225 Best Dares for Kids in 2024

Dares for Kids, Truth or Dare Questions
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Hello, daredevils and mischief makers. In for a good time filled with laughter and a touch of silliness? You’ve come to the right place.

We have curated an ultimate list of the best dares for kids that will turn your fun time into soft giggles and hearty laughter.

Whether it is a birthday party, a playdate or a routine weekend hangout, these dares will bring out the best of fun moments; implanting unforgettable experiences and endless smiles into the kids’ faces.

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75 Silly Dares for Kids

1. Stare for 10 seconds without blinking.

2. Sing your favorite song in the silliest voice ever.

3. Wink without moving your nose or mouth.

4. Dance to a phone’s ringtone.

5. Do your impression of your favorite superhero.

6. Try speaking with your tongue sticking out.

7. Do the next dare to the next person that gets this right.

8. Do five perfect push-ups.

9. Play an air guitar like a Mariachi.

10. Ask anyone playing this game “How could you?” with lots of emotions.

11. Go out and shout, “Merry Christmas” with all the strength you have.

12. Try licking your nose.

13. Go outside and shout, good morning my neighbors.

14. Complete this sentence: I love you more than…

15. Touch the lower tip of your left ear with your hand hand over your head.

16. Try talking and walking like a robot.

17. Do a perfect Santa laughter.

18. Speak in your favorite English accent.

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19. Complete this sentence: I love you like I love…

20. Imitate a news anchor in the 1960s.

21. Read a passage (or a paragraph) with a British accent.

22. Read a paragraph from the King James Version Bible and explain what it means in plain English.

23. Do a ballet dance.

24. I will read a paragraph from a book by Shakespeare and you will explain what it means.

25. Try faking a baby’s cry.

26. Speak like a toddler learning to speak.

27. Try to do your best surprised face.

28. Act like you are very exhausted and about to die but still walking.

29. Make your best scared face.

30. Whistle to your favorite song.

31. Ask someone to tango for 60 seconds.

32. Join me as I whistle my favorite song.

33. Say a word you are otherwise prohibited to say.

34. Make your favorite animal sound three times.

35. Do the chicken dance for 10 seconds.

36. Sing your favorite song to the best of your ability.

37. Draw a dog with your eyes closed.

38. Sing Galilei with a female opera voice.

39. Recite your favorite poem.

40. Act like a chicken.

41. Act like a cat.

42. Mime a wolf howling.

43. Sing ABC backward from the letter Z.

44. Count backwards from the number 50.

45. Perform a magic trick with a coin.

46. Spell hippopotamus.

47. Say the word hippopotamus 12 times.

48. Sing to us your favorite song.

49. Try licking your elbow.

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50. Try not to laugh when everyone else laughs.

