Word Riddles: 90+ Word Games to Test Your Brain

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The trickiest riddles are the ones that play on words.

More than often, these types of riddles demand an understanding of a wide range of words and vocabularies to get them just right.

But, that doesn’t imply that new words riddles do not demand some degree of logic to unlock the hidden tricks in them.

Getting them right every time means you have not only mastered logic but also vocabulary – a combination that is necessary when unlocking new words riddles.

Looking for the best new words riddles to expand your thinking and logic for fun? This article is for you.

The riddles here are ideal for kids, teens and adults to play and have fun at any time.

The Four Letter Word

Riddle: I am a four-letter word that retains its pronunciation even after removing all letters following the initial letter. What am I?

Answer: Queue.

The Three Letters Word

Riddle: I am a three letters word that reads the same forward and backward. What am I?

Answer: Nun.

Days Without Sleep

Riddle: How can I go for eight days without sleeping?

Answer: I might be sleeping at night.

Living in London

Riddle: Why can’t a man living in London metropolitan be buried in Dublin?

Answer: The man is still living.

Complex Words Riddles

Riddle: I am a four letters word that reads the same forward and backward. I also read the same upside down. What am I?

Answer: NOON.

I’m in the Middle of Creation

Riddle: I am the end of space and time and the beginning of the end. I am in the middle of creation and everywhere. What am I?

Answer: The letter E.

What am I Riddle VI

Riddle: Forward, I am very heavy. Backward, I am not. What am I?

Answer: Not.

The 26 Alphabetical Letters Word

Riddle: What is the only word to contain all the 26 alphabetical letters?

Answer: Alphabet.

The Five Letters Word in Caps

Riddle: I am a five letters word in caps. I can be read the same way upside down. I am an activity that relates to water. What am I?

Answer: SWIMS.

Two in One Insect

Riddle: I am a simple insect. The first part of my name is another insect that stings. Who am I?

Answer: Beetle.

Shorter Words Riddles

Riddle: I am a five letters word. When you add two more letters to me, I become shorter. What am I?

Answer: Short.

A Palindrome

Riddle: Identify the common thing in the following words: madam, eye, civic, level, noon.

Answer: They can be read the same way backward.

A Star in the Sky, Planet and an Ancient God

Riddle: I am a star in the sky, one of the planets in the solar system, a god in the ancient days and my name is the same as a devil among the faithful. Who am I?

Answer: Saturn.

A Fragile Tranquility

Riddle: I am tranquility and also fragility. But when you say even a word, I am not there anymore. Who am I?

Answer: Silence.

Itchy Secret

Riddle: I am always making you feel like sharing me. But once shared, I am not there anymore. What am I?

Answer: A secret.

Working in the Deli

Riddle: A strong young man, six feet tall, well built, and wears a shoe size ten works at a frontline in a deli nearby. What does he weigh?

Answer: Possibly meat!

Trick English Words Riddle

Riddle: I am a five letters word. When you remove the last letter, we are thirty. What am I?

Answer: Trays.

The Three Dozen

Riddle: We are three dozens but when you remove three we remain twelve. Who are we?

Answer: Dozen.

The Race Car Riddle

Riddle: I am the only seven letters word that can be read the same way forward as you will backward. Who am I?

Answer: Racecar.

Double Letters Word

Riddle: I am the only English word with consecutive double letters following each other three times. Who am I?

Answer: Bookkeeper.

It’s Right When Pronounced Wrong

Riddle: It is right when I pronounced wrong and wrong when I am pronounced right. What am I?

Answer: Wrong.

Fewer Words Riddle

Riddle: I am a three letters word. When you add two more letters, we become fewer. Who are we?

Answer: Few.

The Seven Letter Word

Riddle: I am a seven letters word. Remove some and I remain with only one. Who am I?

Answer: Someone.

Riddle: What is the most popular book among teenagers and adults these days?

Answer: Facebook.

Reading the Alphabet

Riddle: Why can’t pirates ever finish alphabets?

Answer: They always get lost at C.

Watch this short video of new words riddles:

words riddles for kids and teenagers

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