with someone else.

35. Convince me to take you dinner tonight.

36. Tell me your worst fears in life.

37. Tell me your worst fears about us.

38. Describe your first thought of me when we met.

39. Describe the most memorable day between us.

40. Voice over your most favorable music or movie.

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41. Convince me to come over right now.

42. Say the most romantic words you’ve ever heard to me.

43. Describe what you like about me.

44. Do 3 complex dance moves you admire.

45. List 10 activities you’d love us to do this year.

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46. Describe how we first met.

47. List your dream travel destinations.

48. Make up your funniest face and set it as a profile picture.

49. Do one very complex dance move.

50. List 3 guys you admire the most.

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51. List 3 ladies you admire the most.

52. Commit to one crazy impossible thing you will accomplish this week.

53. Surprise me with one crazy thing you’ve never done before.

54. Tell me something you’ve never told me.

55. Tell me a secret you’ll never want me to hear.

56. Show me your birth mark.

57. Tease me with your b##bs.

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58. Do one crazy thing to make me beg for more.

59. Tease me with your shirtless chest.

60. Send me a word you find very hard to pronounce correctly.

61. Speak in 10 different accents.

62. Try speaking in 5 different languages.

63. Turn me on in 60 seconds.

64. Let me have a glimpse of your d#ck.

65. Let me have a glimpse of your p#ssy.

66. Tell me one bedroom secret no one knows about you.

67. Make me hard in less than 60 seconds.

68. Tell me one bedroom thing you feel is overrated.

69. Tell me your most favorite bedroom style.

70. If you have ever lied to me about where you are going, just smile.

71. Shout, “I LOVE YOU”.

72. Try dancing Salsa or Bachata.

73. Try dancing Ballet.

74. Learn and surprise me with one thing from cultures across continents.

75. Pay me a visit with a traditional Japanese attire.

76. Pass by my workplace dressed in colorful African print.

77. Tell me one thing I don’t know about you.

78. Tell me one thing I should know about you.

79. Send me the dirtiest poem you’ve ever read.

80. Talk in your favorite accent.

81. Tell us what going down a woman or man is like.

82. Tell me one s#x position you’ll never repeat.

83. Send me a photo of sex position you feel is largely overrated.

84. Tell me your worst relationship ever.

85. Tell me your best relationship ever.

86. Demonstrate how you will love to be cuddled.

87. Try a virtual lap dance.

88. Act shyly like some teenage crush.

89. Text me the secret code nickname we’d be calling each other.

90. Tell me your scariest s#xual experience.

91. Tell me our one dirty bedroom secret.

92. Twerk for me in an underwear.

93. Stay naked to the end of this game.

94. Do the worst climaxing face you have ever seen.

95. Open the front door while naked.

96. Try masturbating as I watch.

97. Do an impression of me climaxing.

98. Send a link to your most favorite er#tic video of all time.

99. Tell me how you’d love to be touched.

100. Describe your most embarrassing bedroom experience ever.

101. Text a random friend a very dirty joke and apologize.

102. List 3 people you last slept with.

103. Say one person you made out with and you don’t want anyone to know.

104. Mention your celebrity crush.

105. Make your best climaxing voice ever.

106. Write a short romantic story about me.

107. Write a short and sweet story about us.

108. Try make out with a pillow while blindfolded.

109. I have ever crushed for a [insert a number] old lady.

110. I have ever crushed for a [insert a number] old man.

111. Say the age of the oldest person you’ve ever made out with.

112. Tell me the youngest age of the person you made out with.

113. Try complaining like I do.

114. Imitate me when I am mad at someone or something.

115. Say, “how could you” with lots of emotions.

116. Say, “how dare you” with lots of emotions.

117. Tell me the movie we must watch together.

118. Say the word you find very hard to pronounce.

119. Say something and let me read your lips.

120. Talk like a news anchor in the 70’s.

121. Whistle your best tune or song.  

122. Say something using body language and let me interpret it.

123. Guess what I might be thinking of.

124. Demonstrate the best bedroom position you’d like to try.

125. Try apologizing for a grandiose mistake you did to me.

126. Tell me the most romantic movie you’ve ever watched.

127. Suggest a name you trust if we are to bring a third person to our bedroom.

128. Make a nasty suggestion you are sure I will never agree.

129. Prank me with someone you suspect me with.

130. Retell a story of our best moments.

131. Describe the life you’d love to live with me.

132. Call the 17th person on your contact list.

133. Screenshot texts from someone you’d ignored from your phone.

134. Say one name you are afraid might ruin us.

135. Say one name you are most jealous of.

136. Tell me the relationship you’d love ours to be like.

137. Do a sexy seductive dance.

138. Try the worst pick up line you’ve ever heard.

139. Try the best pickup line ever.

140. Describe your very last bedroom experience.

141. Compose a short song and sing it to me.

142. Guess who might not be wearing an underwear right now.

143. Read me the scariest text in your inbox.

144. Tell me a day in your life you will never forget.

145. Tell me a day in your life you wish to forget.

146. Sing a praise song about me.

147. Jump up and down for a minute.

148. Hop like a frog for 60 seconds.

149. Pronounce one word in the most romantic accent possible.

150. Eat a spoonful or the spiciest thing your kitchen.

151. Chew a full red papers without water for 60 seconds.

152. Tell me the new name you will adopt if you were to change your name.

153. Do 10 pressups without resting.

154. Stare at me for 30 seconds without blinking.

155. Don’t breath for 1 full minute.

156. Dance cha-cha-cha.

157. Surprise me with your weird secret talent.

158. If you like short dares for over text, smile.

159. Choose between short dares for over text vs normal dares in person.

160. How likely will you wish to play short dares for over text again?

If you have read the list to this far, you must have a couple of great dares for over text chats that you can use to spice up your conversations today. It is time to start a great conversation and have fun doing it.

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