51. Speak without your jaws moving.

52. Allow someone to put some makeup on your face.

53. Take a big bite out of a stick of butter.

54. Copy your favorite news anchor and give a funny report on your day.

55. Draw something goofy with a pencil or crayon.

56. Try speaking like Olaf from Frozen.

57. Dance to the random song chosen by the group.

58. Sing the chorus to your favorite song.

59. Try a freestyle rap for 60 seconds.

60. Write a sweet paragraph about your family.

61. Do your best impression of your best Disney character.

62. Tell a story no one knows about.

63. Tell us a secret no one else knows about yourself.

64. Construct a sentence in a foreign language.

65. Allow someone to tickle your feet for a minute without laughing.

66. Tell us something that scares you every time.

67. Crack a funny joke.

68. Say a word in a foreign language and let others guess what it means.

69. Stand on your head for 30 seconds.

70. Tell the scariest story that you know.

71. Say the first thing that comes to your mind.

72. Do a 2 minutes stand-up comedy.

73. Say something about the happiest day of your life.

74. Do your best yodel.

75. Imitate a cute cat for 60 seconds.

Best Dares for Kids

76. Do a silly nasty dance move.

77. Prank call your best friend.

78. Hold a small ice cube until it melts completely.

79. Drink a cup of juice without using your hands (hint: use a straw)

80. Try to eat food in your place without using your hands.

81. Eat 3 spoonfuls of peanut butter and try singing before swallowing it.

82. Prank someone who is in the house but not here with us.

83. Go to your room while blindfolded.

84. Walk like a very muscular club bouncer.

85. Try imitating President Obama’s speech.

86. Try singing like your favorite musician.

87. Sing at least 3 versions of the “Happy Birthday” song.

88. Draw something while blindfolded.

89. Stand on your hands by the wall.

90. Hop like a frog for 30 seconds with your hands on your ears.

91. Sing one of your favorite hymns with the voice of a middle-aged man.

92. Run for a minute with a spoon and an egg in your mouth.

93. Jump three times with a cup full of water at hand without spilling a single drop.

94. Try talking without moving your lips.

95. Speak to me with your teeth together.

96. Make your best fake smile.

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97. Try running with your hands tied on your back.

98. Sing a karaoke using a cup as your microphone.

99. Give instructions imitating your favorite voice.

100. Say something in your favorite deep voice.

101. Sing what you want to say as opposed to speaking it.

102. Be a commentator of your favorite sports for 30 seconds.

103. Allow someone to draw a mustache on you.

104. Draw a mustache on yourself without a mirror.

105. Pretend to be very shy.

106. Try dressing in a dad’s sized shirt.

107. Put on one of your mom’s clothing.

108. Walk like a fashion model on the runway.

109. Fit your parent’s (or any adult’s) shoes and try walking in them.

110. Tell a joke that will make everyone laugh.

111. Imitate Gollum (from The Hobbit) for 30 seconds.

112. Take a spoonful of sugar.

113. Take three sips of sour milk.

114. Act your favorite scene in your favorite movie.

115. If there is make-up in the house, try wearing makeup, and let’s see what you end up looking like.

116. Act like mom when she is very mad at someone.

117. Act like Dad when you have done something wrong.

118. Say hippopotamus without lips touching each other.

119. Try faking tears.

120. Pretend that you are very mad at me.

121. Sit on a balloon until it pops.

122. Kiss the person closest to you on the forehead.

123. Give a tight hug to the last person to play dare.

124. Try crying while laughing at the same time.

125. Go outside and hug the first thing or person you see.

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Funny Dares for Kids

126. Try your best breakdance moves.

127. Call a Chinese food restaurant and order pizza.

128. Take a selfie while kissing the person next to you on the cheek.

129. Wear your underwear on your head for 60 seconds.

130. Repeat the phrase, “She sells seashells by the seashore” five times.

131. Go to your favorite neighbor and ask for something to eat.

132. Prank your next-door neighbor that your house is on fire.

133. Freeze like a statue for a minute.

134. Conquer the most difficult tongue twister.

135. Write your parents’ names with your non-dominant hand.

136. Pick a cup from the table with your mouth and hands on your back.

137. Sit down and stand up without your hands’ support.

138. Hands on your back, lie on your stomach and try standing without support from your hands.

139. Do a doorbell ditch on your neighbor.

140. Frown for 60 seconds without a smile.

141. Speak with a robot’s voice.

142. Give a 30-second piggy ride to someone you like.

143. Make a paper airplane.

144. Balance a pen (or pencil) on your finger.

145. Do a 30-second moonwalk.

146. Roar is like an angry lion.

147. Squeal like a pig.

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148. Crow like a rooster.

