125 Flirty Dares to Ask IRL (or Over Text)

Flirty Dares truth or Dare Questions
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In the realm of relationships and connections, a dash of flirtation can transform an ordinary moment into something extraordinary.

Whether you’re starting a new romantic journey or looking to reignite the spark in your relationship, flirty dares will infuse fun and excitement into your interactions.

A seasoned flirt or someone just dipping your toes into the playful waters of romantic banter?

These flirty dares will turn those ordinary connections into an extraordinary adventure.

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Flirty Dares for Your First Date

1. I dare you to share an embarrassing childhood story.

2. Try a new dish you have never done before.

3. Impress me with a cheesy pickup line from the heart.

4. I challenge you for a quick never have I ever game.

5. Tell me about your most adventurous dream.

6. DM your crush and ask them out on a date.

7. Compliment a random person and make their day.

8. Show me your best smile.

9. Point to your favorite part of my body.

10. Let’s exchange compliments until we all blush.

11. Whisper something and let me read your lips.

12. Take a sneaky selfie and send it to me without my knowledge.

13. Let’s do a 10-minute truth questions game.

14. Dedicate a song to me and tell me why you chose the song.

15. I dare you to predict what is likely to happen to us.

16. Introduce yourself with a flirty alter ego persona.

17. Do a flirty fortune-telling prediction on the future of your love life.

18. Let’s have a 10-minute play of Kiss, Marry, Kill game with a romantic twist.

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19. I dare you to a lip-sync battle.

20. Give a flirty compliment using a pickup line that I will love.

21. Let’s play a flirty Two Truths and a Lie game for the next 10 minutes.

22. Give me a playful nickname.

23. I challenge you to an eye contact race. Let’s see who will look away the first.

24. Eat your meal flirtingly until I say stop.

25. Lick your lips as flirty as you can until I feel uncomfortable.

26. Bite your lower lip while looking into my eyes.

27. Show me a photo that marked a milestone in your life.

28. Use the receipt (or toilet paper) to make a paper airplane.

29. Write a sweet love note (or compliment) and exchange them at the end of the date.

30. Use the receipt to make a paper boat (or flower).

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Playful Dares to Send Over Text

31. Choose a romantic song that represents your mood.

32. Share a personal romantic story you’ve never told.

33. Send a kiss emoji and mention the one part of my body you want it to go.

34. Reminisce about our first date and share your favorite memory from that special day.

35. Try your best to make me blush.

36. Share your favorite romantic fantasy.

37. Tell a funny joke I can’t help but laugh.

38. Do something that will put a smile on my face.

39. Write a short love poem that summarizes our love.

40. Write an interesting love haiku expressing your feelings for me and read it.

41. Write a sweet love paragraph about the first day we met.

42. Complete this sentence: I love you more than…

43. Make a funny face I can’t resist blushing.

44. Sing for me your most favorite love song.

45. Write a short love letter about what you love the most about our relationship.

46. Complete this sentence: My love for you is like…

47. Describe your ideal romantic date.

48. Use emojis to tell a love story.

49. Create a playlist of songs that capture your mood at the moment.

50. Send an anonymous sweet message like my secret admirer.

51. Tell me what you want to do with me using emojis only.

52. Make a relationship wish and share it with me.

53. Use sign language to tell me what you want me to do to you.

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54. Sing a chorus of your favorite love song.

55. Draw a position (or style) you’d want to try tonight.

56. Send me a selfie of the most complimented part of your body.

57. Guess what I am thinking.

58. Share a story about how you knew I was “the one”.

59. Describe your ideal romantic night in detail.

60. Pick a romantic movie you’d want us to watch next.

Spicy Dares to Text Your Crush

61. Tell me the naughtiest thing that comes to your mind.

62. Send me a flirty audio message.

63. Share a screenshot of the most romantic message in your DM.

64. Share your most flirty photo.

65. Share a screenshot of the most popular person in your DM.

66. Tell the name of the most unbelievable person in your DM.

67. Take a selfie with a romantic pose.

68. Try convincing me to make out with you.

69. Tell me your deepest darkest secrets.

70. Tell me what comes to your mind late in the night when you are lonely.

71. Convince me to come over to your place.

72. Send me a picture of the part of the body you want me to kiss.

73. In detail, describe how you’d like to be loved.

74. Send me a list of the positions (or styles) you’d want us to try.

75. I dare you to a video call with me and tell me how you feel about me.

76. Tell me something that will make me show up at your door.

77. Talk to me with a romantically flirty foreign accent.

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78. Say I love you in five different languages.

