74 Duck Jokes that Will that’ll Make You Smile

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Crazy duck jokes and puns for kids? This article features some of the best entries to quack you up.

If you are looking for a perfect addition to your Q and A trivia night with kids, this list of the best duck jokes, duck puns, and one-liners would be ideal.

They are short, straight to the point and easy on a child’s brain, and can be enjoyed by kids as young as 12 years old.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started with our clean and funniest duck jokes.

Funny Duck Jokes

1. What form of energy do scientists believe can power our planet?

The duck energy.

2. What stories do ducks listen to in their free time?


3. What was the farmer’s comment on fine duckling feathers?

They are egg-celent.

4. What did the drake say to the love of his life?

I am fowl-ing for you.

5. What game is the duckling’s favorite?


6. What occupies the largest space in the universe?

The duck matter.

7. Why were the birds laughing?

They were quacking duck jokes.

8. When do ducks wake up?

At the quack of dawn.

9. How do we get a hard duck?

From a hard-boiled egg.

10. What do we call a duck that can fix other birds?

A duck tape.

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11. What do we call a clever drake?

A wise quacker.

12. What did the duck say when asked to pay?

Add it to my bill.

13. Where do sick ducks go for treatment?

To the duck-tor.

14. Why do ducks fly south just before winter?

Because their destination is too far for them to waddle.

15. If Drake and Chris Brown were brothers, what would be the name of their third born?

Duck Brown!

16. Why did the two ducks disagree?

They had a normal fowl-out.

17. How does a duck get the information on the internet?

They use their web-bed feet.

18. What did the mother duck say to her broken feet duckling?

Mallard! Who did this to you?

19. What was the duck’s comment when the concert started?

Is this spoken word or poultry?

20. What did the duck say to its duckling?

You can fowl asleep on my lap.

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Duck Puns

21. He is a pro-duck-t of his own doing.

22. The beak season for watermelon harvesting is around the corner.

23. They vacated and left the land fowl-ow.

24. Is that spoken word or poultry?

25. Naturally, the last guy fowl-s out of the competition.

26. Waddle you do if you were to win a lottery?

27. Would you rather act as a duckling or a vampire?

28. She was quacking jokes all night long.

29. Which birds species have a dark web-bed feet and can fly?

30. If you prepare during fowl, you will not suffer during winter.

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Jokes About Fowl

31. The fowl-out was spectacular.

32. I am on the free-fowl for now.

33. I am always in a party mood every night-fowl.

34. Make sure to fowl-ow me on Instagram and TikTok for crazy duck puns and duck jokes and punchy one-liners.

35. A wise man once said, pride precedes a down-fowl.

36. This sounds crazy but I won’t mind a buf-fowl-o for a pet!

37. He is likely to fowl under her spell.

38. Don’t fowl into such an open trap.

39. Don’t fowl for him and you won’t regret it.

40. You can fowl asleep on my lap.

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Duck One-Liners

41. The duck side of the moon is still a mystery.

42. Is there scientific proof for the duck matter?

43. A soldier duck a hole in the ground to protect himself against the enemy’s fire.

44. The best part of any vacation is ducking and diving.

45. Can you duck in your shirt?

46. A mature trek is aggressive.

47. We have had a steady duck-line in birth rates in the United States for the last 40 years.

48. The duck-uments got lost in the fire.

49. Mallard! What have I done?

50. Will Drake name his child Duckling?

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51. They were quacking duck jokes and duck puns throughout the day.

52. We will leave for our vacation at the quack of dawn.

53. If you don’t quack the whip, you will lose your kids to the world.

54. The quacks in the relationship were wide open. It was just a matter of time before they separated.

55. What about a quack-odile for a pet?

56. Who killed the mythical quack-en?

57. Why are duck bills flat? Because they have no money.

58. Is your country ruled by a duck-tator?

59. You have to be an orthopae-duck if your dream is to help people with bones deformity.

60. We will be heading to Duck-ota this weekend for a vacation.

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