55 Best What Am I Riddles to Keep You Guessing

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Are you looking for good riddles to add to your fun game list? These What am I riddles are worth giving a shot.

They are uniquely handpicked, balanced out, and the best you can ever find online.

If you are looking for the best What am I riddles for kids, friends, and family, or a few more riddles to add to your variety for the games night, then this list is for you.

Let’s dive in,

I am Colorless

Riddle: I am colorless. I make two out of everything in front of me. I break easily. What am I?

Answer: A mirror.

Three Letters Word

Riddle: I sound like an alphabetical letter. I am made of three letters. I am part of your body. What am I?

Answer: An eye.

What am I Riddles I

Riddle: I have two arms. I click as I move. But, I am not able to scratch myself. What am I?

Answer: A clock.

End of Space and Time Riddle

Riddle: I am the beginning of the end. I am the end of time. I am the end of space and I am found everywhere. What am I?

Answer: The letter E.

Useful When Broken

Riddle: I must be broken before use. I make part of most breakfast tables. I might be brittle but make you healthy in the end. What am I?

Answer: An egg.

What am I Riddle II

Riddle: Some call me a bird. Some call me a fruit. I am also a person from an English-speaking country in the East. What am I?

Answer: Kiwi.

White When Dirty, Black When Clean

Riddle: I can be whiter when dirty and black when clean. I also make you wiser. What am I?

Answer: A blackboard.

The Riddle of the Hole

Riddle: The more you take away from me, the more I grow and become me. What am I?

Answer: A hole.

The Riddle of the Future

Riddle: I am in front of you right now but you cannot see me until I have come to pass. What am I?

Answer: The future.

Number Riddle for Kids

Riddle: As a number, I am an odd number. Delete a letter from me and I become even. What am I?

Answer: Seven.

Cracked, Shared, Made

Riddle: Charming people crack me. I can also be shared around people. I can also be made and be told. And, I can also be played. What am I?

Answer: A joke.

Hidden Beauty

Riddle: Looking at my face, I am a beautiful somebody. Looking at my back, I am nobody. What am I?

Answer: A mirror.

What am I Riddles for Teens

Riddle: I am part of you. I am also found at the back of books. What am I?

Answer: An appendix.

The Hope in the Dark

Riddle: At nightfall, I am loved by all. Many stories and songs have been told about me. I am very large but look very tiny. What am I?

Answer: A star.

Always Coming But Never Arrives

Riddle: I am always coming but surely never comes. What am I?

Answer: Tomorrow.

Sounds the Same

Riddle: Remove the last letter I will sound the same. remove the first letter I will sound the same. Remove the middle letter I will still sound the same. Remove all the letters, I am the same. What am I?

Answer: Empty.

Four Letter Word

Riddle: I am a four-letter word. If pronounced wrong, it will be right. But, if pronounced right, it will be wrong. What am I?

Answer: The word WRONG.

I am Beautiful

Riddle: I am beautiful. I have wings but am I not a bird. I used to be ugly, frightening, and destructive when young. What am I?

Answer: A butterfly.

Stands Upright When Seated

Riddle: I always jump when I walk but stand upright when I sit. What am I?

Answer: A Kangaroo.

Say My Name, I am No More

Riddle: I am good for some people. I can be boring to others. Say my name and I am no more. What am I?

Answer: Silence.

Black, Red and White

Riddle: I am black when you buy me. I am red when you use me. I am grey when my life is over. What am I?

Answer: Charcoal.

Heavy Not, When Read Backwards

Riddle: I am heavy and way a lot when read forward. But, I am not when read backward. What am I?

Answer: Ton.

Head and Tail Never Meet

Riddle: I have ahead. I also have a tail. My head and my tail never meet. I soften your heart when you have enough of me. What am I?

Answer: A coin.

More I Work, Smaller I Grow

Riddle: I make you look clean every time. But the more I work, the smaller I grow. What am I?

Answer: A soap.

An Instrument of Sound

Riddle: I am an instrument through which sound is made. But I cannot be played. What am I?

Answer: Voice.

A Face with No Eyes

Riddle: I have a face with no eyes. I have hands with no fingers. I am always on the move and never stops. What am I?

Answer: A clock.

Helps, Cleans but can Kill

Riddle: I can make you clean. I help with your health when you use me frequently. I take care of your general well-being every day. But, I can kill when I surround you. What am I?

Answer: Water.

What am I Riddles III

Riddle: The one who makes me doesn’t want to stay in me. The one who buys me doesn’t need me. The one who uses me doesn’t know it. Who am I?

Answer: A coffin.

Begins and Ends with Letter T

Riddle: I start with the letter T. I end with a letter T. Inside me is T. What am I?

Answer: A teapot.

Begins and Ends with E

Riddle: I start with the letter E. I end with the letter E. I have a letter inside me. What am I?

Answer: An envelope.

Riddle of Human Life

Riddle: My life starts with walking on four legs. I walk with two legs midway and sometimes three legs toward the end. What am I?

Answer: A human life cycle.

There you have our best What am I riddles.

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