Are you looking for the flirty questions to ask a guy?

This article features the best questions for you to ask a guy at any time and flirt with him.

They can be used as pick up lines to start a conversation with him.

You can also send them as a flirty text message to your crush or that male friend you are fond of.

Cheeky Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy

1. Do you like flirty talk?

2. What outfits do you like seeing me wearing?

3. Guess what I am wearing on the inside?

4. Guess if I am wearing underwear or not?

5. Which part of my body do you like the most?

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6. Do you sometimes check me out?

7. Would you run away with me to a new country with a new culture?

8. Do you like me?

9. How much do you like me?

10. Do I make you happy?

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11. When last did I make you smile?

12. On a scale of 1 – 10, how perfect are we for each other?

13. What will you do if I put my hand under your shirt?

14. What will your reaction be if I showed you my boobs?

15. How comfortable will you be if I asked for a kiss right here right now?

16. How do you see me? A friend or more than a friend?

17. How romantic am I?  

18. Who is your current celebrity crush? How do I compare?

19. What made you like me in the first place?

20. What did you think of me when we first met? Has anything changed since then?

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21. What is the most important thing in a friendship?

22. What is the best pickup line you have ever heard in your life?

23. What is your a “must-have” for a girl you are dating?

24. If I asked for a hand in a relationship right now, how will you take it?

25. How do you picture a relationship between us?

26. At what point do you consider friendship as a relationship?

27. Do you find me funny and entertaining sometimes?

28. What is your lazy weekend like?

29. What will you be doing this weekend? Mind if I asked you out?

30. What place do you wish to go to locally? Can we hit the road this coming weekend?

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31. What is your friendship deal-breaker?

32. What have you learned as far as friends are concerned?

33. Do you have a girlfriend at the moment?

34. When last were you in a relationship?

35. Do you have someone in mind you are planning to date any time soon?

36. Can we give dating a try and see how it works out?

37. If I were to give you a nickname, what name would you prefer?

38. If you are to give me a nickname, what will you call me?

39. Do you think I am a good person?

40. What makes me the best of all your friends?

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41. What makes me unique among all your best friends?

42. Do you mind us spending time together in private?

43. Do you mind me spending weekends at your place?

44. Do you like my cooking?

45. Do you mind us working out together?

46. What meals would you make for me the next time I visit you?

47. Has anyone ever told you how handsome you are?

48. What are you looking for in a relationship?

49. How do you define love?

50. What is your take on letting love find us vs. looking for love?

Cute Flirty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

— Flirty 21 questions to ask a guy

51. Has a lady ever made the first move in your life? How did you take it?

52. If I made the first move right now, how likely will you say YES?

53. Do you feel like I am flirting with you lately?

54. What is the first thing anyone will notice about me?

55. What is the first thing you always notice about me?

56. Have you had a skinny dipping experience before?

57. What do you find attractive in women?

58. What is your favorite body part in a lady?

59. What is your favorite memory of us together?

60. What are you dying to ask but cannot?

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61. What is your number one secret that you can reveal to me right now?

62. If we are to make out, do you think you can satisfy me?

63. Do you sometimes wear briefs instead of boxers?

64. At what point do jokes become too much?

65. What is your favorite love song?

66. Who is your all-time favorite musician?

67. Am I naughty? Romantic? Or both?

68. Are you likely to ask me? Or should I make the job easier for you?

69. What melts your heart every time a lady does it to you?

70. If we are to go to jail, what crime is it most likely to be?

71. Describe yourself in a single sentence.

— Flirty questions to ask a guy and make him laugh

72. What one word describes you the most?

73. What do people mistake you for that you are not?

74. What are your dreams for the next five years?

75. When do you find me irresistible? Mornings or evenings?

76. What is your biggest fantasy?

77. What is your take on a lady who drinks or smokes sometimes?

78. What are you most afraid of in a relationship?

79. Which part of my body do you want to touch right now?

80. Do you prefer to take it by yourself or do you prefer to be given?

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81. Do you prefer it rough, sensual, or a mix of the two?

82. Do you like it loud during bedroom moments?

83. Have you ever gotten oral while driving?

84. On a scale of 1 – 10, how much do you like orals?

85. On a scale of 1 – 10, how much do you like to receive orals?

86. How okay are you with us making a short clip of us in action?

87. When do I look hot? In a dress, pants or skirts?

88. Do you like it when I wear no underwear?

89. How do you think I taste?

90. Do you like cuddling? If not, do you think I can change you in line with it?

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91. Do you like massages? When is the last time you received one?

