30+ Hilarious Halloween Riddles | Scary & Creepy

30+ Hilarious Halloween Riddles | Scary & Creepy

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Are you looking for spooky Halloween riddles for 31, October? Or, scary riddles for the upcoming family and friends riddles session?

We have come up with some of the best-handpicked entries for you to enjoy and have fun.

They are short, simple and on point making sure you get the challenge without being overly obvious or very difficult for the little ones to lose interest.

Here we go,

The Creepiest Halloween Riddles List

1. The Riddle of the Witch on the Beach

Riddle: What name do we give to a witch on the beach?

Answer: A Sandwich

Or simply a Sandwitch. This is derived from Sand on the beach + the witch.

2. The Riddle of Identical Twins

Riddle: What is the issue with identical twin witches?

Answer: You never know which witch is which

How would you know which witch is which when they are identical? Unless you put a tag on one of them. Or, they dress in different outfits.

3. The Halloween Riddles of Nobody

Riddle: I am a body with a head, legs, arms, and feet. I am white, bare and naked. What am I?

Answer: I am a skeleton

4. Tales of a Mummy

Riddle: I am wrapped around like a sausage roll. I am well store in a safe chamber away from everyone. Archaeologists marvel every time they find me. Who am I?

Answer: I am a Mummy

5. Living Ghosts

Riddle: What room are ghosts most afraid of?

Answer: The LIVING room

6. Halloween Hotels

Riddle: What services do witches order when they go to a hotel?

Answer: A bROOM service

7. Skeletons and Nobodies

Riddle: Why are skeletons lonely and alone at all times?

Answer: Because they have noBody

8. The Devils Favorite Dessert

Riddle: What are ghosts favorite dessert?

Answer: iSCREAM

9. The Riddle of Exotic Vacations

Riddle: Which place do ghosts go for their exotic vacation?

Answer: Lake Erie

10. Say Candies…

Riddle: How do you say candy using two letters?

Answer: I would say: C-and-Y

11. The Snowman and a Witch

Riddle: What type of child can a snowman and a witch have together?

Answer: A Cold-spell

12. The Famous Yard

Riddle: Where would you find Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, Isaac Newton and Bruce Lee?

Answer: In the Graveyard

13. The Tales of Jack O’ Lantern

Riddle: One day in a year I am the center of attraction. I am decorated with lots of creative styles. I am also a dessert most of the year and some people eat my leaves as a vegetable. Who am I?

Answer: I am a pumpkin

14. Who am I?

Riddle: Pumpkins, pranks, candies and all sorts of decorations belong to me. I make you get excited about darkness. Who am I?

Answer: I am Halloween

15. I have Nobody

Riddle: If a broom has a stick, a ding has a dong, a Tik has a Tok. What do skeletons have?

Answer: They have no-BODY

16. Love in the Dark

Riddle: I walk only at night. When am full, I wake the werewolves. I always grow and die and grow again. What am I?

Answer: I am the moon

17. Casting Spells Curriculum

Riddle: What is the main subject taught in witchcraft school?

Answer: Spelling

18. Vampires lost in the Fog

Riddle: What happens to a ghost lost in the fog?

Answer: He is mist

19. The Riddle of the Werewolf

Riddle: Where do werewolves keep their weapons?

Answer: In their claw-set

20. Halloween Riddles of Death

Riddle: When does it signify death when you meet a black cat on your way?

Answer: When you are a mouse

21. Mummies Music

Children Halloween songs

Riddle: What is mummies most favorite music genre?

Answer: The wRAP music

22. The Riddle of the Noisy Cemeteries

Riddle: Why are most cemeteries noisy deep in the night?

Answer: Because of the coffins

23. Skeletons and the Cold

Riddle: Why do all skeletons suffer from cold?

Answer: Because they are chilled to the bones

24. Bambino Puzzle

Riddle: What is the name of the child between a Bambi and a ghost?

Answer: A bamboo

25. Lonely Jack O’

Riddle: Who is the jack with ahead and no body?

Answer: Jack-o-lantern

26. Ghosts in the Room

Riddle: If you happen to be the only one in the room and a ghost happens to be there in the same room. How comes this is possible?

Answer: When you are your ghost

27. A Quiet Place of Rest

Riddle: You will find me in the quietest, loneliest and most deserted part of the city and yet people are dying to get to me. Who am I?

Answer: The Cemetery

28. What am I?

Riddle: The one who makes me doesn’t want me. The one who wants me doesn’t use me. The one who uses me doesn’t even know. Who am I?

Answer: I am a coffin

29. Jack O’ Riddles for Kids

Riddle: I am very tall when young but get shorter as I grow old. I sometimes stand in the Jack-o-lantern. What am I?

Answer: I am a candle

30. Which Witch is Which?

Riddle: How do you tell which witch is which?

Answer: Only if they are not identical twins

31. The Dead End

Riddle: Where do all ghosts on the road head to?

Answer: The dead-end

32. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Riddle: Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the ugliest Halloweenian of them all?

Answer: All witches

There you have our complete list of Halloween riddles for you.

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