79. Put on something flirtatious and send me a photo of it.

80. Sing a non-English love song.

81. Describe the craziest dream you have ever had.

82. Text your best friend and ask if they find you attractive.

83. Write the highest figure someone has ever spent on you.

84. I dare you to spend an evening with me star gazing.

85. Sing a love song but not in English, French, or Spanish.

86. Let’s exchange romantic notes at the end of this flirty dares game.

87. I dare you to a tech-free Friday evening.

88. Play your favorite love song and dance to it as I watch.

89. Create a bucket list of the things you want us to do together.

90. Tell me the oldest love story in the universe.

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Sexy Dares for Texting

91. Send me a text (or audio) confessing your most secret desires.

92. Eat a banana (or a cucumber) flirtingly.

93. Share a photo of the time when you were the happiest.

94. Describe the type of people are are naturally attracted to.

95. Show me the underwear you are wearing today.

96. Describe your best kiss ever.

97. Write my name on the back of your underwear and take a selfie with it.

98. Tell me the craziest relationship (or dating) offer you have ever received in your inbox.

99. Look at me flirtingly.

100. Text one of your friends asking for dating advice.

101. Tell me the most famous person in your inbox.

102. Read the flirtiest message in your inbox.

103. Make your best “O” face.

104. Update your social media status with, “FEELING LONELY”.

105. Imitate your partner upset by someone (or something).

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106. Kiss your pillow seductively.

107. Send the best picture of us together.

108. Share a screenshot of the craziest thing someone has ever shared with you in the inbox.

109. Convince me to make you dinner tonight.

110. Scroll your phone with your eyes closed and call the number you will see when you open your eyes.

111. Send me a flirty pic of you in a bikini or night dress.

112. Write a short love story involving us.

113. Record and send a voice note with you moaning my name.

114. Try your best to tease me with your lips.

115. Tell me a song that reminds you of us.

116. Send a text of a playful daring compliment.

117. Tell me a daring intimate confession.

118. Share a pic of the body part you kissed.

119. Send me a GIF describing your mood right now.

120. Send me a voice note of something you’d otherwise not say face to face.

Sweet Dares to Text Your Partner

121. Look me in the eye and say you love me.

122. Say sweet nothings that will make me blush.

123. Do your best impression of me.

124. Wine your waist for me.

125. Write a love song and dedicate it to me.

126. Share your favorite love joke and let’s see if I will laugh at it.

127. Draw a funny doodle of us together.

128. Record a short flirty video expressing your feelings for me.

129. Write a series of short love notes for me to find.

130. Sket a series of photos summarizing our love story.

131. Share a link to a funny video that made you laugh today.

132. Text me a flirty and cheesy line from a romantic movie.

133. Share an interesting childhood crush story you’ve never forgotten.

134. Create a romantic nickname for both of us.

135. Share a random fact about yourself that I am not aware of.

136. Share an experience you’d love us to revisit.

137. Take a selfie wearing your partner’s underwear.

138. Tell me something you love the most about us.

139. Share a place you’d like us to visit again.

140. Show me the contents of your purse (or wallet).

141. Give your partner the most romantic treatment ever.

142. Ask your partner to get out and flirtingly welcome him back

143. Share your greatest fear in life.

144. Update your social media status with ‘I love my man (or woman)’.

145. Whisper the sweetest words to each other’s ears.

146. Say I love in the most romantic way possible.

147. Describe what romance means to you.

148. Share the moments when you felt loved.

149. Say something your partner will never accept and record his reaction.

150. Share a romantic experience between us that you’ll never forget.

151. Share your favorite quote about passion and love.

152. Describe the most memorable moments we have shared.

153. Tell me the most relatable love story you’ve ever come across.

154. Share a sweet tempting GIF or emoji.

155. Share a pic of yourself in a pose so tempting.

What are Flirty Dares?

Flirty dares are playful prompts with a romantic element that add fun to a relationship.

They often take the shape of sending sweet messages, sharing flirty compliments, or even participating in activities that build a sense of connection between two people.

How to Play Flirty Dares Over Text

A successful flirty dares over text game starts by creating the mood and setting the ground rules.

Alternate the prompts while having light conversations in between keeping the whole game as light and entertaining as possible.

You can also incorporate the drinking and card versions if the conditions allow.

Flirty dares can be one of the playful ways to spice up communication and connect with your partner.

Flirty Dares Rules

Flirty dares is a social party game played by friends or couples and as such fewer rules are involved.

Make sure to be respectful, allow the players to pass on the dares they are not comfortable with and prioritize consent where necessary.

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