92. Have you ever gotten shy or tongue-tied around me? When was it and why?

93. Did you know your presence makes me happier than anything in the world?

94. Has anyone ever told you how romantic you are?

95. What is your biggest regret in life?

96. What are your happiest moments with me?

97. Do you like these flirty questions to ask a guy?

98. How likely will you use these flirty questions to ask a guy you like?

99. Have you ever taken naked selfies in bed?

100. How would you describe your package down there?

Random Flirty Questions

— Personal Questions to Ask a Guy and Know if he Likes You

101. Mind if I touch your chest?

102. Do you like how I smell?

103. How do you like your lady dressed?

104. How about I touch your d#ck?

105. Do I make you feel uneasy?

106. What do you like the most about me?

107. What is the one thing you’d like me to change?

108. What pet names should we call each other?

109. How much do you like when I hold your hand in public?

110. How okay are you introducing me to your family?

111. What is the one thing you were wrong about me?

112. Which part of your body should I kiss?

113. How do I behave in front of people?

114. Which color do I like the most?

115. Which part of your body shouldn’t I kiss?

116. What is the latest thing you noticed about me?

117. Do I make you feel proud?

118. Would you rather have our kids look like me or you?

119. When is my birthday?

120. How will you feel if I proposed to you?

121. Do you feel I sometimes keep secrets from you?

122. When is the last time I made you proud?

123. Which part of my body is your favorite?

124. How do I taste?

125. Do I satisfy you?

— Flirty questions to ask a guy over text

126. Can I be your visitor for the night?

127. I sent you a photo. Do I make you hard?

128. Lips or tongue kiss for the night?

129. Want to see how wet I am right now?

130. Which part of my body arouses you the most?

131. Should I send a nude or come over?

132. Do you prefer a late-night video call of sexting?

133. How is your foreplay game?

134. How long do you last in bed?

135. Do you cuddle after s#x?

136. How about you massage my p#ssy next time?

137. Have you ever tried a lady from the back?

138. What is the craziest thing you have ever thought of doing to me?

139. Do you flirt with ladies sometimes?

140. How long is your longest dry spell?

141. Can you make me c#m?

142. Am I romantic enough?

143. In what ways am I a crazy girl?

144. Should I give you an oral next time?

145. What if I told you there will never be a “next time” for us?

146. How about you spank me harder next time?

147. Should I start doing Kegels exercises?

148. What is your favorite s#x style with me?

149. Should we try BDSM one of these days?

150. How about we do a role play over the weekend?

Sexy Questions to Turn Him On

— flirty questions to ask a guy to turn him on

151. Can I feel your member?

152. Do you want to check how wet I am?

153. Want me to turn you on?

154. How tight am I?

155. Can you remove my bra with your teeth?

156. Have I ever made you ej#culate prematurely?

157. What does s#x with me feel like?

158. How do you feel when deep inside me?

159. Do you sometimes feel I am too much for you?

160. What is the wildest thing you have thought of doing to me for a long time?

161. In what ways do you think I can be crazy?

162. Should I come along with one of my best friends next time?

163. Am I a beauty or a brain?

164. I can be crazy. Do you want to see how?

165. What is the most romantic thing I have ever said to you?

166. Are 30 minutes too much or okay?

167. What is the sexiest thing I have ever done to you?

168. Want to see me pole dance?

169. How loud do I mourn?

170. Want to see me naked?

171. Would you like to kiss my p#ssy?

172. Do you get aroused by giving me an oral?

173. Are you thinking about me right now? Because I am thinking about you.

174. Do you like it when you pull my hair?

175. Do you like it when I hold you harder against my body?

176. Do you like it when I scream?

177. Do you like it when I surrender to you?

178. Do you like it when I cream?

179. Do you like it when I take control?

180. Which of my underwear turns you on?

181. How often should we be making out?

182. Should we try it in a swimming pool one day?

183. Do you like quickies?

184. Do you love it when you go deeper?

185. Do you like it when I climax?

186. Should we skinny dip one these days?

187. How do I ask for s#x without asking for it?

188. How do you ask for s#x without asking for it?

190. What do my lips taste like?

191. What should we do that we haven’t done before?

192. Do I drive you crazy with my body?

193. Do I drive you crazy with my voice?

194. Can you undress me with one hand?

195. Can I spank you?

196. Do you think my breasts are equal?

197. How does cuddling feel to a man?

198. What is your favorite lingerie?

199. Do you like me in a night dress or completely naked?

200. How should I be going to bed?

Fun and Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy

201. Do you like how I dress?

202. What is your least favorite drink?

203. What are your views on clubbing?

204. Do you like partying?

205. In what ways do you have fun in your free time?

206. What is your least favorite food?

207. Who is your favorite member of your family?

208. How often do you work out?

209. Do you like my sense of fashion?

210. What is your biggest fear as far as relationships are concerned?

211. Do you know you drive me crazy?

212. What am I thinking of right now?

213. What is your favorite pickup line?

214. How do you feel when more girls are attracted to you?

215. What makes you stand out?

216. Are you a gym rat?

217. Have you ever been to a speed dating event?

218. Are you a fan of blind dates?

219. What do you do when you have a crush on a girl?

220. What do you do when you notice a lady has a crush on you?

221. Is it okay for couples to fight sometimes?

222. Have you ever been in a fight in a club?

223. Have you ever had girls fighting for you?

224. What do you think about my walking style?

225. What makes you unique and different?

226. What are your favorite flirty questions to ask a guy?

227. Do I make you feel loved?

228. Have you ever dreamt about us?

229. Have you had a sugar mommy before?

230. Have you ever had a friend with benefits before?

231. Do you feel my love for you?

231. What are your views on casual sex for men?

233. Do you like tight hugs?

234. Do you like kissing?

235. Does cuddling make you feel good?

236. Have you ever dated someone you felt was your soulmate?

237. Who would you call first in case you have a problem?

238. Have you ever smelt your underwear to determine if it’s clean or not?

239. How many days in a row have you gone without changing your underwear?

240. Are we in love?

241. What is the worst you have ever been accused of?

242. Are you a heartbreaker?

243. Have you been accused of cheating before?

244. Are you a cheater?

245. Are you a mommy’s boy?

246. Have you ever gotten away with cheating?

247. Are you a lover boy?

248. Do you sometimes love too much?

249. Do you sometimes think of marriage?

250. What is the worst that has ever happened to you?

There you have your list of flirty questions to ask a guy you like.

If you have more flirty questions to ask a guy you just met feel free to add them in the comment below and we will make sure to include them in the next update.

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