100 Best Christmas Riddles to Cheer Up Your Holidays

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The Christmas season is never Christmas without endless fun and activities that build memories never to be forgotten between you and your loved ones.

And where kids are involved, why not add riddles to the fun and see who is the ultimate Guru when it comes to getting Christmas riddles right?

We have compiled a list of the best Christmas riddles for you to enjoy with your family and friends while having the best of the festivities.

Most of the entries are unique and simplified for all age groups to understand with ease.

The Riddle of a Beautiful Tree

Riddle: I am a beautiful tree. I am the only tree that moves into people’s houses once every year. I join them to celebrate and add joy to the festivities. Who am I?

Answer: Christmas tree.

Wild Christmas Tunes

Riddle: If wild animals celebrated Christmas with music, what will their Christmas music be called?

Answer: Jungle Bells.

Adam’s Christmas Eve

Riddle: What did Adam tell Eve in the garden of Eden a day before Christmas?

Answer: It’s Christmas, Eve.

Santa’s Christmas Riddle

Riddle: I made Santa red and white. I am a soft drink company with a global presence. In some places, soft drinks are synonymous with my brand name. Who am I?

Answer: Coca-cola.

Three Wise Men

Riddle: We were the first to witness the birth of Christ. We brought baby Jesus lots of gifts that the world remembers us to this day. Who are we?

Answer: The three wise men or the magi.

The Morning Star

Riddle: I guided the three magi to the manger where the baby Jesus was born. I was only visible to them and no one else throughout the journey. What am I?

Answer: The star.

The Christmas Joy

Riddle: Lifeless, I bring joy. White with a button nose. Children love to play with me during Christmas. Who am I?

Answer: Snowman.

Mystery of Snowman’s Death

Riddle: What do you call a dead snowman?

Answer: Water. When snowman dies, he goes back to being water

The December Christmas Riddle

Riddle: What can be found in “December” and not any other month?

Answer: The letter D.

Santa’s Little Helper

Riddle: I am Santa’s little helper. Who am I?

Answer: The elf.

Christmas Colors

Riddle: What color is Santa’s belt?

Answer: Black.

The Boxing Day After Christmas

Riddle: Why is Santa believed to be good in boxing?

Answer: He has a black belt.

Christmas Tree Decoration

Riddle: Colorful stripes I decorate your Christmas tree. Metallic and shiny you will find me. What am I?

Answer: Tinsel.

Christmas Reindeers

Riddle: We are four-legged beasts and Santa’s best friends. If you have been well behaved throughout the year, we might pull him your way and you’ll be showered with gifts. What are we?

Answer: Reindeers.

Christmas and the New Year

Riddle: When February has 29 days as opposed to 28 days for that year and Christmas falls on a Tuesday, on which day will be New Year Day?

Answer: Tuesday.

The Christmas Carol

Riddle: I am an amazing Christmas carol with a promise of 12 gifts. What’s my name?

Answer: The Twelve Days of Christmas song.

Christmas Gifts

Riddle: When Santa starts distributing gifts to well-behaved children. What direction does he travel in?

Answer: South. He is from the north pole.

Looking Up the Christmas Skies

Riddle: What did Mrs. Claus tell Santa when she looked up in the sky during Christmas?

Answer: Can you see rain dear?

The Christmas Before Thanksgiving

Riddle: When does Christmas always come before Thanksgiving?

Answer: In the dictionary.

Santa’s Twelve Reindeers

Riddle: I am one of Santa’s twelve reindeer. I am also part of Valentine’s Day celebrations. My brothers are Blitzen, Dasher and Comet. Who am I?

Answer: Cupid.

Christmas Riddles for Kids

Riddle: What does a snowman eat for breakfast?

Answer: Frosted flakes.

What I Want for Christmas

Riddle: All I want for Christmas is?

Answer: You.

Christmas on the New Year’s Day Riddle

Riddle: When was the last time when Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall on the same day of the week?

Answer: Every Year.

Stuffed on Christmas Day

Riddle: Who is never hungry during Christmas day?

Answer: The turkey. Because the turkey is always stuffed.

The Elfabet Riddle

Riddle: What do they teach in Elvish schools across the world?

Answer: Elfabet.

Christmas Riddle I

Riddle: Which of Santa’s twelve reindeer can you see across the sky at night?

Answer: Comet.

The Christmas Money Bank

Riddle: Where does the snowman hide his money?

Answer: In the snowbank.

Ho Ho Ho

Riddle: What does Santa probably do all day long in his garden?

Answer: Ho Ho Ho.

Apples on a Christmas Tree

Riddle: What do you get when you crossbreed a Christmas tree and an apple tree?

Answer: A Pineapple tree.

Rudolf’s Nose Riddle

Riddle: Why is the reindeer Rudolf so good at answering tough riddles?

Answer: Because he nose a lot.

There you have our best Christmas riddles.

Watch these kids funny Christmas Zoom video:

Christmas riddles zoom video fun for kids

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