Thanksgiving Day is approaching fast and as custom dictates, the day has to be full of fun, fun activities, and food enough for family, friends, and friends of friends to binge.

And to make the day more special, adding best turkey jokes, puns, and one-liners into the mix is plausible.

If you are looking for the best, fresh, and unique turkey jokes for Thanksgiving Day, you are in the right place.

This article features the best jokes enough for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy and have fun playing.

Funny Turkey Jokes

1. What key opens the doors for visitors?

The turkey.

2. What happened to the Turkey that was arrested?

He was suspected of fowl play.

3. What weather do turkeys enjoy the most?

A fowl weather.

4. How do we get a poultrygeist?

Crossbreed a turkey and a ghost.

5. Why did the turkey cross the road?

To prove that he wasn’t a chicken.

6. Why is the turkey and the monkey believed to be similar?

They both have keys.

7. Which side of the turkey has feathers?

The outside.

8. Why can’t you trust a turkey with food?

He will gobble it up!

9. Which part of the turkey do music students like to play with the most during Thanksgiving Day?

The drumstick.

10. Why are turkeys banned in public places?

They often use fowl language.

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11. Why does a turkey lay eggs?

The eggs would break if they had to drop them instead.

12. What do we call birds that are very poor at bowling?

A Butterball turkey.

13. What do we call a sarcastic turkey?

A smir-key.

14. What do you do with a cold turkey?

Make it chilly.

15. Why did the pilgrims hunt for turkey?

They were hungry and in a fowl mood.

16. Why are all turkeys believed to aspire to join a music band at one point in their lives?

They have drumsticks.

17. What is ringtone would a turkey play in their new iPhone?

Wing, wing.

18. What do we call a turkey with no feathers?

A Thanksgiving Day meal.

19. Why are most kids scared of the turkey?

It looks likes a goblin.

20. My parents asked me to stop entertaining turkey jokes and turkey puns.

But how can I quit cold turkey?

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Dumb Turkey Puns

21. Turkey to happiness is meditation, eating right, and not worrying about things beyond your control.

22. Why does everyone think I am in a fowl mood today?

23. The Thanksgiving food was tasted so good that we suspected a fowl play.

24. To keep fit, gobbling fast food is not advisable.

25. The new guy cried fowl when he was denied a turkey at a Thanksgiving dinner table.

26. The turkey crossed the road in disguise of a chicken but we already knew that.

27. Who among Tom, Dick and Hurry sound like a meal?

Tom of cos.

28. It will be interesting to see how these turkey jokes and turkey puns fowl out.

29. What is so unique about the founding feathers?

They all loved the turkey.

30. Why was the tom so sad? His beards were cut!

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31. Where does a young turkey learn to sing and dance?

At the butterball.

32. How do you impress a turkey during Halloween?

Dress like a goblin.

33. The unique thing about a conservative turkey is that they have a larger right-wing.

34. Don’t stare as a turkey dressing for long.

You will end up blushing!

35. Which tree does a turkey like the most?

A pole-tree.

Turkey Thanksgiving Jokes

36. What is the key to a happy Thanksgiving Day?

A tur-key.

37. Which bird is never hungry during Thanksgiving Day?

A turkey.

38. Why did the turkey refuse the dessert?

He was already stuffed.

39. Why did the turkey run?

He didn’t want to be turned to fast food.

40. At what point is turkey’s meat not healthy?

When you are the turkey.

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41. Why is a Thanksgiving soup always pricey?

Because it has 24 carrots.

42. What did the turkey say to the hunter on Thanksgiving Day?

Quack, quack!

43. Why did the turkey cross the road on a Thanksgiving Day?

To make people believe he was a chicken.

44. What did the turkey say when he saw a computer?

Google it, google it!

45. Why did the turkey decide to play the drum during Thanksgiving Day?

He already had a drumstick.

Turkey One-Liners

46. Turkey to peace is keeping your mouth shut.

47. Gobblin down a vegan feast has been proven to be healthier.

48. You and I go perfectly well like turkey and cranberry sauce.

49. I can’t help fowling for you. Did you cast a spell on me?

50. Should we go for a butterball or football date?

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51. I feel stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.

52. Good food is tur-key to a man’s heart.

53. Tur-key to a child’s heart is a well-baked pumpkin pie.

54. I am stuffed already. Am I tur-key tonight?

55. Feast your eyes on this delicious Thanksgiving meal.

Turkey Jokes