Are there true riddles for adults?

Of cos there are riddles for adults.

In as much as riddles are fashioned in a way that makes everyone think it’s a kid’s affair today, they started as a pastime activity to test and challenge one’s logic and thinking process among the elite in the Agora, in ancient Greece.

It is through riddles, among many other critical thinking themes, that advanced logic and mathematics came into existence whose benefits we enjoy today in form of AI, computers and machine learning.

However, in this article, we are featuring simple riddles for adults that are meant to entertain and are fun.

If you are looking for more riddles to add to your riddles basket for the upcoming bachelorette party, girls night or games-and-fun night with your friends or alone with special someone, these riddles for adults are what you are looking for.

Let’s dive in.

A Family Riddle

Riddle: Four siblings are busy on a Sunday afternoon: Mary is cooking, Adolfo is playing card games, Mayr is ironing. What is Elizabeth doing?

Answer: Playing card games with Adolfo.

The Two Cases

Riddle: I always have two cases. I neither win nor lose either of them and there is no need for a lawyer’s defense for me. What am I?

Answer: Upper case and lower case.

A Trip Along the Coast

Riddle: On a trip along the west coast, I saw a boat full of people. However, there was not a single person in it. How comes?

Answer: They were all engaged.

Without Breaking It

Riddle: In what ways can you drop a raw egg on the tiled floor without breaking it?

Answer: Raw eggs don’t crack tiled floors.

Not an Uncle

Riddle: If your aunt’s brother is not your uncle, what is the relationship between the two of you?

Answer: He is your father.

Crazy Riddles for Adults

Riddle: I go in hard and always come out softer. Many would love to blow me. What am I?

Answer: A chewing gum.

The Crying Baby

Riddle: We couldn’t take the picture of the lady with a crying baby. What is that?

Answer: The crying baby is not a camera.

Bedroom Matters

Riddle: A few of us prefer on top while others prefer at the bottom. Above all, it’s bedroom matters.

Answer: A bunk bed.

Elephant Picture

Riddle: What has a trunk like an elephant, has large ears like an elephant, trumpets like an elephant but is not an elephant?

Answer: A picture of an elephant.

The Five Letters Word

Riddle: Which five-letter word becomes larger when you add an R?

Answer: Large.

The British Parliament

Riddle: The British parliament passed a resolution to ban all medicine exports to the US. It was brought to the president for signature. How likely is it that the president signs it into law?

Answer: Britain has no president.

Your Heart

Riddle: You can crush me. You can break me. You can melt me away. You can win me. Who am I?

Answer: The heart.

Cannot be Bought, But Influenced

Riddle: I cannot be bought but can be influenced by money. I can be stolen but with my consent. I can be worthless to one and priceless to another at the same time. What am I?

Answer: Love.

Friday Before Thursday

Riddle: When does Friday come before Thursday?

Answer: In the dictionary.

Men in New York

Riddle: Why would men living in New York not be buried in Texas in the south?

Answer: They are still living and not dead.

Love Riddles for Adults

Riddle: I am a lovely ship with two sailors but no captain. What am I?

Answer: A relationship.

Swimming in Maldives Beach

Riddle: Three friends went swimming on the sandy coast of the Maldives. One never got his wet despite swimming for hours. How comes?

Answer: He had no hair.

The Amazing Word

Riddle: Which word in the dictionary is amazing?

Answer: Amazing.

Funny Riddles for Adults

Riddle: What did smelly feet say before going for a stroll?

Answer: This socks.

What the Dessert Said to the Spoon

Riddle: What did the dessert say to the spoon after the sweet meal?

Answer: Spoon me.

February, November and December

Riddle: I can be seen three times in December, twice in November and once in February. What am I?

Answer: The letter E.

The Law

Riddle: There is a crime that is punishable by law if you attempt it but not when you break it. What is it?

Answer: Suicide.

The Riddle of the Pearl

Riddle: Lovely and round, I shine with pale light, grown in the darkness, a lady’s delight. What am I?

Answer: A pearl.

A Box of Melody

Riddle: I am a box with lots of black and white keys that unlocks and frees souls. What am I?

Answer: A piano.

Someone’s Heart

Riddle: I can touch someone and make them happy but cannot see it. What is it?

Answer: Someone’s heart.

The Faster You Run,

Riddle: The faster you run, the harder it gets to catch. What is it?

Answer: Breath.

The Wedding Ring

Riddle: What brings two people closer yet it touches only one?

Answer: A wedding ring.

What is It Riddle for Adults

Riddle: It is yours. It can be stolen from you. It can be altered by you and others. It can be mistaken. But, it remains ours no matter what. What is it?

Answer: Your identity.

Alive in Light, Dead in the Dark

Riddle: I only live where there is light. I will die right away when you deny me light or shine it all around me. What am I?

Answer: Your shadow.

The Violin Symphony

Riddle: With a tender voice, slender waist, unmatched beauty; I am always invited to play and entertain audiences with my voice. Wherever I go, I always take a bow with me. What am I?

Answer: A violin.

There you have our list of unique riddles for adults. Have fun!

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