100 Flirtiliy Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy You Like

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Are you looking for crazy pick up lines for him? Or sweet things to say to spice things up when you are with him?

Or maybe, you are looking for ways to move your flirting game to the next level and make him want you more?

This article has all the flirty and dirty questions to ask a guy to help you in your quest.

Whether it is a guy you have a crush on, a boyfriend, or a husband, we’ve got questions for you.

Sexy Questions to Ask a Guy

1. Can we play dirty questions to ask a guy?

2. What is your take on dirty questions to ask a guy?

3. What does pu##sy licking taste like?

4. How does p#ssy taste like?

5. What movie scene would you like us to recreate?

6. How do lips taste like?

7. How long should ideal s#x take?

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8. What am I wearing right now?

9. How long would you prefer foreplay to take?

10. Do you mind playing cards against humanity game?

11. How okay are you with us playing dirty dares?

12. Do you mind us playing dirty truth or dare questions?

13. Do you think I am wearing underwear right now?

14. Guess the color of the underwear I am wearing?

15. Guess what I am thinking of right now?

16. How would you describe your package?

17. What is the best compliment you have ever received before and after bedroom matters?

18. What do you look for a lady to bed?

19. What makes you feel a girl as sexy?

20. How good are your orals?

21. What is the highest number of rounds you have ever gone in one day?

22. How long can you last in bed?

23. How much is too much s#x?

24. What if I welcome my best friend to join our bedroom, how would you take it?

25. When last did you do it?

26. What is the longest you have ever taken without?

27. Have you ever done it with more than two people in one day?

28. Do you prefer bushy or clean-shaven?

29. Do you prefer it dry or creamy wet?

30. Can you train me on how to kiss properly?

31. Can you teach me a bedroom style you are sure I don’t know?

32. What about we record ourselves today?

33. Do you prefer doing it early in the morning or late at night?

34. What is the best thing a lady can do to you in bed?

35. What is the longest you have ever lasted in bed without resting?

36. How does it feel going down into a lady?

37. Have you ever bedded a beauty you couldn’t help but climax in a few seconds?

38. Have you ever had it so good that you climaxed in less than a minute?

39. How about a lap dance followed by a striptease right now?

40. What is the dirtiest thing you have ever thought of doing to me?

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41. Have you ever done it with someone you totally are not attached to? How did it feel?

42. Have you ever tried using drinks or food in the bedroom matters?

43. Have you ever gone to bed with someone you weren’t supposed to?

44. How close have you ever gotten with a close relative?

45. How much do you like sexting?

46. How much do you like dirty talk?

47. Have you ever tried playing strip poker?

48. Have you ever been to a nasty strip club?

49. When last did you receive a booty call?

50. Have you ever rejected a booty call? Why?

Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy You Like

51. How about we fulfill a few of your bedroom fantasies?

52. Have you ever been caught in action?

53. At what age did you first have s#x?

54. Do you prefer giving or receiving?

55. What position would you like us to try right now?

56. What is your best org##m ever?

57. Do you prefer loud and noisy or er#tic and sensual?

58. Do you own a bedroom toy?

59. What do you find irresistible in ladies?

60. Have you ever cried during the action?

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61. Have you ever slept while still in action?

62. Have you ever wondered if it can fit at all?

63. Have you ever doubted if you already are in or not?

64. How often do you get complimented on how good you are?

65. Do you prefer eye contact during the action or no eye contact?

66. Do you like kissing during the action?

67. Would you prefer me on top?

68. Do you prefer it with lights on or off?

69. Have you ever failed to have an org#sm?

70. How often do you fake org##ms?

71. What is your favorite place to be kissed?

72. How much would you like if I initiate it?

73. How old is the oldest person you have ever made out with?

74. How young is the youngest person you have ever made out with?

75. Have you ever made someone cry while making out?

76. Have you ever made someone go wild in bed?

77. Have you ever made someone pass out in bed?

78. What is the worst face you have ever seen in org##m?

79. How many ladies have you bedded so far?

80. What is your take on people watching p#rn?

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81. What can I do to get you hard in an instant?

