The best number riddles to challenge your brain?

Well, we have crafted a unique list of the best number riddles for you to play and have fun with.

Most of the entries in this list are short and on to the point. And therefore are ideal for kids, teens, and adults.

If you are looking for great riddles for your riddles time or something casual to play yourself or with friends and family, these number riddles are for you.

Let’s get started.

Number Riddles for Kids

Riddle: How many times can you subtract 2 from 8?

Answer: Once!

As soon as you subtract the first time, its no longer 8.

The Integers

Riddle: What are the only two integers that result in two-digits when added and a single-digit when multiplied?

Answer: One and nine.

Eggs Tray

Riddle: Lisa took a dozen eggs from a tray twice. How many eggs remained?

Answer: Six.

A tray means 30 and a dozen means 12.

Logic Riddle for Kids

Riddle: How do you make 14 + 2 = 4?

Answer: Use the clock.

14+2=16 which translates to 4 o’clock.

Clock Chime Intervals

Riddle: If a clock chimes 6 times in 5 minutes, how many times will it chime in 10 minutes?

Answer: 11 times.

The clock will chime once every minute starting after one minute which is the second minute.

Addition Subtraction Dilemma

Riddle: When you add six and four you get ten. But when you add six and ten you get four. How is this possible?

Answer: It is possible when you use a clock.

The Clock’s Arms

Riddle: How many times do clock arms overlap in a day? (Hint: only a genius will get this)

Answer: Twenty-two times.

For am the arms will overlap at these times:

12:00 am.

1:05 am.

2:11 am.

3:16 am.

4:22 am.

5:27 am.

6:33 am.

7:38 am.

8:44 am.

9:49 am.

10:55 am.

As for pm, the arms will overlap at these times:

12:00 pm.

1:05 pm.

2:11 pm.

3:16 pm.

4:22 pm.

5:27 pm.

6:33 pm.

7:38 pm.

8:44 pm.

9:49 pm.

10:55 pm.

Divide 10 by Half

Riddle: What do you get when you take 10 and divide it by half?

Answer: 20!

Most people will say it’s 5.

Even Numbers

Riddle: What is the easiest way to get an even number from seven?

Answer: Remove the S from seven and you remain with even.

A Kilogram of Feathers vs Sand

Riddle: If a kid struggles to lift a kilogram of feathers. What is the likelihood of the kid lifting a kilogram of sand?

Answer: Very likely.

The weight is the same, one kilogram.

An Egg a Day

Riddle: If I buy a dozen eggs and decide to eat one egg for breakfast every day. How long will the eggs last?

Answer: Just 12 days.

Easy Number Riddles

Riddle: What is the easiest way to get number 4 from FIVE?

Answer: Truncate the first and the last letters to get F.IV.E. IV is roman number for 4.

Roman Number Riddles

Riddle: Are you a fan of Roman numbers?

Answer: I for one am a huge fan.

Roman Numerical Riddle

Riddle: Which Roman numerical if criticized in China can land you in trouble?

Answer: XI, the president.

The 9’s Between 0 and 100

Riddle: How many 9’s are there between 0 and 100?

Answer: Twenty.

The Rate of Growth

Riddle: In Lake Victoria, there is a variety of water hyacinths that doubles their size every other day. If it has taken 50 days to cover the whole lake, how many days did it take to cover half the lake?

Answer: 49 days.

One Kilogram and Half

Riddle: One brick is one kilogram and half a brick heavy. What is the weight of one brick?

Answer: Two Kilograms.

The Correct Equation

Riddle: How would you arrange 2, 3, 4, 5, +, and = to make an equation that is correct?

Answer: 2+5=3+4.

Coin Tossing Probability

Riddle: If you tossed a coin 5 times and you always get head. What are the chances of getting head when you toss it the 6th time?

Answer: 50-50.

Number Riddles II

Riddle: How do you make 1+9+1=150 true with the least effort?

Answer: Add a line at the top of the first + to make it 149+1=150.

Good Riddle for Kids

Riddle: What is heavier between a kilogram of sand and a kilogram of cotton wool?

Answer: They carry the same weight.

Funny Number Riddles IV

Riddle: What Roman number just CLIX?

Answer: 159.

The Algebra

Riddle: When added to itself, multiplied by four then divided by eight you end up with the same number?

Answer: All numbers.

Writing in Roman Numbers

Riddle: How do you write 1, 1000, 51, 6, and 500 in Roman numbers?

Answer: IM LIVID.

Boiling an Egg

Riddle: If it takes 16 minutes to boil 4 eggs. How long will it take to boil two eggs?

Answer: Same 16 minutes.

Playing with Numbers

Riddle: Which two integers will you get the same answer when you multiply them and when you divide them?

Answer: One and any other integer.

Double Growth

Riddle: In a lake, there is a hyacinth that grows doubling its size every other day. If it covered the whole lake today, what percentage of the lake was it covering a day before?

Answer: 50 percent.

Numbers on the Smartphone Dial Pad

Riddle: What number would you get when you multiply all the numbers on a smartphone dial?

Answer: Zero.

Mrs. Elsa’s Height

Riddle: If Mrs. Elsa is 100 centimeters half her height. How tall is she?

Answer: She is 200 centimeters.

Sharing Oranges

Riddle: How do you share two oranges with three siblings in that the youngest gets one orange without making the other two angry?

Answer: Give the two older siblings an orange each then ask them to give half to their younger sibling.

There you have our complete list of number riddles. I hope you had fun!

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