Funny school riddles?

This article features a list of the best riddles for you to enjoy and have fun with your school-going-age kids or students.

Most of the riddles here are short with a mix of easy, moderate, and hard riddles meant to expand students’ logic, thinking, and critical problem-solving ability.

Above all, every school riddles featured here has a trick of its own that demands you take time to think through the question before giving your response.

Magic Schools Curriculum

Riddle: What is the main subject taught at witchcraft and wizardry schools?

Answer: Spelling.

Bright Students

Riddle: Why does the class teacher wear glasses to class?

Answer: Because the students are very bright.

School Riddles for Kids

Riddle: What animals live in schools?

Answer: Fish.

The Ink Pen

Riddle: What did the ink pen say to the pencil?

Answer: What is your point?

Higher Education Riddle

Riddle: What was the student in the airplane studying?

Answer: Higher education.

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Drawing Classes

Riddle: Why do all vampires take drawing classes?

Answer: They’d like to learn how to draw blood.

Snakes School Curriculum

Riddle: What subject do snakes love the most in school?

Answer: Hiss-tory.

School Riddles II

Riddle: I am white when dirty and very black when clean. What am I?

Answer: A blackboard.

Learning Enough

Riddle: What have you learned in school today?

Answer: I haven’t learned enough. I will have to go back tomorrow as well.

The Homework

Riddle: Why did the pupils love their homework that much?

Answer: They were told it was cheesy easy.

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Learning Alphabet

Riddle: Why are pirates so poor at learning the alphabet?

Answer: They spend all their time at C.

Math Textbook Says,

Riddle: What did the math textbook on the shelf tell other books?

Answer: I have so many problems.

The Cheating Cheetahs

Riddle: Which animals does everyone not trust?

Answer: A cheetah.

Learn to Make Ice Cream

Riddle: Where can you learn how to best make ice cream?

Answer: At Sundae school.

The Music Teacher

Riddle: Where did the music teacher leave her keys?

Answer: On the piano.

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Leading Math Classes

Riddle: Who leads math classes in every school across the world?

Answer: The ruler.

Students in School

Riddle: Why did the students complain of unfairness and oppression in school?

Answer: The teachers were dictating notes on them.

The Computer Lab Riddle

Riddle: What did the computers in the computer lab have for breakfast?

Answer: They had a byte.

The Clock in the Dinning Hall

Riddle: Why does the clock in the dining hall always run slower?

Answer: It always went back four seconds.

The Captain Grades Riddle

Riddle: What did the ship captain score back in school?

Answer: High C’s.

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Brightest Students

Riddle: What do the brightest students take with them when they go fishing?

Answer: Bookworms.

The Bee School

Riddle: What do bees use as a mode of transport to their schools?

Answer: They use their school buzz.

The Riddle of the Pencil and an Eraser

Riddle: Why won’t pencil manufacturers make them with erasers at both ends?

Answer: That idea will make pencils pointless.

How to Write

Riddle: Which hand do you find it easy to write with?

Answer: None. We all write using pens and not hands.

The Riddle of the Sun and the School

Riddle: Why doesn’t the sun go to school?

Answer: There is no need. The sun already has millions of degrees.

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The Library

Riddle: Which buildings have the most stories everywhere in the world?

Answer: The libraries.

The Spelling Bee

Riddle: What type of bees have the most vocabularies spelled right?

Answer: The spelling bees.

School Riddle III

Riddle: What is the most favorite dessert for every math teacher?

Answer: The pi.

Students in New York

Riddle: Where do most students in New York sharpen their math skills right before exams?

Answer: In the Times Square.

What am I? (School Riddles)

Middle school Riddles

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Math Problems

Riddle: Why was the math book always sad?

Answer: Because it always had problems.

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School Riddles for Kids II

Riddle: What do you do when a fellow student rolls their eyes at you?

Answer: Pick them up and rollback.

Writing on the Window

Riddle: Why did the teacher decide to write on the window instead of the board?

Answer: The teacher wanted to make everything clear.

School Riddles for Students

Riddle: What do you need if you want to go to a high school?

Answer: A ladder.

Found in the Past, Made in the Present

Riddle: I am always found in the past but created in the present. More than often, the future has no impact on me. What am I?

Answer: History.

The Umbrella Dilemma

Riddle: Two girls and two young men were walking to school. They only one umbrella to share. How comes none got wet?

Answer: It wasn’t raining. Perhaps they shielded from the sun rays.

Elf’s Academy

Riddle: What is the main subject taught in Elvish schools?

Answer: The Elfabet.

There you have our complete list of back to school riddles and jokes.

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