82. What songs get you in the mood?

83. Have you ever tried it while high?

84. Have you ever tried it while drunk?

85. If you could have s#x anywhere, where would it be?

86. Would you rather play dirty questions to ask a guy or the flirty version of the same?

87. What is the craziest place you have ever done it in?

88. What did the best org##sm in your life feel like?

89. What did the best s#x of your life feel like?

90. When did you get your first b#j?

91. If you could invite a celebrity to join our bedroom, who will it be?

92. Which clothing makes you want me right away?

93. How about a body-to-body massage?

94. What is your fantasy when it comes to me?

95. What should I do for you right now?

96. How much do you like naughty me?

97. Would you f#ck me outside the house?

98. How much do you like the dirty questions game?

99. How likely would you suggest these dirty questions to ask a guy?

100. How likely will you play these dirty questions to ask a guy in the future?

Freaky Questions to Turn a Guy On

101. How do you define good seggs?

102. How do you rate your bedroom skills?

103. Can there be a relationship without sex?

104. What is your wildest seggs story?

105. How is your s#x bucket list for this year like?

106. What is the one lie most people believe about s#x?

107. What comes into your mind when your girlfriend denies you s#x?

108. Does size really matter?

109. Is it true that thick women are tighter?

110. Does body count matter when it comes to someone you are interested in?

111. Do you like anal?

112. What is your favorite s#x style?

113. Do you like oral?

114. Do men too feel used in some circumstances, or is it a lady’s thing?

115. What would you do to me tonight?

116. Is there something like rape among dating couples?

117. What is the longest you have ever lasted in bed?

118. How does s#x feel for men?

119. How does it feel when you are inside of me?

120. What do you think about when touching yourself?

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121. I heard that kissing helps burn calories. How about we give it a try?

122. How do you feel when I take control in bedroom matters?

123. Love bites: a yes or no?

124. How about you tear my clothes off one day?

125. How about you give it to me on the balcony of our apartment?

126. How about I stick a finger inside your butt one of these days during seggs?

127. How about you chock me tonight?

128. How wild can you be in bed?

129. How about you invite a friend for a thre#sum?

130. Have you ever had seggs in a massage parlor?

131. Have you ever had a massage with a happy ending?

132. Have you ever visited a brothel?

133. Which adult content actor won’t you mind sleeping with?

134. What do you do to ask for s#x without asking?

135. Does foreplay matter?

136. When is the last time you had a condom burst during seggs?

137. Have you ever smashed a married woman?

138. Have you ever smashed someone old enough to be your mother?

139. What do you do when an underage makes advances on you?

140. Have you ever smashed your best friend’s girlfriend?

141. Would you like to spank me?

142. Would you kiss my vagina if I asked you to?

143. How do I taste?

144. What is your secret fetish?

145. Would you like to see me naked?

146. Should I take my clothes off?

147. Can I take your shirt off?

148. Do you like sexting?

149. Do you want to smash right now?

150. Can I kiss you?

Dirty Questions to Text a Guy

151. How about I touch your d#ck?

152. How often do you get wetdreams?

153. Do I make you h#rny?

154. Do you want to find out if I mourn?

155. Can I kiss your nipples one of these days?

156. Do you want to see me twerking?

157. Do you think I am a virgin?

158. Are you a virgin?

159. Should we do it with protection or without?

160. Can we be friends with benefits?

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161. Do you feel I can make you forget about your ex?

162. How often should be hanging out together?

163. How often should we be having s#x?

164. How do you rate your foreplay game?

165. Are you a BDSM guy?

166. I love bedroom bullies. Are you one of them?

167. If I asked you to come over and have a piece of me right now, will you?

168. How big are you?

169. Do you cuddle after s#x?

170. How is your s#x drive?

171. How hard are you right now?

172. Can we video call so that I can see how hard you are?

173. Have you made a lady org#sm before?

174. Are you mad in love with me right now?

175. Am I crazy over you?

176. Do you sleep naked?

177. Should I bring a friend when I come over next time?

178. What would you do if I told you, there will never be a next time between us?

179. Can you massage my p#ssy?

180. Will you come with a male friend the next time we make out if I asked you to?

182. How does my p#ssy taste like?

183. How do I taste?

184. How does my p#ssy?

185. How clean am I?

186. Am I that attractive to you?

187. Do you like what you see?

188. Do you like my body?

189. When should we have s#x?

190. Am I a good kisser?

There you have our complete list of dirty questions to ask a guy to make him laugh.

Feel free to add more dirty questions to ask a guy in the comments below.

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