Who said Bible riddles cannot be as fun and interesting as any other riddles out there?

Well, in this edition of bible trivia, we have come up with a well-curated list of bible themed riddles (with answers of cos) that you, your family, and friends will find useful, interesting, and educative.

If you are looking for a fanciful way to explore notable characters, stories, and storylines in the bible without appearing overly boring, especially with the little ones in the picture, this list of bible riddles is for you.

Jonah and the Fish

Riddle: Instead of going to Nineveh on God’s divine mission, I decided to go in the opposite direction. I ended up hauled into the sea and swallowed by a whale. Who am I?

Answer: Jonah.

The Battle of Jericho

Riddle: Tasked with a mission impossible, I marched my people to the walls of Jericho to face off the giants and God guaranteed our victory. Who am I?

Answer: Joshua.

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Locusts and Honey

Riddle: On an empty stomach in the desert, I fed on locusts and honey for the entire time I was in the desert. Who am I?

Answer: John the Baptist.

Bible Riddles for Kids

Riddle: Who is the most successful doctor according to the bible?

Answer: Job. He had the most patients (patience).

Bible Studies

Riddle: What is the best method for one to study the bible?

Answer: You Luke into it.

The Story of Boaz

Riddle: What was Boaz’s persona before he married Ruth?

Answer: He was Ruthless.

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Bible Who am I Riddles

Riddle: Who is the smartest person in the bible?

Answer: Abraham. He knew a Lot.

Prophet of God

Riddle: Who among the Biblical prophets had no parents?

Answer: Joshua, the son of Nun.

Noah and the Ark

Riddle: Which animals was Joshua not allowed to take into the ark?

Answer: None. It wasn’t Joshua who had the ark but Noah.

Easy Bible Riddles

Riddle: What did Adam say just a day before Christmas?

Answer: It’s Christmas, Eve.

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Abraham and Sarah

Riddle: I am the first son of Abraham. I lived for slightly above 137 years. I am believed to be the father of Islam. Who am I?

Answer: Ishamel.

He was the first son of Abraham and Hagar and the father of 12 children.

Noah’s Ark

Riddle: What type of light is Noah believed to have used for the 150 days he was in the ark?

Answer: Floodlights.

Biblical Covenants

Riddle: I am colorful and seen across the sky. I only can be seen on a drizzling day and not night. Some people believe that I was first spotted after the floods of Noah. What am I?

Answer: A rainbow.

Hard Bible Riddles to Solve

Riddle: Among all the animals in the ark, which one did Noah trust the least?

Answer: The Cheetah!

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Bible Character Riddles

Riddle: I am the greatest of all beings. I lived even before God and earth. I rule the underworld, the land of the living and the heavens. Who am I?

Answer: Nobody.

The King of Babylon

Riddle: I saw the writings on the wall. And, I knew my reign is about to end. Who am I?

Answer: King Belshazzar the King of Babylon.

Bible Story

Riddle: What made Jonah not trust the sea?

Answer: He suspected there was something fishy in it.

The Garden of Eden

Riddle: What stories did Adam possibly give to his grandchildren as an explanation for them leaving the Garden of Eden?

Answer: Your grandma ate us out of the Garden of Eden.

Funny Bible Riddles

Riddle: How does Joshua make his coffee and that of his friends?

Answer: Hebrews it for everyone.

The Ten Commandments

Riddle: Who broke the most laws in the bible?

Answer: Moses. He broke all the first 10 laws that God gave him.

I am Who I am

Riddle: I have a face and a persona. I however am not a human, plant, or animal. I am who I am. Who am I?

Answer: God.

Longest Name in the Bible

Riddle: I have the longest name in the bible. Who am I?

Answer: Mahershalalhashbaz.

On the Cross, On the Cross

Riddle: I closely resemble the letter T. I am a symbol of the Christian faith. I can be seen in many colors but especially red, white and black. What am I?

Answer: The cross.

Mount Sinai

Riddle: What tech item did Moses bring humanity from Mount Sinai?

Answer: The tablet.

The Original Sin

Riddle: I tricked Eve to eat from the forbidden tree. I used to have legs but not anymore. I am known as the master deceiver. Who am I?

Answer: The snake. Others call it the serpent.

Best Selling Book of All Time

Riddle: No book in the world has sold more than I. I am one book and also 66 books at the same time. My words have changed people from bad to good for millenniums. Who am I?

Answer: The bible.

Funny Riddles for Kids

Riddle: Why didn’t Noah and his family play a game of cards for the time they were in the ark?

Answer: Noah was standing on the deck.

Samson and Delilah

Riddle: Which biblical comedian brought the house down during his time?

Answer: Samson.

Moses and the Stone Tablets

Riddle: When was modern medicine first mentioned in the bible?

Answer: When God gave Moses the two tablets on Mount Sinai.

Biblical Account of Creation

Riddle: When did God create Adam?

Answer: A short time before the eve of that day.

There you have our complete list of Bible riddles. I hope you had fun!

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