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The best pick up lines have the highest chance to get you a positive response.

If you are starting a conversation with a new friend or someone you have a crush on, starting with killer pick up lines increases your chance of them viewing you positively and creates an impression that you are funny.

Funny and interesting people are generally more appealing and sociable. These two traits make it easy for them to make friends with ease.

Best pick up lines that guarantee a response

1. I am not a photographer but I cannot help picturing us together ever after.

2. Hey, I understand we don’t know each other but never mind. I will be here just in case you want to talk.

3. Hey, I am […] just in case someone wants to make a mistake tonight.

4. Can I have your number? I don’t mind the wrong one. I promise to never call or disturb you.

5. Hey, I think you dropped something. [What is that?]. My jaw.

6. Do you want to read a pick up line someone used on my friend the other day? [….] Would it have worked if I used it on you?

7. Hey, I would say God bless you but I see He already overdid.

8. Are you a model? [No!] Oh, when did you quit?

9. Oh, I am sorry. Were you talking to me? No! Well then, please start. The rude boy

10. Are you into cats or dogs? I was just wondering what your ideal pet is.

11. Do you have a pet right now? Do you mind telling more about him in great detail?

12. Your had seems a little heavier for you. Let me hold it for you till home.

13. Hey, I would like to buy you a drink this Saturday. You don’t have to talk to me ever after.

14. I was wondering if you have a spare heart. Mine has just been stolen! Haha! Just kidding. How are you doing?

15. Before I say anything else, I have a lifestyle blog/famous Youtube Channel but I will not speak a word about it.

16. Hey, I am just getting started with the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Have you watched it?

17. Hey, here I am. Make your two other wishes and see them come true.

18. I am rearranging the letters in the alphabets right now and I am putting U next to I.

19. I have been to the Louvre a couple of times but never have I seen a human finer than works of art.

20. How many of the people you know are in rehab? Have you thought perhaps your beauty might have driven them mad?

21. Go ahead and feel my T-shirt. By the way, it is made from the rarest boyfriend material.

22. I feel something is wrong with my eyes. I can’t take them off you/your profile picture/your photo.

23. Hey, you are so beautiful that you made me forget all my pick up lines. What pick up line works best for you?

24. Wow! Did the sun just come out? Or is it your smile lighting up my sky?

25. Do you still have your driving license? It should be taken away. You are driving guys out here crazy.

26. I came from the rehab just the other day and I already see “the one” who will be taking me back there. Your beauty drives me mad.

27. Hey, do you want to know what is on my menu for the weekend? Just “Me” n “U”.

28. I have been feeling somehow off today. You just turned me on.

29. Whoever says Venice is the most beautiful place on earth has never stood next to you.

30. Is it hot out here or it is just you?

31. I hope you are good at CPR. I might need it any moment from now. You are just taking my breath away.

32. For the first time in my life, I see a true upsexy.

33. Do you have an ugly boyfriend? [No.] Do you want one?

34. Hey, you are beautiful. Can I tell you that again in person next Saturday over dinner?

35. If you can allow, I would like to change just one thing about you. [What is?] Your last name.

36. Do you believe in love at first sight? [No!] Perhaps I should pass by again.

37. Did it hurt? [What?] When you fell from heaven. You are an angel.

38. I see myself following you home one of these days. I was told to follow my dreams and I am talking to one right now.

39. People say nothing lasts forever. Can you be my “nothing”?

40. Sorry, you owe me a drink. [Why?] I poured mine staring at you.

41. Wow! Is there any other definition of beauty than the one I am staring at right now?

42. Hey! Life without your presence is like a broken pencil. It is pointless. Looking to bring someone back to your life.

43. The magic in you makes everyone else disappear every time I look at you.

44. Did you just fall from heaven? [What?] You are an angel!

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