30+ Easy Riddles with Hidden Tricks for You to Solve

30+ Easy Riddles with Hidden Tricks for You to Solve

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Easy riddles MUST be very easy to solve.


By the fact of them being riddles mean that there is a hidden trick or a puzzle to be solved. And, that demands a level of thinking and basic logic before you arrive at your answer.

Unlike the hard ones, easy riddles do not demand a lengthy thinking process.

More than often they call for the wittiness of individuals and attention to simple details that we often ignore.

And, easy riddles exploit just that. Every time you ignore, you fail!

If you are looking forward to testing yourself, your kids, family or friends while having fun, these easy riddles are the best place to get started.

Ultimate list of easy riddles for kids, teens and adults

1. More You Have, Less You See

Riddle: The more of me you have, the less you see. What am I?

Answer: The Darkness

2. Leap Years

Riddle: When will we have another year with 365 days apart from 2020?

Answer: Every year.

3. The Month of February

Riddle: Which month in the year has 28 days?

Answer: All of them

4. Easy Riddles for Kids

Riddle: What has a hand, a face, talks and sings but cannot hold anything?

Answer: A clock

5. Family Riddle

Riddle: Liya’s mother has four children: Lee, Elise, Giovanni and…?

Answer: Liya

6. Broken When Not Kept

Riddle: The moment you decide not to keep me, you have broken me. What am I?

Answer: A promise

7. Speak and I am no More

Riddle: The moment you speak, I am no more. What am I?

Answer: Silence

8. Shared and I am no More

Riddle: The moment you let another person know of my existence, I am no more. What am I?

Answer: A secret

9. Easy Riddles for Teenagers

Riddle: It is yours but others use it more than you do. What am I?

Answer: Your name

10. The Capital of Kenya

Riddle: What is the capital of Kenya?

Answer: The letter K and not Nairobi

11. Shorter When Long

Riddle: What is the only word that becomes shorter when you add more letters to it?

Answer: Short

12. Mother, Daughter, Granddaughter

Riddle: On a lazy Sunday afternoon, two mothers and two daughters decided to order food in the nearby restaurant. They ordered enough food for three people and claimed it will be enough for each of them. How comes?

Answer: In the room was a mother, her daughter and her daughter’s daughter.

13. Running Without Moving

Riddle: I run around houses without moving a single step. What am I?

Answer: A fence

14. Black Door, Yellow Door, Blue Door

Riddle: While driving, a man saw three doors as he was told. There was a black door, a yellow door and a blue door. Which door is he likely to open first?

Answer: The car’s door

15. Running a Marathon

Riddle: Bekele was running a marathon. He passed Mo Farah in third place and Bekele in second place. Which position is Bekele right now?

Answer: Second position. You assume the position you just passed.

16. Green Riverine Ravines

Riddle: Riverine ravines are always green. Can you read that without R?

Answer: THAT. Riddles are tricky and in this instance, you are required to read “that”. Gotchya!

17. Train Crush

Riddle: When a train crushed on the Mississippi river every single person in it died but, a few survived. Who survived?

Answer: Couples. Only singles died.

18. Sharing an Umbrella

Riddle: A brother, a sister and their dog Bailey shared an umbrella. Not even their feet got wet. How comes?

Answer: It wasn’t raining.

19. What is it Riddle

Riddle: It only goes up and up and never down throughout your life. What is it?

Answer: Your age

20. Full of Holes

Riddle: I am full of holes but can still hold a considerable amount of water. What am I?

Answer: A sponge

21. Wetter the More I Dry

Riddle: I get wet when I dry. What am I?

Answer: A towel

22. Available Once in Lifetime, Twice in Moment

Riddle: What is only available once in lifetime, twice in moment and never in decade?

Answer: The letter M

23. The Wrong Word

Riddle: Which word is spelled wrong in every dictionary in the world?

Answer: Wrong

24. Harvesting Apples

Riddle: If you harvested three apples from each of the seven figs in your garden, how many apples will you have at the end of your second day?

Answer: None. Apples don’t grow on fig trees

25. Fox in the Woods

Riddle: How deep can a fox run into the woods?

Answer: Only halfway or else the fox will run out of the woods

26. Easy Riddles for Adults

Riddle: What do you throw when using it, but take it back when not using it?

Answer: An anchor

27. I Feed and Grow, Drink and Die

Riddle: If you feed me, I will live and grow. If you water me, I will not survive. What am I?

Answer: The fire

28. Alphabet Letters

Riddle: How many letters are there in alphabet?

Answer: Only eight

29. Jailer vs. Jeweler

Riddle: What differentiates a jailer from a jeweler?

Answer: A Jailer watches cells; a jeweler sells watches

There you have our list of easy riddles for you. Enjoy!

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easy riddles for kids, teens, adults

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