149. Make a paper boat.

150. Sing your favorite Christmas song.

151. Sing your favorite birthday song.

152. Crawl like a spider for the next 30 seconds.

153. Mention the hardest-to-spell word and let everyone write it down. How many people go it right?

154. Pronounce “TWENTY” in 4 different accents.

155. Talk like a celebrity rapper for a minute.

156. Perform your favorite rap song for a minute.

157. Address us like your favorite politician in a political rally.

158. Mention the longest word you know.

159. Try preaching to us mimicking your favorite preacher, minister, or pastor.

160. Sing the national anthem or any other anthem you know.

161. Say the national anthem slowly like you’d do a poem as opposed to singing it.

162. Do your best impression of your teacher.

163. Try the hardest dance move you have ever seen.

164. Try the hardest tongue twister there is.

165. Act your favorite part in one of the superhero movies.

166. Mime eating very long Spaghettis.

167. Talk in a deep and coarse male voice.

168. Talk in a soft melody-like female voice.

169. Try balancing a plate on your finger.

170. Be creative with your name. What fancy names can you come up with?

171. Write your name backward and read it.

172. Hold on to your breath for 10 seconds.

173. Try breathing out slowly for as long as you can and see how many seconds you can take.

174. Try breathing in slowly and check how many seconds you can take.

175. Say your mom and dad’s full names and where they were born without thinking much.

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Playful Dares for Kids

176. Do 5 straight sit-ups without resting in between.

177. Walk an expectant person.

178. Dance crazy like you don’t care at a party.

179. Stand on your feet, hands on your head for 30 seconds.

180. Crawl like a soldier on the battlefield.

181. Crack an egg in vertical alignment between your hands. (good luck with that if you)

182. Sing your favorite song without moving your jaws.

183. Clap like in the crowd after a speech.

184. Ignore the next dare that comes your way.

185. It’s time you give dare commands to me now.

186. Say a word you are otherwise not allowed to say.

187. Say the first name that comes to your mind.

188. Say I love you in a foreign language.

189. Take a big bite out of a lemon.

190. Try your best to make everyone laugh.

191. Make a song using a phone’s ringtone as your beats.

192. Draw a cat while blindfolded.

193. Sing your favorite movie song (or soundtrack).

194. Try balancing a spoon on your nose.

195. Act out a scene from your favorite movie.

196. Perform a silly magic trick no one else can.

197. Try pronouncing a word that you have difficulty pronouncing.

198. Walk in slow motion.

199. Speak to me in a completely made-up language.

200. Do your best impression of the president or popular politician.

201. Whistle a song and let others guess what song it is.

202. Act like a ghost for one minute.

203. Try preaching to us like a church minister for 60 seconds.

204. Try talking with an exaggerated accent.

205. Speak like Dr. Zues for a minute.

206. Do your best impression of a witch casting spells.

207. Mime something popular and let others guess what it is.

208. Do a funny walk until it’s your turn.

209. Say something with your hands only and let others guess what you mean.

210. Sing Galilei with a male opera voice.

211. Read someone’s lips and try guessing what they said.

212. Write a sentence with your eyes closed.

213. Try walking like a zombie.

214. Do a puppet show using socks.

215. With eyes closed, guess who it is with a simple handshake.

216. Do a silly dance to the song Baby Skark.

217. Answer every question like a JEOPARDY for the next 60 seconds.

218. With your eyes closed, touch someone and guess who they are.

219. Do the macarena or any other crazy dance for one minute at the front door.

220. Do a rap of the popular kids’ song “Johny Johny Yes Papa”.

221. Let’s see how many pushups you can do.

222. Write a sentence with your non-dominant hand.

223. Show us your best dance moves.

224. Try not to laugh at anything for the next three minutes.

225. Sing a karaoke of your favorite song.

What are Good Dares for Kids?

The best dares for kids are those that are simple, interactive and fun.

They more than often involve silly dance12s, funny faces, impersonation or singing among other things.

Always make sure the dares are safe, respectful and appropriate for the age group.

How to Play Dares for Kids

The best dare games for kids start with a good list of dares.

Gather the participants around, set the ground rules and choose the first dares giver.

Rotate the dares giver position with every command to give every kid a chance.

Dares for Kids Rules

Dares are simple social games and as such, very few rules govern the game.

Make sure the dares are safe for the children at their age, respect is upheld at all times and allow for kids to skip dares they can’t do or are not comfortable with.

Make additional rules based on the specific needs of the group and the age of the kids involved.

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