100 Flirty Dares for Truth or Dare Questions

Flirty Dares truth or Dare Questions

Possessing the charm of being flirty is sometimes underestimated in relationships.

It is true no one likes being close to a boring person, let alone having a relationship with one.

Unfortunately, not all of us are born naturally flirty, charming in conversations or funny.

But thanks to the internet, you don’t need to go to Flirty School or take “how to be flirty” lessons from some Flirty Master online or offline.

This is a skill you need to learn and master on your own. You can gain as much information as you want and be as flirty, charming and funny as the best person you know of.

Flirty dares for your crush is a good place to get started and this list contains more than a hundred flirty dares for you.

You can use the unique flirty dares in this list to wow your crush, girlfriend, boyfriend or your someone special in person or over text at any time of the day.

You can also play the dares with your crew in your free time or in a party setting and this list will guide you through.

Flirty Dares for Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

1. Read me the scariest text message in your inbox today.

2. Read aloud the loveliest poem you have ever come across.

3. Look me in the eye and say you love me.

4. Read me the flirtiest message in your texts.

5. Sing to me the most romantic song you have in mind (feel free to read the lyrics).

6. Draw a mustache on your face.

7. Guess who might not be wearing underwear right now.

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8. Look me in the eye and say what you feel about me.

9. Change your Facebook status to “FEELING LONELY TODAY”.

10. Write down a description of your best bedroom experience.

11. Give 3 guesses of the color of underwear each of the players is wearing.

12. Describe your worst bedroom experience.

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13. Update your WhatsApp with, “FEELING LONELY”.

14. Convince me to make out with you right now.

15. Compose a short love song and sing it to me.

16. Convince me to make you dinner tonight.

17. Write a short love poem about us and sent it over via text message.

18. Describe your last bedroom experience.

19. Describe your best kiss ever.

20. Demonstrate how you will like to be cuddled.

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21. Demonstrate how best you love your massages.

22. Wink in a lovely seductive way.

23. Try your best to seduce me.

24. Using makeup kit if you have one, try drawing your best tattoo-like designs on my back.

25. Try out your best and worst pick up lines in a pub.

26. Try a lap dance on me.

27. Act a stripper for a minute.

28. Draw the best dummy tattoos where you want them to be on my body using makeup.

29. Do a sexy seductive dance, record and send it over to me.

30. Close your eyes. Scroll through your contacts and pick a random person. Open your eyes and text them, “I LOVE YOU”.

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31. Close your eyes. Go through your contacts and pick a random person and call them.

32. Try applying makeup to your boyfriend to the best of your ability and see how he looks like in makeup. Snap a photo of him and store and show everyone on his birthday.

33. Dress your girlfriends in manly outfits, fake mustache and no makeup. Take a photo of her and show it to friends on her next birthday.

34. Call the 20th person on your phone’s contact list.

35. Act like shy teenagers crushing on each other.

36. Act what happened the day you first met.

37. Write down the worst line someone has ever used on you and send it over text.

38. Write down the best line ever someone has ever used on you and send it via text.

39. Retell a short story of our best moments together and how you wish it next time.

40. Log in to the other person’s Amazon account and place an order for a “special” toy.

41. Go to Google and find the position you have never heard of. Try acting it out using the tools at your disposal.

42. Pick identical cups. Pour drinks in it and let everyone pick a cup. Go out of the room and let the cups be placed together before coming back and pick one. Sit on the lap of the person whose cup you pick for 10 minutes.

43. Write down and read aloud the nickname you will love for each other.

44. Try speaking romantically in a language you feel is more romantic. (In case you don’t know the language, just try to mumble a few words with a voice and tone you feel is most romantic)

45. Put on blindfolds and eat whatever your partner chooses for you.

46. Pour your favorite drink on your partner’s body and slowly lick it off.

47. Do your best therapy you think will best calm down your partner and make them feel more relaxed.

48. Say the nicest words ever to your partner and watch their face for their reaction.

49. Go to the bedroom and come back with a towel and nothing inside and show your body to your partner while secretly recording their reaction.

50. Pick your partner’s phone and prank them about a message that has come from someone you suspect the most in their contact list.

51. Suggest something nasty that you are sure your partner will never accept and record their reaction.

52. Suggest to your partner if you can bring a third person into your bedroom and record their reaction.

53. Reveal all the content of your purse and wallet.

54. Mention one movie you have ever watched and felt it is the sexiest ever.

55. Pretend to apologize for a very bad thing you did to your partner.

56. Act the part you find to be very funny about your partner.

57. Treat your partner the most romantic way ever and ask for their sincere feedback.

58. Let one of you get out of the house and try to welcome them back in the most lovely and romantic way possible.

59. Tell him or her your wish as far as your life and your lives together are concerned.

60. Tell him or her your greatest fears about life in general and your lives together.

61. Try to demonstrate your best bedroom position and give instructions on how you think you will like it done best.

62. Try saying, “how could you do that to me” with as much emotions as you can.

63. Try to demonstrate how you will like the two of you to walk while together in public.

64. Go out and shout, “I love this man or lady” as loud as you can.

65. Go online and search for the dirtiest things you can ever think of and show it to me.

66. Whisper the naughtiest thing to each other’s ear.

67. Try saying, “How dare you” with as much emotions as you can.

68. Shout out one obscene word that will get everyone laughing or in disbelief.

69. Say the words, “I love you [name]” in the most romantic way possible.

70. Name one movie you have ever watch and think it is the most romantic one.

71. Describe what romance means to you.

72. Name one movie you have ever watched that you will not suggest anyone else to.

73. Mention one person that turns you on every time you see them or their photo.

74. Describe one moment in your life that you felt loved, comforted and cared for.

75. Describe your ideal man or woman.

76. Point and touch the turn-on part of your partner’s body.

77. Point and touch the part on your partner’s body that you like and love the most about them.

78. Tell the most romantic name someone has ever called you.

79. Tell us the most romantic response you have ever gotten for a question you asked your partner.

80. Tell us the worst answer to the question, “why do you love me” you have ever heard or received.

81. Describe your horror personal relationship story you never want to remember.

82. Name one animal your partner will most likely become when they reincarnate in their next life.

83. Talk in a more manly or feminine voice for 10 minutes.

84. Choose one of the persons playing the game and take a suggestive selfie with them.

85. Dress in your partner’s clothing and snap a photo of you two together.

86. Exchange house chores and all other roles possible for a whole day.

87. Complain the way your partner does when they are not okay with something.

88. Tell the most erotic story in the best way you can.

89. Try making out with a pillow while blindfolded.

90. Write a short romantic story of what you want to do with someone and read it aloud.

91. Try your partner’s underwear and snap a selfie of you in it.

92. Kiss everyone playing the game on the lip.

93. Lick your lips for 20 seconds in a seductive attractive way.

94. Describe the best make-out session you have ever had in the best way possible.

95. Text someone something super dirty “accidentally”.

96. Make a fake org##sm face and hold in on for 20 seconds.

97. Make your normal org##sm voice for 10 seconds.

98. Accidentally text your ex.

99. Call a restaurant or any firm in your mind and crack a dirty joke with the person who receives the call.

100. Take off [name] bra with just one hand.

101. Freeze for 20 seconds if you loved this session of flirty dares for girls and boys.

102. Review all the photos and videos if any for this game session.

There you have a list of the best flirty dares for your crush. You can play in person or send them over text to your boyfriend, girlfriend or that special someone in your life and build lasting memories and a stronger bond together.

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