20+ Fun Who is it Riddles for You

20+ Fun Who is it Riddles for You

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Are you looking for the best “who is it riddles” for your upcoming family or friends games night?

This article has got your back.

We have come up with unique and some of the best who is it riddles your friends will find funny and interesting.

The best part is, the riddles are simple and balanced in that you can play with people of different age groups – kids, teens, or adults, and still have the same level of fun.

What are are you waiting for? Lets dive in right away.

Who is it Riddles List

1. The Story of the Father and the Son

Riddle: A father and a son went hunting in the wild when they both fell off the cliff. The father died and the son was in a critical situation and was rushed to the emergency room. The surgeon on duty walked into the ER and said, “I cannot operate on the boy. He is my son.” Who is the doctor?

Answer: The mother

2. The Riddle of the Father, Son

Riddle: A man said to himself pointing at a picture on the wall, “I have no brother, I have a sister. But that man’s father is my father’s son.” Who was in the picture?

Answer: His son

3. The Holy See

Riddle: He married so many women that he couldn’t remember the exact number; but, he has never been married to anyone. Who is it?

Answer: A Catholic father

4. A Father to Many

Riddle: He is a father to many. Many come to him to seek advice when the going gets hard. However, he has no children of his own. Who is it?

Answer: A Catholic father

5. The Mystery Shaver

Riddle: He shaves several times in a day but would still be seen with hair on him. Who is it?

Answer: A barber

6. An Enemy of My Friend

Riddle: My best friend is the best friend of my enemy. Who is my friend?

Answer: He is an enemy

7. Who is It Riddle of a Teacher

Riddle: A teacher’s brother died suddenly. But, the man who died had no brother. Who is the teacher?

Answer: His sister

8. The Pretty One

Riddle: She is pretty with hands that cannot hold, feet that cannot walk, perfect skin that cannot feel and beautiful eyes without sight. Who is she?

Answer: She is a doll

9. Who is the Fearless?

Riddle: Who is braver between a stone and a piece of metal?

Answer: A stone because a stone is a little boulder

10. Murder Mystery I

Riddle: A man was murdered in the sandy field. The investigating police found human footprints and two narrow parallel lines leading away from the scene. Who should the police be looking for?

Answer: A man in a wheelchair

11. Murder Mystery Puzzle II

Riddle: Two friends Alan and Jasmine went out for a drink. They both ordered their drinks with ice cubes. Alan took 7 by the time Jasmine finished one. The drinks were poisoned but only Jasmine died. How comes?

Answer: The poison was in the ice cubes. Jasmine took longer allowing the ice to melt and release the poison.

12. Blind Girl Reading

Riddle: A girl sitting in a house in pitch darkness is seen reading comfortably. How comes?

Answer: The girl is blind and she is using a Braille

13. Russian White House

Riddle: A cloud of thick white smoke was seen coming out of Russia’s White House. The president was ordered to vacate immediately before matters got worse. Who gave these orders?

Answer: Russia has no White House. The Russian president’s official residence is called the Kremlin.

14. The British President

Riddle: Who is the current British president?

Answer: The UK has no president.

It has a prime minister as the head of government and the queen as head of state.

15. Who is It Riddles C

Riddle: I am kin to my father but I am not his son. Who am I?

Answer: His daughter

16. The Riddle of the Strange One at the Sea

Riddle: Who is the strange one in the oceans with a head, eyes, eight arms but no legs?

Answer: An Octopus

17. Love Triangle

Riddle: In our class, Joy likes Kim, Karim likes Chidimna, Xi likes Midori and Vlad likes Prisha. Who is loved among these classmates? (Hint: The answer lies in the order in which names appear)

Answer: None. They all like each other

18. Say My Name

Riddle: I belong to you but other people use me more than you do. Who am I?

Answer: Your name

19. The Riddle of the Penguin, Polar Bears and Seals

Riddle: While escaping a Polar Bear, a baby penguin run into a group of seals to hide. What are the chances that the baby penguin survived?

Answer: There is no way the two can meet.

They are in two different worlds where polar bear lives in the north pole while penguins are native to the south pole

20. Who is It Riddle B

Riddle: He is a mammal, like you. He has eyes that don’t see. His bite might turn you into a vampire. Who is it?

Answer: A bat

There you have a complete list of our best who is it riddles.

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