35+ Good Riddles for Kids and Families

35+ Good Riddles for Kids and Families

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Are you looking for good riddles to challenge yourself, your kids or friends?

We’ve got your back.

In this article, we feature good riddles that are ideal for audiences with kids and teens in the mix.

They are balanced, well-curated and suited for smart people like you.

So, if you are looking for ways to challenge your brain and sharpen your logic and thinking process, these good riddles are for you.

Let’s get started.

Good riddles to stump your family and friends

1. The Riddle About Mental Fatigue

Riddle: Why do people on a full stomach find it hard to study and understand faster?

Answer: They cannot digest more than they have

2. Getting Married

Riddle: Why do people in Tunisia find it hard to get married?

Answer: They export all their dates

3. The Dog in the Woods

Riddle: How deep can a dog wander into the woods?

Answer: Halfway or else the dog will be out of the woods

4. Good Riddles for You

Riddle: Which word is spelled incorrectly in the Oxford dictionary?

Answer: Incorrectly

5. Tossing the Coin

Riddle: A coin is tossed 30 times and all of them were heads. What are the chances that the next toss will be a tail again?

Answer: 50 percent chance

6. Living in California

Riddle: Why would a person living in California never be buried in Texas?

Answer: The person is still living. We bury the dead

7. Hiking in the Rain

Riddle: Four friends on a hiking spree got rained on. All of them got their hair wet except one. How comes?

Answer: He was bald and had no hair that would get wet

8. Good Riddles for Teens

Riddle: What is the difference between a warden and a person who sells watches?

Answer: A warden watches the cells and the other sells the watches

9. The Riddle of the Leaves

Riddle: Step on the living ones and they never complain. Step on the dead ones and they complain loudly about every step. What is it?

Answer: Leaves

10. Predicting Correct Scores

Riddle: During the World Cup, there was a Nigerian man who knew the score for every game before it started. How did he know?

Answer: Everyone does.

Before the game starts, the scores are 0:0

11. Logic Riddles, Oranges

Riddle: There are eight kids and eight oranges in a yellow bowl. How do you distribute the oranges to all the kids, each getting one orange and still remain with one in the bowl?

Answer: Give each kid one orange and the last kid his orange in a bowl

12. Good Riddles for Kids

Riddle: What would you add to a bucket full of water to make it weigh less?

Answer: A hole at the bottom

13. Plucked from a fruit, Bitter like a Root

Riddle: Plucked from a fruit, I am bitter like a root, burning and bold, or even cold when sold. What am I?

Answer: Coffee

14. Freezes When Heating

Riddle: I freeze when excessively heated up. What am I?

Answer: A computer

15. Who am I Riddle

Riddle: Brothers and sisters have I none, but that girl is my mother’s daughter. Who am I?

Answer: An image of myself on the mirror

16. Hearts that Pump no Blood

Riddle: I have many hearts that have no life and pump no blood. What am I?

Answer: A deck of cards

17. A Walking Taxi Driver

Riddle: A young driver on his way to a movie theatre travels through the wrong route on a one-way street. The traffic police don’t seem to bother either. Why is that?

Answer: The young driver was walking

18. Two Beautiful Girls

Riddle: Two beautiful girls were born the same day and hour and are of the same mother but the two girls are not twins. How is this possible?

Answer: The two girls are part of the triplets set with a boy

19. The House Cleaner

Riddle: I am all about a clean house and with the lady of the house, we dance side to side every day. In the end, I make her happy yet, I am always about work and never in romance. Who am I?

Answer: I am a broom

20. Precious Little Dancer

Riddle: I am precious little and delicate. I dance along as I eat. From a distance, you can feel my warmth and gentle love but careful to move any closer, for you can be my next meal. What am I?

Answer: The fire

21. The Riddle of The Watermelon

Riddle: What type of water is eaten while red?

Answer: The watermelon

22. English Dictionary Words

Riddle: Which word in the Exford English dictionary becomes shorter when you add two more words to it?

Answer: Short + er becomes shorter

23. Indeterminate Growth

Riddle: I only grow up and up at the same rate and never down. What am I?

Answer: Age

24. Months of the Year

Riddle: How many months in a year have 28 days?

Answer: Twelve months

25. Rivers of the World

Riddle: Before the Nile river was discovered, what was the longest river in the world?

Answer: It was still the Nile.

26. Millicent’s Mother

Riddle: Millicent’s mother had three daughters: Daisy, Fiona, and …?

Answer: Millicent

27. Sides of a Circle

Riddle: How many sides does a circle have?

Answer: Two sides – the inner side and the outer side

28. Big and Weightless

Riddle: I can be as big as the Burj Khalifa, but I weigh nothing. What am I?

Answer: The shadow

29. What Am I Riddle

Riddle: I fall to the ground from kilometers in the sky but never get hurt. What am I?

Answer: The rain

30. The Floor Never Cracked

Riddle: I threw a raw egg onto the floor from 3 meters above and it never cracked. How comes?

Answer: The floor never cracked.

31. The Seconds in a Year

Riddle: How many seconds are there in a year?

Answer: Twelve seconds.

We have a second every month.

32. Work Without Sleep

Riddle: Can someone work for 10 days without sleeping?

Answer: Yes! They will be sleeping at night

33. One Way In, Three Ways Out

Riddle: I have one way in and three different ways out. What am I?

Answer: A shirt

34. Building a House

Riddle: Four men built your house in 6 months. How long will it one man to build the same house?

Answer: The very house is already built.

One man will build nothing as a result

35. Good Riddles for You IV

Riddle: I have the reputation to hear everything but I say none. What am I?

Answer: An ear

There you have a complete list of our good riddles. I hope you’ve had fun!

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