40+ Best Short Riddles with Answers for Fun Games Night

40+ Best Short Riddles with Answers for Fun Games Night

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Unlike normal riddles that may contain long puzzles, short riddles are short and on to the point.

More than often, they contain a short simple sentence or a picture that is complete on its own as a riddle.

Short riddles are therefore ideal for those looking for additions to their riddles bucket for a trivia night especially with kids in the play.

They can also be used by persons looking for an exciting pastime activity to stimulate their brain during their free time. Or, those looking for something to introduce their kiddos into the world of logic and thinking.

In this article, we have come up with some of the best and unique short riddles you’ll find exciting.

If you are looking for something for your kids or yourself and don’t want long complex sentences, you are in the place.

Let’s get started.

Super Short Riddles for Kids and Adults

1. Water You Cannot Drink

Riddle: What type of water can you eat and not drink?

Answer: Watermelon

2. Tastes Better than It’s Smell

Riddle: It tastes better than it can smell.

Answer: A tongue

3. Short Riddles for You

Riddle: You can keep it after giving it to someone else.

Answer: Your word

4. Into the Woods

Riddle: How deep can a dog run into the woods?

Answer: Only halfway

5. Deep In the Ocean

Riddle: In which place is the ocean likely to be the deepest?

Answer: At the bottom

6. I Cannot Talk, I Can Reply

Riddle: I cannot talk on my own but will reply every time. What am I?

Answer: An echo

7. Never Hides the Truth

Riddle: I might be dead but still will never hide the truth. What am I?

Answer: A mirror

8. The Riddle of the Towel

Riddle: What gets wet while drying?

Answer: A towel

9. Logic Riddle for You

Riddle: What goes only up and up and never comes down?

Answer: Age

10. Twelve Months of the Year

Riddle: Which month in a year has 28 days?

Answer: All of them

11. What am I Riddle III

Riddle: The more you have of me, the less you see. What am I?

Answer: Darkness

12. The Beautiful Melody Keys

Riddle: I have 88 keys but can’t open a single door. What am I?

Answer: A piano

13. The Paradox of Less is More

Riddle: I only grow every time you take away from me. What am I?

Answer: A hole

14. In My World

Riddle: In my world, today comes before yesterday. What am I?

Answer: A dictionary

15. The Numbers Riddle IV

Riddle: Why is the number 6 afraid of 7?

Answer: Its because 7 ate 9 (7,8,9)

16. The Unique Fruit

Riddle: What is the longest fruit in the world?

Answer: Longan

17. Seeing Through Walls

Riddle: I am an invention that lets you look through thick walls. What am I?

Answer: A window

18. The Building with Many Stories

Riddle: Which building has so many stories in it?

Answer: The library

19. The Book with Lots of Problems

Riddle: What type of books have so many problems within them?

Answer: The math books

20. The Short Riddle of the Coin

Riddle: What has a head and tail but no body?

Answer: A coin

21. The Middle of Qatar

Riddle: What would you find in the middle of Qatar?

Answer: The letter T

22. The End of Everything

Riddle: What is the end of everything?

Answer: The letter G

23. Named After Food

Riddle: I am an animal named after the animal I eat. What am I?

Answer: The anteater

24. White and Empty

Riddle: I was full of thoughts and great ideas, but now I am white and empty. What am I?

Answer: A skull

25. The End of Life

Riddle: What ends all things that have a beginning and begins when things end?

Answer: Death

26. Afraid to Lose

Riddle: What do most people not want but still are afraid to lose?

Answer: Their jobs

27. Together for Better for Worse

Riddle: What connects two people for eternity but touches only one?

Answer: A wedding ring

28. The End of Everything

Riddle: What starts with no end and is the end of everything?

Answer: Death

29. Heavy Forward

Riddle: I am very heavy forward and not backward. What am I?

Answer: Ton

30. Playing Chess

Riddle: What type of men are always above board?

Answer: Chessmen

31. The Riddle of Faces and Eyes

Riddle: What has 12 faces and 42 eyes?

Answer: A dice

32. Short Riddles V

Riddle: What has a head, a foot and four legs?

Answer: A bed

33. Spelling and Writing Riddle

Riddle: How do you write COW using 17 letters?

Answer: See you oh double you

34. Many Letters in It

Riddle: What starts with the letter M, ends with X and has so many letters in it?

Answer: Mailbox

35. Costs Nothing to Start

Riddle: What costs nothing, very hard to find these days and can be lost easily?

Answer: Friendship

36. The Spelling Game

Riddle: How do you spell CANDY using two letters?

Answer: C and Y

37. Letters in the Alphabet

Riddle: How many letters are in the alphabet?

Answer: Only 11

There you have our complete list of short riddles for you. I hope you had fun.

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